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Bethany Hamilton Courage project

Bethany Hamilton Courage project






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    Bethany Hamilton Courage project Bethany Hamilton Courage project Presentation Transcript

    • Soul Surfer Allison Witt Bethany Hamilton
    • The Courage of Bethany Hamilton Bethany showed courage by writing this book. It was hard for her because she is not the kind of person who likes to talk about herself. It took a lot of convincing from family and friends. After the loss of her arm, she built up the strength to write this experience down for the world to read. Bethany displayed courage by entering in her first big competition called “The Rell Sun.” She was only 8 and she won. This showed courage because she was only 8 in a huge competition and she won the event! Out of her whole division, she won it because she was brave. She put herself out there and began her surfing career. October 31, 2003 “ I didn’t scream. People say to me, ‘Weren’t you terrified?’ I guess that would be the normal reaction but it wasn’t mine.” This showed courage because she didn’t scream. To not scream when your left arm was just bitten off by a shark is pretty remarkable and very brave.
    • The Courage of Bethany Hamilton October 31, 2003 Bethany was courageous because, during all the chaos outside in the waiting room, she managed to face the danger and stay calm. This was courageous because between all the things that were happening in her life right then, she was calm and that is hard to do for most people. October 31, 2003 Bethany showed courage at this point because she went through a lot of major surgeries and she didn’t complain or act like giving up. She was a fighter. Bethany knew the doctors were there for her and she was confident. Bethany displayed courage at this point in the book by not being afraid and kept on believing that everything would be ok. She went forward, saying, “…I changed my mind and started thinking about going surfing again.” This showed courage because even though just days ago she had been attacked by a shark, she wasn’t afraid or ready to give up. She wanted to go back in the water and surf again.
    • The Courage of Bethany Hamilton “ ‘… What about sharks?’ That question is asked countless times to surfers…Me? When I am asked, I’d usually just shrug and try not to think about it.” This shows courage because she never has given up. She doesn’t believe her odds would be so high to actually come face to face with a shark again. Bethany displays courage when, she gives her money, and visits and helps other kids with missing limbs. “I help by supporting with my own money…”. With her story, she is motivating these kids to do what they love even if the don’t have all their limbs. She taught them not to be afraid to try. Bethany shows courage in this part of the story because she does things that she has never done before. For example, she went on Oprah! This was courageous because she went on TV in front of millions of people telling her story. As she said in the beginning she isn’t one who likes to talk about herself, especially in front of millions of people.
    • The Courage of Bethany Hamilton She displayed courage in this part of the book when she says, “I told myself, ‘You can do it. You can paddle and get up with one arm.’ ” This shows courage because she is surfing again! She only has one arm and she is back out on the water after a very trauma-filled attack. She says, “I will be the best that I can be.” That shows she isn’t afraid. She continues to display courage every time she goes surfing because she never gives up. She has beat the odds and shown that she can do anything she puts her mind to.
    • Persistent-blue Bethany was persistent in this story because she never gave up. “…What if you crash on the bike, get run over while jogging, or break your neck in the fall while water skiing, climbing or snowboarding, or get bitten by a rattler while hiking? See what I mean? Life is full or what-ifs. You cant let them hold you back. If you do, you’re really not living life at all… just kind of going through the motions with no meaning.” This shows Bethany is persistent because she “looks at the glass half-full.” That means she never gives up on life just because something negative, like getting injured. It is not going to stop her.
    • Inspiring-orange Bethany is very inspiring throughout the whole story. This following quote shows how she reflects on children and how they become better people and don’t give up because of her story. “Once a girl (I never got her name) came up and told me that she had had cancer. When she saw my story it made her realize she didn’t need to give up; it made her want to fight too. She ended by saying, ‘Now I am cancer free.’ ” Bethany is inspirational in this part of the story because she gave a little girl hope that she could go through that hard time of being diagnosed with cancer. As a result that girl is now cancer-free.
    • Ambitious-purple Bethany was very ambitious in the part of the story when she was in the hospital a couple of days after the attack. “…. I started thinking about going surfing again.” This shows she is ambitious because she wants to get back out on the water and compete. She doesn’t want to give up and she is motivated and determined to become the best women’s surfer in the world.
    • Calm-blue Bethany was very calm during and after the attack. “ I didn’t even scream. People say, ‘Weren’t you terrified?’ ‘Didn’t you think you would be eaten alive?’ I guess that would be the normal reaction, but it wasn’t mine.” This shows she was calm because instead of freaking out and screaming, she just began to paddle back towards the beach with her un-injured arm. In the end, the doctor said that because she stayed so calm, it kept her from losing a lot more blood.
    • Hopeful-green After the attack, Bethany was hopeful: “…over and over in my head: ‘Get to the beach. Get to the beach.” She was hopeful by believing she would get back to the beach and she would survive. She was so hopeful that she just paddled back to shore after the attack without thinking.
    • Surf in Surf out Cafe Paddled Clams Paddled clams fit on this menu because in surfing you have to paddle to get yourself going to catch a wave. The clams are from the ocean and you surf in the ocean. Sushi served on a miniature surfboard Sushi belongs on this menu because the sushi is made from products from the ocean. It will be served on a miniature surfboard to make it even more surf like. Beached Lobster Beached lobsters belong on this menu because, in surfing, the term “beached” means that you land on the beach after you surf a wave. Lobsters are from the ocean and you surf in the ocean. YOUR DESSERT IS… Surfboard Cupcakes These surfboard cupcakes are perfect after a nice surf. They come with little quotes. For example, “Surfs up!”.
    • A special Bethany Hamilton A special place for Bethany is the beach. Bethany would like this place because it is right on the ocean. She loves the ocean! Bethany has lived in Hawaii her whole life so she would really like this. She can surf whenever she wants and enjoy the sun.
    • Music The song I thought showed and described Bethany Hamilton’s experience is Firework, by: Katy Perry. When is says, “Do you know that there’s still a chance for you? This relates to Bethany because she did believe she had a chance and now she is still a surfer and is an amazing one too. Also in the line, “Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed so you can open one that leads you to the perfect road..” This compares to Bethany because she said so herself that her life would not be the same if it wasn’t for the attack. The attack changed her life, both negatively and positively. For example, the attack hurt her negatively because now she only had one arm. But it helped her positively because now she wants to fight she wants to put all her effort into surfing. She has accomplished what she hoped for. To surf again and be good at it. That is why I chose the song Firework by Katie Perry.