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Using LibGuides to support High School Research and Library Resources
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Using LibGuides to support High School Research and Library Resources


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Published in: Education

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  • 2. West Morris Regional High School District
  • 3. The Library Media Centers
  • 4. My Home Page
  • 5. Quick Introduction ampaign=usercontent
  • 7. Pages Boxes Add and Edit Boxes and Pages
  • 8. Digitally Platform for Your Library Services
  • 9. Index of Published and Unpublished Guides
  • 10. Great vehicle for Removing outdated Stereotypes of your Library
  • 11. How To Use LibGuides for Library Research and Services…?
  • 12. L I B G U I D E C O M M U N I T Y H T T P : / / L I B G U I D E S . C O M / C O M M U N I T Y . P H P ? M = G B E S T O F L I B G U I D E S H T T P : / / B E S T O F . L I B G U I D E S . C O M / H O M E LibGuide Community is there TO HELP YOU!
  • 13. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel…us e templates!
  • 14. Ask and you shall receive…! 
  • 15. Figure out what teachers want and/or need! Customize, Customize, Customize… hp?pid=539470 Example Renaissance Art History guide
  • 16.  Get the assignment*  *If it’s a Google Doc, ask teacher to share  Link the assignment to the LibGuide  Meet with teacher*  Communicate via email  If teacher is too “busy” to provide you with any detail, that’s fine…don’t pressure them Get as Much Information about Research Project as Possible
  • 17. The Crucible – Mendham Sophomore Orientation  Demonstrated book and database searching  Includes assignment  Add a survey  Add related instructional points
  • 18. Reach out to Teachers who will appreciate what you do for them! World History Guide p?pid=445885&sid=3653711
  • 19. Search a teacher’s or departmental website to see what units are coming up Night by Elie Wiesel
  • 20. After making a guide that fits a unit  Surprise Teachers with it by emailing them the link.  Suggest that they add the link to their website.
  • 21. Infuse Life into Some of Your Traditional Services
  • 22. Add a Special Touch to Your Traditional Lessons
  • 23. Reader’s Advisory Reader’s Advisory http://wmrhsd.libguid pid=430349&sid=4425 698
  • 24. Bibliographies Bibliographies http://wmrhsd.libguides.c om/aecontent.php?pid=43 2612
  • 25. Website Evaluation Website Evaluation http://www.wmrhsd.libguide 46&sid=4619607
  • 26. The Research Process Research Process /aecontent.php?pid=539362
  • 27. MLA Works Cited MLA Works Cited http://wmrhsd.libgui p?pid=547449
  • 28. Summer Reading Summer Reading http://wmrhsd.libgui hp?pid=471935
  • 29. Book Club Book Club http://wmrhsd.lib lbookclub
  • 30. Support Extra-Curricular Activities Support Extra- curricular ontent.php?pid= 545628
  • 31. Library Orientations Orientation ntent.php?pid=52 5789
  • 32. Newsletter Newsletter ent.php?pid=546 536
  • 33. New Books New Books Display http://wmrhsd.libguides.c om/content.php?pid=5717 47
  • 34. Integrates Social Media and Web 2.0 •Good Reads List •GoAnimate videos •YouTube Videos •Voicethreads •Google Slides •Voki •Google Lit Trip •Fakebook •Timetoast
  • 35. Box Types allow you to do different things
  • 36. Time to Press the Publicity Button!
  • 37. Tweet About it….
  • 38. Encourage Teachers to Register for email Alerts  Send teachers the link to Register for email alerts when new LibGuides are Published  http://www.wmrhsd.libg gid=0
  • 39. Add LibGuides Widget to a Newsletter….  Example: What’s New in the Library – Winter 2014  http://wmrhsd.libguides. com/whatsnewinthelibrar ywinter2014?preview=3b 29e4734842df20099792c e2513a835
  • 40. Show off your Usage Data
  • 41. View Individual Guide Usage Data
  • 42. What do other Librarians have to Say?  growing.html
  • 43. http://www.learningandleading- pm=2&u1=friend - pg33
  • 44. #1… Add a survey to the guide, (if teacher is interested), Suggest to teachers that they use survey as an optional homework assignment. .
  • 45. #2… Create a guide of reusable boxes that you can store in one place, and copy from later.
  • 46. #3…Build your confidence (and LibGuide collection) by selecting a template on a general topic of interest to the library, (e.g., Banned Books) that needs little to no editing
  • 47. #4…Reach out to teacher’s individually, rather than reaching out to department heads.
  • 48. #5…Add a Table of Contents box to home page if your Guide has more than one page.
  • 49. #6…Include a tab/page back to the school’s LMC
  • 50. #7…If using another guide as a template, make sure all links all.
  • 51. #8…Offer teacher’s a tour of the guide, (either to them individually, or to the class). If you present the guide to the class, try to keep the presentation under 15 minutes
  • 52. #9…Have students follow a guide presentation using chrome books or laptops. This gives them hands-on experience!
  • 53. #10…email link of the guide to relevant teacher and encourage them to link your guide on their class Website
  • 54. #11…Use the excellent LibGuide Training and tutorials to expand your skills. I especially like the archived Training Webinar Recordings.
  • 55. #12…Visually Prioritize the boxes and pages of your guide.
  • 56. LibGuide Contact Information  Ginna Nicolas (Regional Sales Consultant)   917-617-2741 -cell  646-454-9644 -office
  • 57. Free Trial 
  • 58. Contact Me  Mary Beth Davis  West Morris Regional H.S. District Library Media Specialist 
  • 59. 19th Century Library
  • 60. 21st Century Library
  • 61. Make LibGuides the Digital Face of Your LMC’s Research …!