How to Build a Slidecast


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A step-by-step of how to build a slidecast. Includes tips for reducing file sizes on PDFs and syncing audio file. By Wm Pitzer - West Virginia University

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How to Build a Slidecast

  1. 1. How to Build a Slidecast Professor Wm Pitzer IMC-693H West Virginia University
  2. 2. What is aslidecast?
  3. 3. Go to www.slideshare.netand sign up for a free account.Watch some of my slidecasts
  4. 4. Open an accounton
  5. 5. Create yourpresentation
  6. 6. I normally save my presentation as aPDF first, then upload to slideshare.
  7. 7. Acrobat’s“magic dust”
  8. 8. A presentation I did in Keynote and saved as a PDF. File size = 7.5 Mb
  9. 9. Open presentation in Acrobat andselect Document/Reduce File Size from the main menu. Make compatible with later versions of Acrobat to gain larger reduction in file size. I use 9.0 setting.
  10. 10. Save the file.You will get aprompt to replace existingfile if you don’t rename the reduced file.
  11. 11. This is a common warning: “image masks not downsampled.” Just click OK and ignore.
  12. 12. After applying the “magic dust” in Acrobat the file size = 2.6 Mb
  13. 13. Upload yourpresentationto slideshare
  14. 14. Click toupload file
  15. 15. Select file to upload
  16. 16. Record your voiceover as an MP3 file
  17. 17. Preset tracks Recording controls
  18. 18. Select appropriate track Hide windowsyou don’t need.
  19. 19. GarageBand makesit easy to record in packets.
  20. 20. Export as MP3
  21. 21. Save the file to yourfolder. You should also save the GarageBand project for future editing purposes.
  22. 22. Upload MP3 file to Slideshare
  23. 23. Select this tab in window Prompt toload MP3 file
  24. 24. Pick file andclick “open”
  25. 25. This may take a while...
  26. 26. When uploadis finished you will see this message.
  27. 27. Slidecast ispre-formatted with your audio file.
  28. 28. 1. Play audio to where 2. Click and dragyou want it to stop for “audio selector” to first slide, then pause mark where the first audio. slide ends on the timeline.
  29. 29. 3. Click on next slide to select it in the “slide selector.”4. Repeat steps 1 &2 for second slide.
  30. 30. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for all the slides.
  31. 31. Always listen to your slidecast to make sure it’s workingproperly before sharing it with your students.
  32. 32. How to Build a SlidecastThanks, let me know if you have questions: @newsgraphics