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Issac newton project

  1. 2. 1642 1727 1661 Dec 25 – Isaac Newton is Born at Wools Thorpe Prematurely Newton matriculates at trinity college, Cambridge U must be really smart and have a lot of work to do. 1669 Newton is elected lucasian professor of mathematics it was courage's because he must have a speech worked really hard. 1670 Newton gives the first of his Optical lectures it was courageous because he must have bin not stage fright. 1672 Newton is elected fellow of the royal society of London That’s courage's because he must have guts to run to be elected. 1679 Newton’s mother, Hannah, dies in Wools Thorpe It was courage's because having your mom die is pretty sad. 1687 Newton had a math war against Leibniz about who found the right calculus it was courage's because he had to send harsh letters and he had to fight for 30 years till Leibniz died. 1701 Newton lived in London when there was a deadly daises spread by rats and he had to live there. 1705 Newton is knighted by queen Anne in Cambridge, thereafter, he was called Sir Isaac Newton it was courage's because he had to go to a very secure place and one mean thing and he was sent to jail. 1701 Sir Isaac Newton dies at Kensington at 1:00 to 2:00 am
  2. 3. Strong- there's a story that a bully punched Newton in the stomach and Newton had the guts to challenge him into a fight and the bully said yes. So when Newton and the bully had the fight Newton won the fight and not only he beat his opponent he became the number one student in his school.
  3. 4. Loyal- Newton was a loyal son, but he ovesly nursed bitterness toward his mother and now dead step father. He also lived by himself in his one house and there never was a story or part in my book that he got married. The other reason is that when he was young he really never wanted a tutor and he always went ahead in what they were learning in school.
  4. 6. I did my room like this because all the things in my room represent my character Isaac Newton. I put the water shower in his room because he had mercury in his hair. I put the apples because when he was in a park a apple fell on his head and he figured out why the apple fell on his head instead fall side ways or up. I put the refrigerator because he focused on his science problems and did not eat food. I put the table because he worked a lot with paper and problems.
  5. 7. “ Apple Inspiration”
  6. 8. I made my medal with the apple because he figured out why the apple fell on his head instead of falling sideways or up. I did the metal of the apple instead of all other things he figured out because this is the most popular one that every one knows about and it is very important to now that for other smart people out there in the world.
  7. 9. appetizers Main curse dessert popcorn Pea soup cereal Lamb chops Apples and honey Cat cookies
  8. 10. I put smart popcorn Because he is very Smart and popcorn Is corn and he worked In a farm I did the pea Soup because He was born in England I had the cereal in my menu because he almost always missed breakfast and not ate in the morning I decided to put lamb chops because It was very popular in England and its healthy And healthy is good for you If your a smart guy. For my first dessert I put apples and honey I did apples because he Did a very famous discover I did the honey because Honey is sweet and he Was sweet too. My last dessert was A cookie shaped in The form of a cat Because he had a cat Living with him, I made It a cookie because Newton Never ate so his cat got Fatter by eating his food.