Yoko Kawashima Watkins Courage Project
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Yoko Kawashima Watkins Courage Project Yoko Kawashima Watkins Courage Project Presentation Transcript

  • Yoko Kawashima Watkins
    My Brother, My Sister, and I
    By Yoko Kawashima Watkins
    Presentation by Holly Lyne
  • Timeline of Courage
    Yoko shows courage
    when her family’s house
    burns down and her
    older sister Ko is injured.
    Yoko moves to a new
    home and takes care of her
    older sister Ko in the
    Yoko helps her older brother Hideyo catch a robber in Ko’s hospital room and she does not let the robber hurt Ko.
    A woman named Junko screams at Yoko and accuses her of murder and burning down a house. Junko throws Yoko into the street, and Yoko simply walks away and does not retaliate.
  • Timeline of Courage (continued)
    Yoko and her older brother Hideyo visit their doctor to explain to him that they didn’t burn down the house that Junko accused Yoko of burning.
    Yoko cleaned out the toilets at her school to make some money, and she did this in front of all her classmates even though they laughed at her as she worked.
    Yoko stands up for herself when a snooty girl named Kyoto accuses Yoko of stealing her watch. Kyoto yells at Yoko and smacks Yoko with a lunchbox,but Yoko continues to truthfully deny the accusation.
  • Timeline of Courage (continued)
    A mean drawing of Yoko is posted on a school bulletin board, but she ignores it.
    Yoko helps Ko leave the hospital once she has healed and she helps Hideyo build the family a new house.
    Yoko takes care of Ko when Ko gets sick again. She alerts the nurses at the hospital that Ko is ill so that they can take care of Ko right away.
    Yoko chooses not to be in the class photo for the Sagano Girls School when she graduates because she didn’t want to be associated with those girls after they’d been mean to her for so many years.
  • Caring-Orange
    Yoko is caring because she is always helping other people and she has a lot of sympathy for them. Yoko takes care of Ko by feeding and bathing her when Ko was still in the hospital. Ko was very feeble, so Yoko stepped in to help her. Yoko also befriended a lonely janitor at the Sagano Girls School, Mr. Naido. She was very nice to him and she helped him get over his habit of stuttering even though all the other girls teased him about it.
  • Proud-Blue
    Yoko isn’t conceited, but she has a lot of pride. Even when her wealthy peers at the Sagano Girls School taunted her for being poor, she was still proud of who she was and she was proud to be a member of the Kawashima family. Yoko often talked about the “Kawashima family honor”, and how no matter what happened to the Kawashimas they would still behave respectfully. They would not retaliate if people were unkind to them, so Yoko felt they were superior to all the cruel girls at her school.
  • Persistent-Blue
    Yoko is persistent because she never gave up even when her life got difficult. When
    the Kawashimas hadn’t seen their father for years and longed to be reunited with
    him, Yoko would go to the Maizuru refugee center to post papers with Father’s
    name on them and write postcards to his birthplace in the hope that she would
    find him. Yoko did this many times, but she didn’t lose faith and she kept trying.
    Also, Yoko worked long hours until every single piece of Ko’s handmade goods
    had been sold to make money for her family.
  • Special Place
    Yoko’s special place is a tranquil bamboo grove that is open to the public. Yoko grew up near a grove just like this one, and she likes places that do not have any fighting or cruelty. Yoko is a kind, honorable person, so she would not want anyone to be excluded from the grove.
  • Hero Medal
    Honorable Respect Medal
    Yoko gets the Honorable Respect Medal because even when she quarreled with her siblings or was annoyed with the girls who bullied her, she tried her hardest to be respectful. Yoko always tried to behave nicely and she showed a lot of honor to other people. An example of Yoko’s kindness is when she stayed home from school to take care of Ko when Ko was in the hospital. Yoko knew she’d have to catch up on assignments, but she still took the time to respect her older sister and help Ko.
  • Kawashima Kuisine!
    Family Time Tea-$1.99 (164.40¥)
    Yoko loved spending time with her family, and whenever she had extra money she got them tea as a
    special treat! Join in the Kawashima tradition and sip on this lovely, steaming green tea.
    Mrs. Minato’s Mouthwatering Noodles-$4.99 (411.330¥)
    Yoko’s good friend Mrs. Minato asked Yoko to fry noodles for her while she was at the hospital, then she
    gave the extra noodles to the Kawashimas. Give yourself a special treat and devour these tasty noodles!
    Scaly Treasure Soup-$6.99 (576.261¥)
    If you saw a fish head, you’d probably think “Ew!”, but when Yoko was a young girl, fish heads were
    treasures because they were an affordable way to add flavor to your soup! Have fun filling your spoon with
    delectable seafood!
    Memories On A Plate-$2.99 (246.496¥)
    When Yoko ate a heavenly slice of vanilla cake in Ko’s hospital room, it brought back strong memories of
    her luxurious life in the bamboo grove and how Mother’s friend would bring cake over. Create some lovely
    memories of your own by eating a slice of this timeless, fabulous dessert.
    Delicious Food Straight From Yoko’s Childhood