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Queen Elizabeth Courage Project
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Queen Elizabeth Courage Project


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  • 1. Queen Elizabeth I
    • Queen Elizabeth I, written by Robert Green
    • Presentation By Michal Musikavanhu
  • 2. Courage Time line! In the year 1559 Elizabeth showed courage by becoming the queen of England. She took on more responsibility and became a leader. In the year 1554 Elizabeth used secret groups to remove her sister from power. Doing that was very dangerous because she could of gotten killed Queen Elizabeth set out to promote the protestant religion throughout England. Many people did not like this idea. Queen Elizabeth decided not to have a husband because it would give her more power to make all decisions by herself.
  • 3. TIME LINE ! The Queen tried to avoid war with Spain but then she built up her courage and started raiding Spain because of Spain’s wealth. In the year 1588 Elizabeth took the courage to fight in war with the soldiers side by side as a general. The Queen’s advisor had died so she took on a new one named Essex even though she had been warned about his ambitions for power. Elizabeth was week and very close to death but she refused to leave the throne even though she was feeble. Queen Elizabeth died in 1601
  • 4. Red Red means powerful. Queen Elizabeth was a very powerful lady. And so what ever she said would become the law, no matter what. For example all the ladies in her court were ordered to wear plain clothing so that they could “contrast the queens splendor.” anyone that refused to conform to Queen Elizabeth’s religion would get killed by the executioner. As you can see Queen Elizabeth was a very powerful women and red is a great color to represent her power!
  • 5. Blue Queen Elizabeth was a very persistent leader. Blue stands for persistence. She was persistent in many ways. But the strongest example was when she was very close to dying and would not give up her authority over the throne. Even when people told her to go to bed and have a rest she would refuse.
  • 6. Green Green means jealous. At one point in Elizabeth’s life she was very jealous about the wealth of Spain. “Elizabeth watched as Spain grew rich and seethed with jealousy.” Elizabeth wanted all the power and wealth, and so watching Spain made her jealous.
  • 7. Room Design I chose a mirror because Elizabeth was very found of the way she looked, and always wanted to look her best. There would probably be a bible in the room because before Elizabeth was Queen people were not allowed to read the bible in English they were only allowed to read it in Latin. But when she became Queen the law was lifted. In the room there would also be an anti Spain corner were Elizabeth would take all her worries and stresses about Spain away. Evan though a room like this did not exist in her time period, Elizabeth would like it because she was very jealous about Spain’s wealth. Towards the end of Elizabeth’s life she was very feeble and so this chair would of helped her when she needed a rest.
  • 8. Hero But ton Inspiring all the young women to be courage's and to go out into war. Award! Heart and stomach of a king
  • 9. Restaurant Elizabeth A gigantic kings meal Queen Elizabeth said that she had the body of a week women but the heart and stomach of a king. She said this just before she went out to war. This meant that even though she was a women she was going out to fight with the men in the war! A spot of tea A Queens crown cake Since Queen Elizabeth was part of the royal family why not have a crown cake! Queen Elizabeth was born in England and an English tradition is to have tea in the afternoon. menu Sweet jewel Queen Elizabeth always wanted to look her best.she was drooped in jewelry to impress the men that worked for her.And these candy jewels will make you feel the best just like her. The perfect light meal! A Queens splendor A great snack at tea time
  • 10. God save our gracious Queen! 
Long live our noble Queen! 
God save the Queen! 
Send her victorious, 
Happy and glorious, 
Long to reign over us, 
God save the Queen. A taste of the British national anthem! I chose this bit of the British national anthem because Queen Elizabeth was born in England and, If she were alive and if she were still the queen this song would be referring to her as queen. Lyrics