Anne Frank


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Anne Frank

  1. 1. Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl , by Anne Frank Jane Hamel
  2. 2. Anne Frank’s Timeline June 14, 1942 Anne is Jewish and the Anti-Jew laws are in full effect. She needs to go to a Jewish school and can’t participate in any town activities. July 9, 1942 Anne and her family need to go into hiding to escape being caught by the Gestapo and being sent to concentration camps. Anne needs to leave behind everything she has and knows to go into hiding.
  3. 3. Anne Frank’s Timeline (continued) July 9, 1942 – August 4, 1944 While in hiding Anne teaches herself about very adult topics such as war progress. It was very frightening to have to hear about so many Jews being killed when you’re a Jew. July 9,1942 – August 4,1944 Anne needs to stay absolutely quiet because if the people in the office or neighbors hear them, they could report them to the Gestapo. That would get them and all of the people who are helping them in huge trouble that could even be deadly.
  4. 4. Anne Frank’s Timeline (continued) February 3, 1944 Talking about what to do incase of an English attack on Amsterdam. If they do attack then they would probably be killed by bombs or flooding. July 16, 1943 and February 29, 1944 On both of these dates robberies occurred. They didn’t know when they were going to happen so they couldn’t prepare for them to happen so if they were heard the robbers probably would’ve reported them to the Gestapo.
  5. 5. Anne Frank’s Timeline (continued) August 4, 1944 Anne frank and her fellow inhabitants of the “Secret Annexe” are discovered. They, Mr. Koophuis and Mr. Kraler are taken to the Gestpo headquarters for a few weeks, then Mr. Kraler was sent to a labor camp for eight months while the others except for Mr. Koophuis are sent to Auschwitz. They are on the last train of Jews deported from Holland. August 4, 1944 – March 1945 Anne is forced to work in concentration camps until her death by typhus. She Died at Belsen Just before her sixteenth birthday. Everyone else in the “Secret Annexe” died, except for her father.
  6. 6. Intelligent - Yellow Anne Frank is very intelligent because she knows or is learning Dutch, English, German, French, and Hebrew. She also teaches herself about the progress of World War II. She also learns about Where the different armies are, who is winning, and armies’ influence.
  7. 7. Appreciative – Green In many of her journal entries, Anne talks about how lucky she is to have the “Secret Annex” because most of the other Jews were in concentration camps in Germany or Poland. In one entry she says “How fortunate we are here, so well cared for for and undisturbed.”
  8. 8. Religious – Purple Anne is Jewish and celebrates many of the Jewish holidays to the best of her ability considering that she is in hiding and doesn’t have many of the resources that she would’ve had if the war wasn’t going on and if she wasn’t in hiding. She said “When I looked into the candle this evening…” Jewish people light candles on Shabbat, which is from Friday night to Saturday night.
  9. 9. Frightened – Blue Air raids and burglaries happen quite frequently and it is very scary when those events happen. Air raids are scary because they could get hurt or killed from. Burglaries are scary because they can’t know when they will happen and if they are too loud then the burglar will find them and report them to the Gestapo. In an entry Anne says “I still haven’t gotten over my fear of everything connected with shooting and planes…”
  10. 10. If I were to give Anne Frank a medal it would be for keeping her spirits high. She was always ready to crack a joke even in the most desperate of times. She even said “And what would be the object of making our “Secret Annexe” into a “Secret Annexe of gloom”?...Besides, in time this gloom will wear off.”
  11. 11. All meals come with two slices of bread and a bit of butter. Victory Café I think I can I think I can This appetizer contains a bean dip with homemade potato chips. Hopes high soup This soup is very tasty after a long day of keeping quiet. It consists of a simple broth with a few bits of spinach, carrots and peas. Keep on keeping on This wonderful breakfast is a great way to start your day. It is our homemade oatmeal with yogurt and a bit of fruit. We are very sorry that we have no meat on the menu. We know that you will all be very considerate in this hard time of food shortages. We were able to get some flour so we were able to make some bread and that is always good news. Thank you again for your cooperation.
  12. 12. Anne’s Magnificent Bedroom Anne’s bedroom is a quiet place with a desk, bed, windows, and many pencils, pens, colored pencils, paper, and Anne’s diary. Anne loved to write in her diary and write stories as a pastime. Anne also loves nature and loved to just look out the window.