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  1. 1. Bruce Willis <ul><li>Bruce Willis </li></ul><ul><li>By Sandy Asirvatham </li></ul><ul><li>Presentation by Greg Minklei </li></ul>
  2. 2. Time Line (Part 1) Bruce was courageous when he kept trying to get on Planet Television even though he got rejected a lot. Bruce was courageous when he was speaking in front of the kids and they were laughing at him, but he kept speaking. It’s hard to speak when people are laughing at you. He was getting laughed at because that was when he use to stutter. Bruce was courageous when he took a risk by quitting his job at the power plant. That job seemed like the only one he could have at the time. Bruce was courageous when he put time and work into a role that was uncredited. That role was in “The Verdict” Bruce could have worked on something recognizable.
  3. 3. Time Line (part 2) Bruce was courageous when he signed a music contract even though he knew he wasn’t going to have a musical career. Bruce was courageous when he was still working on the movie Die Hard while the producer was hard on Bruce’s wife. He had to balance work and family. Bruce was courageous when he turned his music loud when he could have got arrested. Bruce was courageous when he showed up at the auditions for Moonlighting when there was 15 candidates. That was courageous because there was a lot of competition.
  4. 4. Color Collage Bruce Willis is courageous. One time he kept trying to get on a television show called Planet Television even though he kept getting rejected. The reason he got rejected a lot was because Bruce was an unknown actor at that time. Bruce Willis is goal-oriented. Bruce Willis went from getting rejected a lot from television shows to becoming a millionaire from all of his hard work. Bruce Willis is adaptable. At one time he had two jobs! Usually it would be hard to mange two jobs, but Bruce Willis did manage both. Finally Bruce Willis is very confident. Here’s an example from the text: “The material was verbose and witty, and Willis felt confident he could nail the part.”
  5. 5. Bruce’s favorite room First off the room would be a home theater. It would be playing what he acted in. For example Die Hard and Moonlighting. There can also be 4 soft chairs for him and some friends can watch the movies he is in. Also a costume from a movie he was in could be hanging on a wall. He also would have a mini bar to remember when he was a bar tender. I understand he really works hard at the movies, so he needs some time to relax with his friends enjoying what he did to create a great movies.
  6. 6. Medal/Award Bruce Willis earns the determined award. He should earn it because he always kept trying to get in a show that kept he rejecting him. He went from that to having two jobs and getting 2.5 million dollars a year. Bruce Willis learned a lesson when working hard: Always try your best, never give up and you can do almost anything you want. Determined
  7. 7. Bruce’s Delightful Diner Appetizers Brave Bread $4.49 Dinner Menu Fresh steaming hot bread, makes you feel as brave as Bruce. Nachos $4.69 Spicy HOT Nachos served with cheese, salsa and sour cream. *Your choice of cheese and salsa Tell your waiter if you have any allergies Main Course Hollywood Hamburgers $7.99 Makes you feel like a star while enjoying a delicious hamburger. *served with your choice of toppings and a side of french fries Confident Chili $6.79 Feel as confident as Bruce when you take a bite into this delicious meal. *Side of corn bread and also it comes with cheese and sour cream if you want to. Dessert *served with olive oil Die Hard Donuts 3.99 each Bruce starred in the movie Die Hard. So he made these awesome donuts for congratulating himself on his great work. Yum Chocolate! ICE CREAM! Pick any flavor you like!