Internet Originations


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Kaleidico helps you get started with buying leads, lead management, and originating mortgages through the Internet

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Internet Originations

  1. 1. Internet Originations 101: The Foundation Course
  2. 2. Critical Path • Assess Current Business • Build Foundation for Success • Create a Plan • Execute, Iterate, Execute, Repeat • Success
  3. 3. Assess Your Current Business Are you on the right path? How do you acquire prospects and customers? Do the math. Will it get you to your goals?
  4. 4. Current Business • Referrals • Clients • Real Estate agents • Attorneys, CPAs, other professionals • Direct mail • Purchased lists
  5. 5. Who is in control? Ensure your own success!
  6. 6. Be Consumer’s First Stop • Take control! • Generate your own prospects • Buy Internet consumer inquiries • Become the premier referral partner in your network or community • Determine how successful you want to be
  7. 7. Foundation for Success Build a lead generation and management platform Create an asset that continually returns and perpetuates value
  8. 8. Lead Generation • Create the foundation • Be searchable • Get linked • Make contact easy • Create big funnel
  9. 9. Be Searchable Create your online identity:
  10. 10. Get Linked Promote the value of yourself and your website to others with synergistic content Register with popular directories
  11. 11. Make Contact Easy Don’t make this hard.You are in the business of generating contact. Live in the public eye.
  12. 12. Create a Big Funnel Lead Generation and the Internet is famous for spillage. Make sure you have a big funnel to catch lost consumers.
  13. 13. Lead Buying • Bring in the Prospects • Buy performance ( • Buy intent • Buy integrity
  14. 14. Performance Intent Integrity Pillars of a good lead generator. Survey their performance, ensure inquiries are generated with buying intent, ensure advertising is accurate.
  15. 15. Who’s Best? This is hard to find, but available.
  16. 16. Lead Management • Build Marketing and Sales Process • Lead Receipt • Lead Distribution • Lead Actions • Lead Workflow
  17. 17. Lead Receipt Speed Matters! Get your leads in real-time or you have already lost.
  18. 18. Lead Distribution Speed Matters! Get them out. Get them called. Automate distribution to avoid prioritization conflicts.
  19. 19. Lead Actions Define, Discrete, and Compelled. These are the keys to making actions measure and drive performance.
  20. 20. Lead Workflow Position and automate proven patterns to success. Lead incubation, lead nurturing, win-backs--all enabled by automated work flow.
  21. 21. Need More Info? 866.667.5253