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La Nuovo Linea Di Sistemi X86 Di Sun Perchè Fanno La Differenza
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La Nuovo Linea Di Sistemi X86 Di Sun Perchè Fanno La Differenza


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Sun Intel European Business Technology Tour Marco Quaranta x86 Product Account Manager Systems Group Sun Microsystems 1
  • 2. Sun and Intel + • Best-in-class OS • Highest volume computing platform • Innovative system design • Cutting edge manufacturing process • Outstanding roadmap • Full solution delivery Collaboration of Two Market Leaders 2
  • 3. Le 5 Scelte Architetturali dei Server Sun-Intel Questioni energetiche Consolidation & Virtualization Questioni di spazio Gestione L'innovazione Avanzata è importante 3
  • 4. Sun’s New X64 Enterprise Servers World’s Smallest, 4-Socket, x64, Quad-Core Server • Metà dello spazio di ogni altro server 4-socket! Sun Fire x4450 • Piu' di 1TB di internal storage • 6x PCIe slots • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet on board 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Faster Xeon, faster MySQL • Does a second Xeon 5500 CPU scale with MySQL? • Does Xeon 5500 Hyperthreading scale with MySQL? 6
  • 7. Advantages of Solaris on • Increased Performance Nehalem-based Systems > Solaris has an outstanding threading model for Nehalem- based systems > Solaris utilizes Intel Turbo Boost Technology • Optimized Power Efficiency > Solaris takes advantage of Nehalem power management capabilities • Improved Reliability > Nehalem features are $0 incorporated into the Solaris Fault Management Architecture (FMA) 7
  • 8. Sun - Intel Linea Prodotti x86 NEW! NEW! SSD SSD SUN 2 Socket 4 Socket SF X4275 SF X4450 Blade Servers Enterprise Level SSD NEW! SSD SSD 2 Socket 2 Socket SB 6000 & 6048 SF X4270 SF X4170 Entry Level SSD SF X2270 8
  • 9. Sun Blade Modular System Products with Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series Capacity, Perfomance and Efficiency Sun Blade X6275 Sun Blade X6270 NEW! NEW! 2X 2S performance density Large memory footprint ● ● Integrated QDR HCA ● High I/O bandwidth ● ● Petascale Scalability ● SSDs/Solaris ZFS ● Flash Modules Hydra Glacier QNEM - 6048 NEW! NEW! NEW! 2 x 10 GE (shared) ● Dual 36-port QDR IB switch ●10 x 1 GE pass-thru (dedicated) ● 2X 2S performance density ● ●3:1 cable reduction ●4 x 4 SAS mini-ports (shared) ● Integrated QDR HCA ● Petascale Sun Constellation System ●Scalability ●Pumped refrigerant door ● Solaris/Nehalem ●Chilled water door Optimization ● ● Flash DIMMs 9
  • 10. x2270 Compute The Next Generation 2 Intel Nehalem-EP Processors ● Price/Performance Leader 12x DDR3 Memory Slots ● I/O 1x PCI-E 2.0 slot (x16 lanes) ● 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports ● SP Board 4x LFF HDD or SSD (3.5”) ● (Option) Motherboard Non-volatile boot media (USB) ● Single 600W PSU 2x Flash DIMMs ● Availability 3 Blowers 1x 600W High Efficiency PSU ● Disk Backplane 3x Fan Blowers ● Disk Cage Management Sun ILOM Service Processor ● Solaris, Linux, Windows Take Away – High quality, energy efficient compute server ● optimize to drive your HPC and Web 2.0 environment 10
  • 11. x4170 Compute The Next Generation Enterprise 2 Intel Nehalem-EP Processors ● Workhorse 18x DDR3 Memory Slots ● I/O Locator LED/button Service Required LEDDVD±RW 2 USB Ports 3x PCI-E slots (2 x8 & 1 x16) ● 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports ● 8x SFF HDD or SSD (2.5”) ● Non-volatile boot media ● Fault LEDs Label w/ (CompactFlash and USB) Label w/ Disk #'s Power/OK LED Serial # Power Button DVD ● Availability Dual-socket General Purpose Hot-swap disk drives Enterprise Compute Platform ● Hardware RAID 0,1, [5,6] Maximum Performance Density ● Maximum Reliability Hot Plug N+N PSUs ● Ease of Deployment and Manageability Hot Plug redundant fans ● Take Away – Enterprise server featuring the best all around Management performance for critical back office applications. Sun ILOM Service Processor ● Solaris, Linux, Windows, VMWare ● 11
  • 12. x4270/x4275 Compute 2 Intel Nehalem-EP Processors ● The Next Generation 18x DDR3 Memory Slots ● Virtualization/Storage Server I/O Locator LED/button 2 USB Ports DVD-RW Service Required LED 6x PCI-E gen 2 slots (6 x8) ● 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports ● 16x SFF HDD or SSD (2.5”) ● 12 x SFF HDD or SSD (3.5”) ● DVD Fault LEDs Power/OK LED Power Button ● Availability Enterprise Platform with Enhanced Hot-swap disk drives ● IO and Storage Hardware RAID 0,1, 5,6 ● Maximum IO and Storage Density Hot Plug N+N PSUs Maximum Reliability ● Ease of Deployment and Manageability Hot Plug redundant fans ● Take Away – Enterprise server featuring enhanced I/O for compute Management and storage for consolidation and virtualization applications Sun ILOM Service Processor ● Solaris, Linux, Windows, ● VMWare 12
  • 13. Le Blades più versatili Sun Blade 6000 6048 Value, Performance Performance Density Design Focus Blades 10 48 Chassis Height 10 RU 42 RU Chassis Per 42U Rack 4 1 Server Modules Per 42U Rack 40/80 48/96 Chassis Per 42U Rack 4 1 Core max 24 cores x 40 blade 24 core x 48 blade 13
