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Lesson 01 yr12 a2 Lesson 01 yr12 a2 Presentation Transcript

  • Advanced Production Portfolio
    • Lesson Aims
    • To understand the key requirements for the A2 Production Portfolio.
    • To examine generic codes and
    • conventions of music videos.
  • The Brief Produce a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video , together with the following ancillary texts: • a CD/DVD digipak for its release (4 panels - front cover, back cover, 2 inlay cards). • a magazine advertisement for the release of the CD/DVD. The music track you use should be copyright free. Copyright free options available for Music Video in G324: • Approach local singers / groups / bands and get permission to use their material • Approach unsigned bands on ‘My Space’ etc and get permission to use their material. • Collaborate with music department/students in your school on the project • Create your own music or sound track. The unit is marked out of a total of 100 marks: - 20 marks for the planning and research and its presentation - 60 marks for the construction (40 marks for music video and10 marks for each ancillary task) - 20 marks for the evaluation Similar to your AS coursework, this work will also be submitted on a blog.
  • Assessment Criteria
    • AO2 – Assess ability to apply knowledge and understanding in their own work, showing how meanings and responses are created.
    • AO3 – Assess students’ ability to plan and construct media products using appropriate technical and creative skill.
    • AO4 – Assess ability to undertake, apply and present appropriate research.
    • Advanced Production Portfolio - 50% of A2
    • - 25% of overall A-level
    • The Advanced Production Portfolio requires you to significantly
    • evidence your pre-production research and planning.
    • Your Research and Planning should include:
    • At least 5 analysis of music videos.
    • Research into the artist / group you are producing the video
    • and ancillary texts for.
    • A complete copy of the lyrics of the track and detailed timings.
    • Target audience research with results displayed and analysed.
    • A narrative breakdown of the composition of the video.
    • Themes that need to be incorporated into the video.
    Research and Planning
    • A storyboard for the video.
    • - A detailed breakdown of the visual codes to be constructed.
    • A props list and shooting schedule.
    • An equipment list.
    • Research into the music channel that would exhibit your video
  • Categorising Music Videos
    • Andrew Goodwin handout
    • Performance, narrative and concept.
    • Genre
  • Types of Music Videos Performance A music video that is based around a performance of the artist/group.  
  • Narrative A music video that tells a story.
  • Concept A music video that is based on a theme or idea. - Played backwards
    • Filmed in one continuous
    • take
    Use of stop motion -
  • Generic Codes and Conventions What is genre? What music genres do you know? What are generic codes and conventions? Why is genre important? What are the drawbacks of genre?
  • Points about Genre ‘ Genre is in a constant state of flux’ Steve Neil Hybrids (a mixture of two or more genres) can reach a much wider audience (eg. Shaun of the Dead is a Horror and a Comedy so therefore it had the potential to reach the target audience of horror and the target audience of comedy). Genre relies on both repetition and variation .
  • Genre Analysis 1. Watch a music video 2. Make a list of the generic codes and conventions used in the video Representations Mise-en-scene Camera Editing Narrative Genre 3. How does the video adhere to, subvert or develop the genre? 4. Is the video a hybrid? 5. Is the video a performance, narrative, concept video or a mixture. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co3qMdkucM0