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Peg Kehret Peg Kehret Presentation Transcript

  • Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio
    Peg Kehret
  • Timeline of Courageous Acts
    Peg Karat's journey through polio
    Chapter 2:
    When Peg learns she has Bulbar Polio she shows courage by not freaking out about this bad news.
    Chapter 3: When Peg drinks a milkshake she shows courage by trying something she isn’t supposed to have and gets better after having it.
    Chapter 4:
    Peg says she doesn’t need help breathing because she is sure she will get better.
  • Peg Kehret’s journey through polio
    Chapter 5:
    Peg acts happy even though she can’t move showing that she is glad to be alive even though she has a horrible illness.
    Chapter 7: Peg tries to stand even though she isn’t sure she can do it.
    Chapter 8:
    Peg leaves to go to Sheltering Arms and doesn’t cry even though she has to leave Tommy.
    Timeline of Courageous Acts
  • Peg Kehret’s journey through polio
    Chapter 9:
    Peg let Miss Ballard go a little father than she was comfortable doing for her stretches, so that she could get well sooner.
    Chapter 10: Even though Peg felt homesick she felt that the other girls wouldn’t be able to, so she had better feelings.
    Chapter 11:
    Even though Peg wasn’t able to stand yet she tried to do the hula and show Alice, but it didn’t work out.
    Timeline of Courageous Acts
  • Timeline of Courageous Acts
    Peg Kehret’s journey through polio
    Chapter 12:
    In the dark Peg got in her wheelchair and leaned under her bed to get cookies for the other girls.
  • Determined - Red
    She was sure and determined that she would walk.
    Page 61 “I was sure I would be able to stand alone. I even imagined taking a step of two.”
  • Intelligent - Yellow
    Peg was a great student in most subjects.
    Page 72 “Well, well, “ Alice said. “The genius can subtract.”
  • Hopeful - Green
    She hadn’t been home for a while and wanted to get better, so she could go home.
    “Home what a powerful word.”
  • Cheerful – Orange
    Instead of having 100°F folded, wet towels she would have a hot bath which got a little bit cooler eventually.
    Page 89 “Anything would be better than hot packs.”
  • Peg’s Hero Button
    This button was worn during the time when Peg had polio campaigning to fight against it. This button shows that she was courageous enough to fight polio and be able to walk again.
    Polio Survivor
  • Peg Kehret’s Special Place
    This would be a special room to Peg because she used to love going to OT. Here she could help kids who also have problems moving some body parts properly. Here should could teach them how to use those body parts properly.
  • University Hospital Cafeteria Snacks
    There is licorice lace remembering back to the time when Dorothy asked for a young, tall, cute man and some licorice lace. Art, Peg’s older brother gave this to Dorothy.
    Kehret Cookies
    Dorothy’s Licorice Lace
    Renee’s Marshmallows
    There are chocolate chip cookies to remember the time when Pegs parents brought them loads of snacks.
    There are marshmallows remembering back to the time when Renee asked for some from Pegs parents.
  • University Hospital Cafeteria Drinks
    These foods are important to Peg.
    Paralized Chocolate
    There are chocolate milkshakes because she asked for one even though she wasn’t allowed to and it brought her fever down.
    There are banana milkshakes to represent she milkshake that saved her life.
  • University Hospital Meals
    These foods are important to Peg.
    Cafeteria Pizza
    Peg’s Macaroni and Cheese
    There is macaroni and cheese because this is a favorite food of Peg’s and she had it at the hospital.
    There is pizza because Peg likes pizza, she ate it at the hospital, and it is one of her favorite foods.
    Magnificent Burgers
    There is hamburgers because she loves them and had them when she was at the University Hospital.