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Bethay hamilton
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Bethay hamilton


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Bethany Hamilton Soul Surfer Mimi Dailey
  • 2.  
  • 3. Bethany is very courageous when she writes “Soul Surfer” in such vivid description. It is courageous that Bethany told her life story for the whole world to know! Bethany wrote it not worrying what people thought of her. Not only that but losing your whole arm by a shark changes your whole life and will also give you gooses bumps later on and will take you along time to heal emotionally.  It is courageous for her to write about her horrific story and all of the scary details. Bethany shows a lot of courage when she enters her first big tournament. Bethany shows courage by being the youngest one in her division, she was only about 7 and the other girls were about 10-12 that shows a lot of courage that she is not scared or discouraged of the older girls. She also was courageous because the tournament was a push and surf which means the parents push the kids out into the ocean and they ride the wave in, Bethany surfed all by her self with no help. That shows courage that she is not afraid.
  • 4. Bethany showed courage to stay calm during the attack. When Bethany was bitten she stayed calm and relaxed -she didn’t scream or yell. Bethany stayed calm when she was getting all the attention at the hospital. Bethany is the kind of girl that tries to stay away from the attention. She is also courageous because her mom was not there, it takes a lot of courage to take a challenge without your parents. Bethany has a lot of courage to go into a big surgery at a very young age. Bethany kept the faith and prayed and believed in god that he would keep her very safe. After the attack, she had lost a tremendous amount of blood almost 6 percent.  Bethany knew that was a lot of blood and she was very healthy but she was courageous enough to keep the faith and believe she will be okay!
  • 5. Bethany had a lot of courage to let her friends see her in such bad condition. Also, Bethany  was able to make jokes and keep a smile on her face when she knows she is not happy inside. Another example of courage is when all Bethany’s friends came in to visit her and she had the courage to tell them a vivid description of what happened even though it had happened to so recently. Bethany was probably still wounded emotionally. Bethany had the courage to write a very thoughtful letter to a boy named Logan. Logan was a 13 year old boy and he had wrote Bethany a very thoughtful letter to send her best wishes. Logan has also mentioned that he had lost part of his arm from snowboarding.  In Logan’s letter he had mentioned that since he had lost his arm he was very very down. Bethany had the courage to call Logan and cheer him up. Bethany had the courage to stick out and she didn’t care what Logan thought about her after the call.
  • 6. Bethany had much courage to let the whole entire world know what had happened. She put her new look to the world.  She had the courage to not be afraid of what people thought about her new look. It is also courageous because the attack was not that long ago.  She was not emotionally and physically healed yet and she share her story with the whole world. Bethany one day was in NYC for some interviews. Bethany was walking the streets and had come upon a homeless women.  She was courageous enough to stop and talk while giving money and food to the homeless woman. She had the courage to stick out and not care what the people walking on the streets thought about her.
  • 7. Bethany had the courage to try surfing for the first time after the attack not only that but to surf for the first time at a local talent beach. That is courageous because Bethany was putting her self out there for everyone to see and watch her fall and stumble. She knew people were watching and she knew it wasn’t going to be easy but she had the courage to go in front of everyone and show what she had. Bethany has a lot of courage of overcoming her fear of going back to Tunnels Beach.  Tunnels Beach is the beach that the attack had occurred. That is courage that Bethany can overcome her fear of something very easily.
  • 8. Bethany had the courage to sign up and compete in tournaments. She was entering them without a left arm. Bethany knew entering them and all eyes would be on her because she had one arm, but she had the courage to go out in front of everyone and surf with one arm.
  • 10. PURPLE - religious Bethany Hamilton is a very religious person. “ I believe in God,” Bethany directly states. What does faith in Christ mean people ask Bethany and Bethany usually would say back, “Everything.” Bethany believes that faith kept her strong before and after the attack. Bethany is also religious because she prays every time before she goes out to surf, eat dinner and before bed.
