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Magic johnson x


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Magic Johnson Magic Johnson by James Haskins Power Point by Dean Simpson
  • 2. Timeline *1967 When he was around 8 years old,he would go outside onto the basketball court in the winter, shovel off the snow, then take some shots even in The freezing cold at 7:30 in the morning. He showed courage going to practice all by himself and no One asks him to. Sometimes when he goes He sees a boy named Jay Vincent and play with Each other and help each other get better. *1977 He showed courage when he was trying to choose which college to go to, Michigan State Or University of Michigan. University of Michigan had a better basketball team but Magic chose Michigan State To try and help the basketball team become better. It took a lot Of courage to make that decision even when his father wanted Him to go to the other college. *1979 When Magic got signed on to the L.A Lakers he became a guard and Was on the same team as Kareem Abdul Jabber. But after Kareem got Injured,Magic had to take his place as A center until he returned. Magic Courage by not complaining because He knew he wasn’t comfortable Playing center than guard. He put in A great effort and didn’t give in.
  • 3. *1983 In the 1983-1984 season, most of The players on the team got traded to other teams. Magic showed courage by letting go of the players he Had lost and a long and help lead the new and old teammates he had received. *1983 After magic got their original head coach fired Because of an argument about the plays. Because of that, he got booed Any time the team had an away game, and was said to look bad by the Media. At a certain moment he even felt like giving up and quitting. But he showed courage And remembered all the sacrifices that was put In for him to be in the NBA. So he ignored them and he soon was liked again. *1984 After another loss against the Celtics for the Championship, Magic felt like he had failed the team again. But he showed a lot of courage and After a while, by ignoring the people who kept on Tormenting him because of the loss. He stayed Calm and didn’t engage. Soon after just like in 1983, he was soon liked again.
  • 4. *1987 He showed courage in the 1986-1987 championship against the Boston Celtics. The series was (3-2) with Lakers in the lead and the Celtics only needed one game To tie the series and many people thought the Celtics would do So and beat the Lakers again. But Magic showed courage and Didn’t listen to the people who doubted on the team. He lead the team to victory for the championship. And finally got his first MVP Award. *1987 He showed courage after he got his first MVP Award. He did not complain of how he did not get MVP award in the past even though he put in all His effort and enthusiasm. He thanked his parents, His teammates, and even Larry bird for pushing him far beyond his limit.
  • 5. Red Energetic In most of his games in the season 1984-1985, He had lost 15lbs, and played about 35 minutes of A 48 minute game. He put so much effort and Enthusiasm into the game he loved and played so Much.
  • 6. Blue Sincere While playing his games, instead of always trying to shoot, he mostly passed the ball to his open teammates so that they could have a chance to shoot. In every game he got an Average of 14 assists in a game.
  • 7. Green Hopeful At the end of the 1985-1986 NBA season, Larry Bird earned the MVP award instead of Magic. But instead of complaining, he just kept on playing and let it go, hoping that soon his time would come When he would earn the MVP award.
  • 8. Purple Independent When he was young at the age around 12, he would go outside onto the basketball court In the summer, and begin practicing his basketball Skills. No one told him to do so or gave him the idea. He just independently went.
  • 9. Room Design Magic would love this room because the couch is yellow and the carpet is purple. Yellow and purple are the colors that represents the Los Angeles Lakers. The poster in the middle is a picture of the jersey he wore when he played for the Lakers his whole career. And finally the two posters on Each side represents the sport he played……basketball.
  • 10. Restaurant Theme Menu Meal *Pepperoni Pointguard Pizza ……….. $10.99 *Michigan State Cheeseburgers …$8.99 * Fouled Out French Fries……… $6.99 * Johnson Chicken Nuggets……… $6.99 * MVP Hotdog…… $6.99 *Hoop Tomato Soup….. $7.99 Desert * L.A Lemon Cake…… $9.99
    • Appetizers
    • *Magic Garlic Bread…… $1.00 *Orange B. Court Shrimp Cocktail…. $1.00
    • Free Throw Fruits (Sliced Apples and Pineapple, Grapes etc……. ‘Free’
    • Drinks
    • *Three Point Sodas…… ( 3 for $9)
    • *Layup Ice Water …..$2.99
    • *Slam Dunk Margarita……… 4.99
  • 11. Magic Johnson’s Awards and Medals M agic Johnson put a lot of effort when he played his games in the NBA. In doing so,Magic received The MVP award of the season 1986-1987. He had waited for the day to come that he would finally Be acknowledged for his hard work. And when it did, he was proud of himself. The NBA’s MVP Award
  • 12.