Queen Elizabeth


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Queen Elizabeth

  1. 1. Queen Elizabeth IQueen Elizabeth I, written by Robert GreenPresentation By Michal
  2. 2. Courage Time line! QueenIn the year 1554 ElizabethElizabeth used decided notsecret groups to In the year 1559 to have aremove her Elizabeth showed husbandsister from courage by Queen Elizabeth because itpower. Doing becoming the queen set out to promote would givethat was very of England. She the protestant her moredangerous took on more religion throughout power tobecause she responsibility and England. Many make allcould of gotten became a leader. people did not like decisions bykilled this idea. herself.
  3. 3. The Queen TIME LINE ! The Queen’stried to advisor hadavoid war died so shewith Spain Elizabeth took on abut then she was week new onebuilt up her and very namedcourage In the year 1588 close to Essex evenand started Elizabeth took the death but though sheraiding courage to fight in she refused had beenSpain war with the to leave the warned Queenbecause of soldiers side by throne even about his ElizabethSpain’s side as a general. though she ambitions for died in 1601wealth. was feeble. power.
  4. 4. Red Red means powerful. QueenElizabeth was a very powerful lady. Andso what ever she said would become thelaw, no matter what. For example all theladies in her court were ordered to wearplain clothing so that they could “contrastthe queens splendor.” anyone thatrefused to conform to Queen Elizabeth’sreligion would get killed by theexecutioner. As you can see QueenElizabeth was a very powerful womenand red is a great color to represent herpower!
  5. 5. Blue Queen Elizabeth was a verypersistent leader. Blue stands forpersistence. She was persistent in manyways. But the strongest example was whenshe was very close to dying and would notgive up her authority over the throne. Evenwhen people told her to go to bed and havea rest she would refuse.
  6. 6. GreenGreen means jealous. At one point inElizabeth’s life she was very jealousabout the wealth of Spain. “Elizabethwatched as Spain grew rich andseethed with jealousy.” Elizabethwanted all the power and wealth, andso watching Spain made her jealous.
  7. 7. Room Design I chose a mirrorThere would probably because Elizabethbe a bible in the room was very found ofbecause before the way sheElizabeth was Queen In the room there would also be looked, and alwayspeople were not allowed an anti Spain corner were wanted to look herto read the bible in Elizabeth would take all her best.English they were only worries and stresses aboutallowed to read it in Spain away. Evan though aLatin. But when she room like this did not exist inbecame Queen the law her time period, Elizabeth Towards the end ofwas lifted. would like it because she was Elizabeth’s life she was very feeble and very jealous about Spain’s so this chair would of wealth. helped her when she needed a rest.
  8. 8. Hero Button Award! Inspiring all the young women to be courages and to go out into war.
  9. 9. A gigantic kings A Queens splendor meal A Queens crown A great Queen Elizabeth said snack at cakethat she had the body tea time Since Queen Elizabethof a week women but was part of the royalthe heart and stomach Sweet jewel family why not have aof a king. She said crown cake! Queen Elizabeth always A spot of teathis just before she wanted to look her best.shewent out to war. This was drooped in jewelry tomeant that even Queen Elizabeth impress the men that workedthough she was a was born in for her.And these candywomen she was going jewels will make you feel the England and anout to fight with the English tradition best just like her.men in the war! is to have tea in the afternoon.
  10. 10. A taste of the British national anthem! Lyrics God save our gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen! God save the Queen!Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God save the Queen. I chose this bit of the British national anthem because Queen Elizabeth was born in England and, If she were alive and if she were still the queen this song would be referring to her as queen.