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Srearns life-vests

  1. 1. Stearns Youth Boating Vests USCG-Approved Personal Flotation Device
  2. 2. Stearns Youth Boating VestsKeep your youngster out of danger while on the water with theA proper fitting Life Jacket.Designed to match Stearnss adult boating vestsYouth vests are filled with durable flotation foam, keeping your child afloat in lakes, rivers, and pools.Youth vests also includes adjustable belts, ensuring that the vest fits securely
  3. 3. http://www.StearnLifeJackets.comAccording to the Boat US Foundation, more than 80% of those that are thrown into the water with a life jacket on are able to be rescued without incident.While boating and other water sports are fun they can also be dangerous.Being prepared for anything can help ensure that you all have a great time each time you enter the water.
  4. 4. http://www.StearnLifeJackets.comAll Stearns life jackets are USCG-approved personal flotation device.The most important aspect of life jacket is that you must be wearing it in order for it to actually save your life!In an emergency you may not have the time or be able to find and put on your life jacket
  5. 5. Make fashionable Infant Floatation VestInfant life vest are great looking and comfortable Notice the convenient rescue strap on all infant vests And the comfortable swimmers for the Toddlers
  6. 6. They Must Look GoodStearns new lightweight very fashionable life jackets are so comfortable there is no longer a problem wearing them all day.If it looks good and feels comfortable it will get worn
  7. 7. Adult Self Inflating Life JacketsModern Stearns life jackets and life vests are a far cry from the cumbersome and bulky life jackets of the past.You can now purchase very lightweight self inflating life jackets that you can wear all day which will not interfere in any way with your mobility or comfort.
  8. 8. http://www.StearnLifeJackets.comThere are specific life jackets for water skiing and jet skiing that is designed with the needs of these sports firmly built into the design both for safety and comfort.Stearns even has Pet Jackets
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