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Darius slide show

  1. 1. Hana Brady Hana’s suitcase By Karen Levine A true story
  2. 2. I picked the Lyric theme from the 1812 overature because Hana misses her family and her home a lot. It also represents how she fought a long battle for her life in the death camps and now she is in a place of peace wishing to have her old life back. The Lyric theme is about soldiers after a long battle writing letters and thinking about their home and family’s. The soldiers also wish that they could go home and see their family’s and eat warm home cooked food.
  3. 3. Hana’s Time line Part 1 1930’s~ Hana Brady lives in Nove Mesto Czechoslovakia Hana is brave enough to play with boys. Our story starts here 1938-39 Hitler declares Jews bad and makes different rules that effect Hana. 1940-41 Hana’s mother was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to concentration camp Hana wants her mother to make food for the poor.
  4. 4. Hana’s time line part 2 cont. Hana's brother is sent to Auswich Hana is sent to Auswich Hana says no to extra food rations
  5. 5. Hana Brady displayed courage in 1930 when she decided that she was good enough to play with boys in sports. Hana would often fight with her brother just to prove that she could win. This displays courage because she is doing something that not many people do and she also wins where most others would give up.
  6. 6. Hana displays courage when Hitler decides that all Jews should be separated from non Jews. Hana’s act of courage is that she goes against the rules and plays with her friends even though she could be punished for doing so. I think this is courageous because she wants to play be normal and play with her friends so bad that she will break the strict rules to do so.
  7. 7. Hana displayed courage when her mother is arrested by the Gestapo and taken away to a concentration camp. Before mother left she told Hana that she should try to stay well and have hope. Hana’s act of courage is that even though she was sad and didn’t want to do anything she tried her best to keep her promise to mother.
  8. 8. Hana displayed courage when she was being deported to Theresienstadt. Hana’s display of courage is that even though she was sent on a train without her parents to an unknown fate she stayed emotionally strong and did not think about what would happen to them but tried to think about the happy moments of their life.
  9. 9. Hana displayed courage when her brother was being deported to Auswich and yet again the family was broken up once again. Hana displayed courage by hoping and trying to make sure that she would be able to see her brother again. She was courageous when she tried to break the camps rules to save her brother.
  10. 10. Hana displayed courage when she was being deported to auswich by not giving the Nazis a feeling of power if she started to cry and look terrified. Instead Hana stayed calm and tried to look brave. This is courageous because when she was scared she tried to stay calm and not give her enemy power.
  11. 11. Hana is offered extra food rations from the ration man but Hana says no because she fears that if she takes them the ration man will get in trouble. This is courageous because Hana is putting herself before others because she cares that they will stay safe.
  12. 12. Hana shows courage when her mother would make bags of food for the poor in her town. Hana's mother only made them during the holidays but Hana wanted her mother to make them all year long. This shows courage because she is caring for others and going out of her way to help them.
  13. 13. Character traits: Green Hopeful; Hana is a very hopeful person. Hana hoped that she could see her family again. Hana also hoped that things would go back to normal and that Jews would be able to have normal lives again.
  14. 14. Strong (emotional and physical) Red Hana is Strong emotionally when her mother and father are taken away by the Gestapo. Hana did not cry and she didn’t break down and refuse to do anything. Hana is strong physically because she plays with boys and wins. Hana also fights with her older brother.
  15. 15. Hana is Religious Purple Hana shows pride when her uncle asks if she wants to convert over to Christianity. “Uncle Ludvic asked me about converting because I have gone to church with them a few times”.I infer Hana said no because she was later sent to the concentration camps. Hana was proud to be Jewish even though it had consequences.
  16. 16. Hero button. I give Hana a gold star for being Hopeful through out her days at the concentration camps. Hana was Hopeful that she would get out and that she would see her parents again. Hana also hopes that Life for her would go back to normal and she could see her friends.
  17. 17. I think Hana’s dream room/house would be just a normal house with a normal life. I think this because through out the book Hana wishes that she could her her family and friends again and that she could also live free and have a normal life. Giving Hana a normal house would make her happy because it would be one step closer to her dream of bringing things back to normal.
  18. 18. Daily foods Dirty water .01 Water 1$ Stale Bread 2$ Watery soup 1$ Moldy Bread 1.50$ End of Holocaust foods Honey covered apples 5$ Challah bread 1$ for slice 10$ loaf Latkes 3$ each Potato soup 2$ Milk 1$ Every thing is kosher!