  • 14. Workload optimized systems SPARC CMT and X86 for Web/App Infrastructure Blade SPARC CMT X86 Servers High performance, CoolThreads, Sun X86 rack power/space virtualization, servers, efficiency, web scale best cooling capacity, I/O performance efficiency high density Solaris on All of Them 14
  • 15. x6270 •Two Intel Nehalem 4-core CPUs NEW >8 high-performance cores per server module •Up to 144GB memory per Server Module >18 DDR3 DIMM slots per server module >Choice of 1066 or 1333 MHz •4x PCI Express Gen2 x8 Interfaces >2x EM, 2x NEM with 2x FEM slots •RAID Expansion Module Option •2x Gigabit Ethernet ports via NEM •16GB Compact Flash option •4x SAS Interface to NEM for External Storage •4x Hot-Swappable HDDs or SSDs •Full onboard ILOM service processor >IPMI 2.0, Web UI, CLI management, remote KVM over IP and remote media (DVD/Floppy) >USB and video ports for direct KVM management •Sun Blade 6000 and 6048 Chassis 15
  • 16. x6275 New •New, High Density, Dual Node Blade Server •Each node contains: >2-Socket Intel Nehalem EP CPUs (Supports 95W) >12 DDR3 DIMM slots (up to 96GB) >1 X Sun Flash Module (24GB Local SATA Storage) >1 X PCIe2 ExpressModule x8 interface >1 X Dual Port QDR IB HCA (optional*); interfaces with IB QDR Switch NEM (6048 chassis only) >1 X Gigabit Ethernet Port (via NEM) >ILOM Service Processor •IPMI 2.0, Web UI, CLI management, remote KVM over IP and remote media (DVD/Floppy) •USB and video ports for direct KVM management •Supports Sun Blade 6000* and 6048 Chassis *Q3 2009 16
  • 17. Virtualized Multi- Network Express Module Fabric 10GbE NEM Network Cable Aggregation • SAS Storage Expansion (w/ optional Disk Blade) • NEW High Bandwidth Fabrics (10GbE & 3Gb SAS) • Support for Windows, Linux, Solaris & VMware • Sun Blade 6000 Chassis • I/O 2 X 10 Gigabit Enet Ports (shared) • Low Cost 10GB Connectivity 10 X 1 Gigabit Enet Pass-thrus (dedicated) • Dual pathed SAS links for each blade slot • 10:1 Cable Reduction Low Cost Pluggable Optics (SFP+) • Zero Management 20Gb Bi-directional B/W between Blades • Seamless Integration Availability • Hot Pluggable, Rear Accessible Integrated Storage Networking • Single or Dual Configurations • Passive Cooling for High Availability Options • Bandwidth or Connectivity Modes • Centralized Monitoring via CLI or WebGUI • LR/SR Optics available 17
  • 18. Sun Blade 6048 Modular System Unibody Chassis/Rack Design 48 server modules per rack • Up to 1152 cores per rack based on 4S/6-core Intel Xeon • Up to 6144 threads per rack based on UltraSPARC T2+ • Weighs ~500 lbs. less than conventional rack/chassis combo • 2U chassis expansion module option • Modular Design • 100 percent of active components hot-plug and redundant (power, fans, I/O, management) Power and Cooling • Eight 8,400 W (N+N redundancy; may be configured to 5,600W) • Common power and cooling • New Glacier cooling door option I/O • Industry-standard PCI Express midplane update to support PCIe2 and SAS 2.0 • Four x8 PCIe links per server module ● Two PCIe EM per server module, eight NEM per rack ● Optional InfiniBand switch NEM streamlines connection to Sun datacenter switches 18
  • 19. IB QNEM For Sun Blade 6048 New Designed for Highly Resilient Fabrics • Two onboard 36-Port QDR IB switches • Increased resiliency allowing connectivity • 3:1 Reduction in Cabling Simplifies Cable Management 19
  • 20. Hi efficiency rack New cooling Passive Rear Door Heat Exchanger Design • No Additional Fans means greater efficiency •Pumped Refrigerant Door • Datacenter safe R134A refrigerant • Compatible with Liebert XD systems • Highest Energy Efficiency and smallest footprint Chilled Water Door • Economical for smaller installations • Sun Blade 6048 chassis • Sun Rack II 20
  • 21. Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Single Socket – Intel Architecture One Intel Xeon Processor 3500 Series (“Nehalem-WS”) Up to 12GB (DDR3 unbuffered) I/O 2x PCI-Express 2.0 (“Gen 2”) 16-lane slots 2x PCI-Express 8-lane slots 8x USB 2.0 ports High-def Audio ports 2x 1394a (Firewire) ports Local Storage 4x SATA drives SATA RAID 0 or 1, standard DVD Burner ISV-certified Graphics NVIDIA Quadro FX5800, FX3800, FX1800 and FX380 Developer Tools Sun Studio, Java Studio Enterprise, Java Studio Creator and Netbeans, conveniently pre-installed Operating Systems Solaris, Linux, Windows (Vista or Server 2008) 21
  • 22. Key Takeaways Sun is introducing a new line of x64 products based on Intel Xeon 1 Processor 5500 Series with leadership in performance and efficiency. Sun will offer Open Solutions based on the new systems that address 2 key business problems leveraging unique features like SSDs, Open Storage, Open Networking and Virtualization. Engage customers to identify opportunities to improve application 3 performance and/or reduce operating costs with system upgrades. Leverage programs such as Try & Buy and Smart Financing to engage your customers. 22
  • 23. THANK YOU. Marco Quaranta 23