Jon Krakauer


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Jon Krakauer

  1. 1. Jon Krakauer Into Thin Air Written by Jon Krakauer Presentation by Maddie Holden
  2. 2. Jon Krakauer’s Climb Line Outside Magazine offers to take Jon to the base camp of Everest. But even the base camp is still taller than any mountain he’s ever climbed. Jon takes a plane to Kathmandu and meets His new team. The team climbs to a cabin on the Mountain which is called Lobuje 16,200 feet in the air. The air is thin and hard to breath in. Jon asks Outside Magazine if they’ll let him climb the whole mountain instead of just climbing to base camp. Outside agrees. With only a year to train.
  3. 3. Jon Krakauer’s Climb Line Jon climbs an icefall called Khumba icefall where he gets bad frost bite. Staggering to the top of Everest, Jon runs out of bottled oxygen and has to get down quickly to get some. While going down, Jon and his teammates get caught in a storm they had planned not to interfere with, killing the most people ever to climb Everest in one trip. When Jon reaches the bottom he is one of the few that survived. Beck has frost bite on most of his body and has lots of tissue removed.
  4. 4. Blue Jon Krakauer displays confidence by asking only a year to train for Everest. Even though he didn’t know how hard it was to train, he went rock climbing, hiking and got a trainer. Jon shows knowledge by knowing when to wait before going for the summit so everyone didn’t get caught in a storm. Sadly, they were wrong and got caught in a terrible storm. But they thought about it and unlike another team that was going up at the same time as them.“we’ll go up whenever we darn want”. This was said after Jon and his team warned them.
  5. 5. Yellow Krakauer is wise because when he is climbing Khumba icefall he waits until he gets to the top to put his sweater on, so he doesn’t fall or anything in his bag falls. Jon symbolizes intelligence by bringing in broken in shoes, so he doesn’t get blisters or sore feet like some of his fellow climbers did. “boots can cause fatal foot injuries if they are not broken in”
  6. 6. Special place or room <ul><li>Jon could live in any room. Since he climbed Everest he might like a comfy bed since he spent all that time in one tent with no room. He would enjoy lots of pillows to sleep with. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Hero Button <ul><li>I would give Jon this button because he had not even climbed as far as to the Everest base camp and yet he wanted to climb the whole thing. So I would give him this for his love of climbing </li></ul>
  8. 8. The Everest Tent Appetizers Dinner: Dessert Everest high burgers These burgers are for very hungry people. Each burger is 2.9 inches tall. Climb your way to the top until its reached your stomach. Base camp sliders You’re almost to the top! Keep on eating until you reach the Everest high burgers! For the climb down cupcakes These cupcakes are small and the perfect thing on your way down… or your way out.