Anne frank


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Anne frank

  1. 1. Anne Frank By, Ann Kramer Anne Frank By, Ann Kramer Rachel Falb
  2. 2. July 5, 1944 Anne and her family are forced to go into hiding at the Annex. She packs quickly and shows courage because it was very difficult for her but she still did it. <ul><li>Summer, 1944 </li></ul><ul><li>Anne and her family are living in the annex .She knows allies will invade soon. She shows courage by staying calm and being helpful to her family which is difficult at a time like this. </li></ul>August 1, 1944 The Franks are betrayed and are forced out of the Annex. Anne shows courage because Gestabo, an officer, points a gun at her and she stands still which shows courage because she knew she had to stay strong. August 8 - September 3 Annie and her family were brought to a camp, Westerbrook. Anne shows courage at this time because she stays positive at a time like this which is very difficult because of the terrible conditions. The Annex
  3. 3. September 3, 1944 Anne and Margot are sent to another concentration camp, Auschwitz. They had to ride on a freight car for three days with barely any food, water, or room. She showed fearlessness by not complaining or whining about the conditions. October 6, Anne and Margot arrive at Auschwitz after many days on the train. Every morning they were woken up are 3:30 a.m. and went to work. This shows courage because Anne thought she would get out so she did not complain and tried her hardest. This showed bravery because even though it was hard she still tried. October 28, 1944 Anne and Margot show courage because Anne was separated with her mother at the age of just 15. She left her mother to die at Auschwitz and was sent to Bergen-Belsen with Margot. This was very hard to leave their mother but they showed courage by following directions and not saying anything. November 2, 1944 Anne and Margot arrive at Bergen Belsen after a five day train ride of only a little bread and sausage. Anne shows courage because when they got there she was optimistic and helpful. March of 1945 At Bergen - Belsen Margot fell off her bunk onto the floor and died. Anne died a few days after but during the time after her sister died but she had a lot of boldness to still attend her jobs and to work which was very hard with her conditions.
  4. 4. Color Collage Purple Religious In the book Anne Frank, Anne is very religious. When Anne and her family were living in the Annex she started to think about God, religion, and what it meant to be Jewish. During this time is when she came very close to god and her religion, Juadiasm.
  5. 5. Another way Anne and her family are religious is because when the Frank’s were in the annex they observed the Sabbath, light candles, and cooking whatever food they could find. One last way that Anne is religious is when she was in the at one of the concentration camps, she and her friends found scraps of food and celebrated Hanukkah. They sat around a circle and sang songs. Religious (Continued)
  6. 6. Green Adaptable Anne is very adaptable because when she left her home to go to the Annex and camps she shows courage by not complaining. Even though she wished that she was at home she adapted to these new places which was very difficult.
  7. 7. Red Strong In the story Anne Frank is emotionally strong. Anne shows this trait when Anne and her family are discovered they take all of their valuables. Anne’s diary and papers spill all over the floor. She is strong because she does not lean over and pick them up, she stands and listens to directions.
  8. 8. Anne Frank would like this piece of furniture because in her diary she said “I want to be a writer,” so a desk is a perfect place to start. Desk
  9. 9. Anne Frank would receive the creative writer award because in the story she explained that she wanted to be a writer. She wrote many stories that were described as interesting or creative. Creative Writer Award
  10. 10. Come over, Passover Appetizers Challah Bread………………. 9.99 Challah bread is served on many Jewish holidays and Sabbath. Challah is a special braded bread that is eaten by Jews. Matzah…………………………..2.69 Matzah is flat bread that is usually eaten at Passover. It is flat because when the Jews were escaping from Egypt they did not have enough time for the bread to rise. Desserts Hamantaschen………. 7.00 Hamantaschen is a circular piece of dough with filling in the center. This treat is usually served at Purim. Rugelach……………….5.00 Rugelach is a traditional Jewish food that is eaten at any time of year. They are usually eaten at Hanukkah though. Jelly Doughnuts……….3.50 These Jelly Doughnuts are known as sufganiyot . They are the number one Hanukkah treat. They symbolize keeping a sacred lamp alight for eight. Main meals Kreplach………………….9.99 Kreplach is small squares dough filled with with either beef or chicken. This meal is usually served on the seventh day of Sukkot. Gefilte Fish……………..6.99 Gefilte means stuffed fish. It has poached fish mince in the skin. This meal is usually eaten during Shabbat or other Jewish Holidays.