Eleanor Roosevelt


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Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. 1. Eleanor Roosevelt<br />By Louise Lynn<br />Our EleanorBook by: Candace Fleming<br />
  2. 2. Eleanor’s Courage<br />1892<br />Eleanor’s mother died when she was 8 years old. She was courageous because she had to go live with her mean grandmother.<br />Timeline<br />1899<br />Eleanor was sent to a school in England all by her self at the age of 15. She was courageous because <br />she was going all the way across the world with <br />out knowing anybody.<br />1894<br />Eleanor’s<br />Father committed suicide. She was courageous because she had to deal with such a tragic event at such a young age. <br /> 1933<br />Eleanor decided that she did not want the secret service to follow her around. That showed courage because she could have gotten <br />hurt by someone<br /> 1921<br />Eleanor’s husband Franklin<br /> was diagnosed with Polio<br />disease. Eleanor was courageous <br />because she was very afraid what<br />would happen to him and what she should do. <br />
  3. 3. More of Eleanor’s courage<br />1938<br />At a theater Eleanor wanted to sit next to her African American friend but they had to sit in separate areas. She was courageous because even though they were not allowed Eleanor got a chair and sat next to her in the aisle even though later she got in trouble and the police took her away.<br />1945<br />Franklin, Eleanor’s husband died. She was<br />courageous because she had to leave the <br />White house all by her self and she had to <br />start a new life with out her husband.<br />1943<br />Eleanor traveled all the way across the<br />South Pacific to visit wounded soldiers<br />even though Franklin was afraid and did<br />not want her to go. She was courageous<br />Because she went all the way by her self not<br />Knowing what she would see. <br />1946<br />Eleanor was asked to join the<br />United Nations. She was courageous because<br />at first she did not want to do it and was scared<br />but in the end she did it even though she was <br />the only woman and they did not respect her<br />opinions. <br />
  4. 4. Color Collage<br />Red<br />Courageous<br />Eleanor was courageous in many ways. One way that Eleanor showed courage was that at a young age both her mother and father died. She was courageous because once her mother died she had to live with her mean grandmother who had a set of rules that was not only strict but cruel. For example, it said that warm water was forbidden and in the morning their baths <br />were icy cold. It also said that long underwear was worn <br />from November through April even if is was really warm.<br />
  5. 5. Color Collage<br />Yellow<br />Helpful<br />Eleanor was very helpful to many different people. Someone who she helped a lot was her husband Franklin. One way that she helped Franklin was when he had Polio disease she looked after him and cared for him. For example, in the book it says “I cared for my husband for two weeks long and I would wash him, bathe him and massage his legs.” That shows that she is really wiling to help him out.<br />
  6. 6. Color Collage<br />Blue<br />Caring<br />Eleanor was a very caring kind of person. <br />She was one of the only first ladies who cared about<br />about people’s problems . Therefore, people wrote her letters<br />about everything, such as advice and requests. For example, one<br />of her first letters was from a young lady who said her back was<br />crooked and walked bent over sideways. Eleanor took the letter and<br />gave it to a doctor who fixed her back. That showed how much Eleanor<br />cares and wants to help people.<br />
  7. 7. Metal/award<br />Women’s Rights Hero Award!<br />Independence!Let women vote! Get involved!<br />The Eleanor way<br />The Eleanor way!<br />I think that Eleanor should receive the women’s rights hero award because she encouraged independence for women. For example, she educated women about voting and promoted women’s active participation in politics.<br />
  8. 8. Eleanor’s Dream room would be a room with a….<br />Lots of family pictures!<br />Podium!<br />Eleanor would like a room <br />that had a podium because Eleanor loved to make speeches. For example, Eleanor would make a lot of her speeches about women’s rights and that they should be able to vote and get involved with politics.<br />Desk<br />In Eleanor’s dream room she would also<br />probably like a lot family photos because<br />family was very important to her.<br />Last, I think That Eleanor would love a desk in her dream room for<br />these reasons. One reason is that Eleanor likes to write books, so she could write them there. Another <br />reason is that said that a lot of people wrote her letters so at the<br />desk she could answer them.<br />
  9. 9. Restaurant/café menu<br />The<br />Capital Cafe!<br />White house water!<br />Finally you can enjoy the<br />wonderful White House water that you have been wanting! Delivered straight from the white house faucet every morning! <br />The Speech salad<br />Enjoy this lovely and healthy salad while remembering all the wonderful speeches made by the great first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.<br />The family fruit plate<br />Enjoy the wonderful fresh fruit<br />with your family picked by Eleanor herself and think back at how family was so important to Eleanor.<br />Women’s rights waffles<br />Start your day with these<br />nutritious waffles to give you<br />energy to fight for women’s<br />rights!<br />Travelers tomato soup<br />This wonderful cup of hot soup makes<br />you feel warm and at home just like Eleanor<br />might have felt after coming back to the White<br />House from another far away trip.<br />Leaders Lemonade<br />This invigorating drink <br />will give you the <br />confidence to take charge and be a leader just like Eleanor. <br />