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Internet hunt 101


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  • 1. Internet Hunt 101 Group Three
  • 2. Internet Basics
    • What is the internet?
    • The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks
    • Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks.
  • 3. How and when do we use internet?
    • Store information e.g. Dropbox, bookmarks, favorites
    • Social networking e.g. facebook, myspace
    • Communication e.g. twitter, LinkedIn
    • Resource for research e.g. google scholar
    • Share information e.g. blogging
  • 4. What is an internet browser? Give examples
    • Is the program that you use to access the internet and view web pages on your computer.
    • Examples of browsers are;
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Opera
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari, etc
  • 5. What is a URL?
    • It is a website address
    • How do you verify a URL?
    • For example, verifying
    • Analyze the URL by;
    • Check out the page; the name, if the date is updated, links
  • 6.
    • Cross check with other pages
    • Find out the owner of the domain i.e. Go to ‘’ or ‘’, type in the url and click on
  • 7. What is a search engine? How many have you used and what purposes?
    • A search engine is a tool used for finding specific information on the web
    • Examples of search engines
    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • Bing
    • Ask
    • Fagan finder
    • True knowledge
  • 8. How do you search in the search engine?
    • Choose one of the search engine that you prefer e.g. google
    • Open google in the internet browser
  • 9.
    • (Looking for the number of students that were admitted to the Makerere University in academic year 2011/12)
    • 1 st option
    • Use exact search
    • Type in “number of students that were admitted to the Makerere University in academic year 2010/2011”
    • On using option 1, you find that the exact information is not available, hence using option 2 or option 3
  • 10.
    • 2 nd option
    • Use advance search
    • Go to your search engine, click on advanced search and fill in the specifications of your search so as to make it as exact as possible
  • 11.
    • 3 rd option
    • Doing a direct search through the search engine
    • Go to the search engine and type in the standard source of information/ website that you want to visit e.g. the Makerere University website
  • 12. What are bookmarks and why/when do we need them?
    • Bookmarks is computer feature that lets you save the address (URL) of a webpage so that you can easily re-visit the page at a later time. (
  • 13. How do you use the information from the internet?
    • Using the Uganda Budget 2011/2012 ( )
    • Use it for finding contacts
    • To make a background of your story
    • Use it as follow up
  • 14. Cautions to take to take when using information from the internet
    • Avoid plagiarism when using the internet
    • Be aware of internet security
    • Be keen to verify information