Jackie Robinson


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Jackie Robinson

  1. 1. The First on the Field <br />The Story of Jackie Robinson<br />By Derek Dingle<br />Presentation By Will Griffin<br />
  2. 2. The Courage Of Jackie Robinson<br />Over came racial hatred and was the star player of the football team and the baseball team in high school<br />After Jackie dropped out of college he joined to fight in World War two<br />1919<br />Went to UCLA in college and play football, track and field, and baseball. Then dropped out after 2 years<br />
  3. 3. The Courage of Jackie Robinson<br />Jackie finally made it to the negro leagues and after the people saw how good he was there he got signed to play in the Major Leagues on the Dodgers<br />One year later Jackie stole home again to win the Dodgers the world series<br />Jackie was elected into the hall of fame in 1962<br />When Jackie first made it into the majors every white person on his team and on the opposing team started calling him bad names. So one day Jackie proved himself to his team and stole home plate to win the Dodgers the pennant that year<br />Jackie playing for the dodgers<br />Jackie getting sworn into war.<br />
  4. 4. Color Collage <br />One of the colors I chose for Jackie is Red. Red means that he is courageous. Jackie Is courageous because He was the first African- American person to make it into Major League Baseball. Everyone was being mean to him just because his skin was a different color. So Jackie was courageous and fought through and made a name for himself.<br />
  5. 5. Color Collage<br />Another color I chose for Jackie is orange. Orange is inspiring. Jackie was inspiring to many people. If he didn’t try to get into MLB There wouldn’t be people like David Ortiz or Ken Griffey Jr. He inspired many people to go out for their dreams.<br />David Ortiz<br />Ken Griffey Jr.<br />
  6. 6. Color Collage<br /><ul><li>Another color I chose for Jackie is green. Green is Hopeful. Jackie thinks that one day everybody will be treated equally no matter what color of their skin.</li></ul>Jackie’s team mates <br />
  7. 7. Jackie Robinson’s Room<br /><ul><li>In Jackie Robinson’s dream room it will be probably outside because Jackie liked being outside. There will be some pictures on the wall of his family. And some pictures of baseball. There will probably be some mini sports games like darts or the ring game. Something like that. In Jackie’s dream room it will always be happy and everyone will be treated as equal no matter what color skin they have.</li></ul>Darts<br />Ring game<br />
  8. 8. Award<br />In 1962 Jackie Robinson was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. 6 years after he retired from playing with the Dodgers in the Major League Baseball<br />
  9. 9. Jackie’s Diner<br />Hot dog.<br />Baseball cookies<br />Macaroni and cheese<br />Hot dogs are usually served at baseball games. The most famous on is the Fenway Frank <br />Jackie loved baseball and cookies, so why not make them into both?<br />As a kid Jackie loved Mac and cheese :)<br />Ice cream sundae<br />Cheeseburger<br />Chili <br />Chili was also served at baseball games. Most people like to have it on their hot dogs<br />As a kid Jackie loved to eat ice cream sundaes on special occasions!<br />As a kid one of Jackie’s favorite foods<br />