  • 11. ORANGE - inspiring Bethany is a very inspiring person. Inspiring means to guide or control divine influence. Bethany is inspiring because throughout her book, you can infer that her message is to follow your dreams no matter what the future holds or what the consequences are. Bethany really shows that when she was a kid and she wanted to be a professional surfer. One random morning a tragic thing happened and she lost her left arm by a shark that changed her life forever! Bethany kept the faith and followed her dreams to still become a professional surfer.
  • 12. ORANGE - ambitious Bethany Hamilton is a very ambitious person! For example when Bethany was in the hospital bed talking to her dad and was saying,“ Listen, I know my surfing days are over” but then her ambition kicked in and she changed her mind and said “I changed my mind and starting thinking about surfing again.” Bethany was very determined to get back on the board and winning again!
  • 13. BLUE - confident Bethany Hamilton is very confident teenager! Bethany is very confident even in her hospital bed. Bethany is confident that when she gets back on the board she will be just ask good as before! Bethany is very confident when it comes to wearing her plastic arm. She is confident to wear it and did not care what people say. Bethany said, “ I will not wear it a lot only because it doesn’t look the most natural,” but she will wear it sometimes and be very confident. Bethany is very confident that she will stay on track with school and surf. Because she knows that some teenagers get in very bad habits ( alcohol and drugs) but Bethany is very confident that she will stay in line!
  • 14. BLUE - calm Bethany stayed very calm during and and after the attack. Bethany is calm during the attack because she says, “ I didn’t even scream.” That shows a sign of calm. Alana is the friend that was with Bethany when the attack had occurred and she said the reaction was in a calm and low voice Bethany said, “I have been attacked by a shark.” This quote shows how calm she was by her voice. After the attack Bethany stayed calm. You would think when someone got bitten by a shark they would cry alot and be very desperate but Bethany stayed calm and barely cried when she was in much pain.
  • 15. MOST INSPIRING PERSON OF 2011 Bethany Hamilton TO: 2011
  • 16. INSPIRING PERSON OF 2011 EXPLANTTION Bethany Hamilton has had the amazing opportunity to be awarded inspiring person of 2011! Inspiring means to guide or control divine influence! Bethany inspired many hearts to follow your dreams and keep on doing what you love to do no matter what! Bethany shows follow your dreams by continuing to surf after the attack. Before the attack Bethany’s dream was to become a pro surfer. Surfing was Bethany's favorite thing to do in the world, and one random day she lost her arm surfing by an shark it changed her life. But surfing was her favorite thing to do so she kept with it and followed her dreams to being a professional surfer. Inspiring also has influence. Bethany is also very influences person, Bethany influence people to follow there dreams no matter what the future holds and what the consequences are!
  • 17. Bethany Hamilton Special Place BEACH! Lounge Chair Surf Board BIG waves WATER Bethany would bring a Lounge chair to relax on When she is not on the Board! Bethany would obviously bring a surf board to the beach! TOWELS Bethany would bring towels to cool off when she gets out of the water! SUNSCREEN Bethany would Bring sunscreen To protect her Skin from the Hot sun! Bethany would Bring water to keep hydrated when on the beach and surfing Bethany would hope for big waves so she could surf!
  • 18. SURF SHOP CAFE MEALS SIDES DRINKS Big wave Burger big wave burger has bacon, cheese,lettuce, tomato and fries! Surf Tenders Surf Tenders are delicious chicken Tenders with dips Like ketchup mustard and honey Board dog hot dog added with a with a surf shop café ingredients Wave Crasher Nachos Nachos with many great little Treats! Crystal Clear Pina Colada With a sliced fruit on The side cup Crystal Clear Strawberry Deckery With a sliced fruit on the side of he cup Choppy Chocolate Shake Comes with extra Chocolate if wanted Surf Energy Fruit Bowl Many energy fruit Curly Wave Fries Comes in all sizes Good energy snack before and after surf Good treat for Bethany after long day on the water Good Healthy and sweet at the same time drink for Bethany A good sweet drink for Bethany to enjoy after a long day
  • 19.