Nelson Mandela Courage project


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Nelson Mandela Courage project

  1. 1. Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela by Reggie Finlayson PowerPoint by Sam Marram
  2. 2. 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 Nelson Mandela Timeline 1918 - Nelson Mandela was born on July 18,1918. Growing up Nelson ’s father had 4 wives and 13 children. Nelson shows courage here because he has to deal with his father having 4 families. You need a part-time father in your life. To teach you on how to become a man. 1927- Ben Mbekel, and old teacher, saw intelligence in Mandela and wanted to enroll him into school. Mandela was the first in his family to attend school. Mandela shows courage here because its hard to have all the pressure on you that you have to be successful just because you went to school. He also had to change the language he spoke and the clothes he wore. 1941-With the job that Mandela had at the firm he had to work with whites. Mandela shows courage here because whites were the dominant race in South Africa at the time, even though most of the population was black. He made a friend was a man named Radebe. Radebe spoke his mind freely so Mandela had to be careful. Mandela also joined the African National Congress(ANC) and got married in 1944 1927 - Nelson ’s father died when he was only 9 years old. Nelson obviously shows courage here because he has to deal with death in the family, he only father. After his father died, Nelson and his mother moved to a different village. He got a new father and the village was rich. Nelson also shows courage here because he had to leave he old friends behind and try to make new ones. But his new family did respect him. 1936- Mandela was supposed to have an arranged marriage with someone he didn ’t even like. So he ran away to Johannesburg. Mandela shows courage here because he decides to live on his own in a bad neighborhood with a job as a security guard for a mine. He was on a dead-end job until a man named Walter Sisulu gave Mandela a good job at a firm. 1941- Since Nelson got married in 1944, he showed a lot of courage. To know that you will be with a person for the rest of your life takes courage. In 1947 The had a child, they would later go on to have another. It also takes courage to take care of a child, let alone two. Even with that Mandela got divorced in 1955. He did re-marry in 1958 and had to show a whole lot of courage again. 1961- Mandela was decided to leave to the country illegally for business in the ANC. Whites in South Africa found out about this and had to arrest him. So when Mandela returned to South Africa he was on the run from the law. Then on August 5, 1962 Mandela was arrested for being on the run for 17 months and for leaving the country illegally. Mandella shows courage here because he was not scared of going to prison, he only stood up to it on trial with Walter Sisulu, Andrew Mlangeni, Ahmad Kathrada, Raymond Mhlaba.
  3. 3. 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 1964- Mandela was sent to life imprisonment on June 12, 1964 after being denied freedom. Nelson shows courage in prison. Even though he wasn ’t scared, its still prison. He stayed on Robben Island for 18 years. Then got moved to Pollsmoor Prison for six years. Then got moved to Victor Verster Prison for 3 years. Mandela also shows courage because he had to deal with the hard labor of prison and he couldn’t see his wife and couldn’t see his kids grow up. Mandela was released on February 11, 1990. Nelson Mandela Timeline 1990- Once Nelson Mandela was free from prison there was good racial quality in South Africa. Nelson then became the president of the ANC. Then for the first that blacks could vote in the country in 1994, Nelson Mandela ran for president and won president for South Africa. He was inaugurated on May 10, 1994 as the country ’s first black president. Mandela obviously shows courage here because he has the responsibility as the country’s president and as the ANC’s president’s responsibility. Those are pretty big responsibility’s. Probably one of the biggest
  4. 4. Adaptive = green When Ben Mbekel saw that Mandela was curious and intelligent at a young age and enrolled him into school. Mandela was adaptive because in the school he had to “change the language” he spoke and had to “change the clothes he wore.
  5. 5. In South Africa youths would never question their elders. So Mandela did the same. He always listened whenever an elder would tell a story. Particularly about his ancestors’ battles. Respectful = Green
  6. 6. Leader = Red It is kind of “obvious” to think why Nelson Mandela was a leader. He lead the country for race equality. He was the president of the African National Congress(ANC). Most importantly the president of South Africa.
  7. 7. I think that the Oval Office would be a perfect fit for Nelson Mandela. The reason why is because Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa in 1994. He would know what the oval office would feel like in his past experiences as president. Having great power. Feeling secure. Lastly, feeling proud.
  8. 8. Nelson’s Medal-a This medal for South Africa goes to the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela spent his whole life trying to get racial equality in South Africa. He even went to prison for 27 years. You should know after all that hard work that Nelson Mandela should definitely of been president.
  9. 9. Freedom Feasts Next Left Appetizers Drinks Entrées Desserts Mandela’s Mozzarella sticks $6.99 Thembu Fondue $10.99 Nelsons Nector $4.99 Mandela Milk Shakes $5.99 Mandela Martini $5.99 Freedom,Filet Mignon $22.99 Roasted Robin Island Chicken $20.99 Prison Pudding $4.99 Equality Eclairs $5.99