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Test construction (for content staff) eg feb08 erp

Test construction (for content staff) eg feb08 erp






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    Test construction (for content staff) eg feb08 erp Test construction (for content staff) eg feb08 erp Presentation Transcript

    • Test Construction Procedure Zarko Vukmirovic Workshop: Test Construction: 2008 CAPS Forms Assembly
      • Scope and Objectives
      • Scope:
        • To present and discuss the procedure for assembling CAPS operational and field-test forms.
        • The procedure is also designed to be a model for other assessment programs.
      • Objectives:
        • Participants will learn the principles of test construction and will be able to use the technical resources for assembling of test forms.
        • Participants will assemble 2008 CAPS operational forms.
    • Definitions
      • The purpose of the Test Construction
        • Assemble the O perational and F ield-test forms
        • Use the Item Bank
        • Use Test Construction Specifications .
      • The final products
        • Pull Lists (list of items included in the test)
        • Test Map (precise specification of item locations in the test)
    • Responsibilities
      • Test Development Director
        • Works with Psychometrician on Test Construction Specifications ,
        • Coordinates the process and approves pull lists.
      • Content Specialist
        • Selects items using Test Construction guidelines,
        • Checks accuracy of the final pull list.
    • Responsibilities
      • Psychometrician
        • Works with Test Development Director on Test Construction Specifications ,
        • Provides training for Content Specialists and other staff,
        • Assists with item selection,
        • Interprets item and form statistics,
        • Approves pull lists
      • Editorial Team
        • Reviews the items in the final pull list.
      • Quality Assurance Staff
        • Verifies the final pull lists against source documents.
      • IT Staff
        • Provides support for using information technology
    • Inputs & Assumptions
      • Documents:
        • Test Construction Specifications (including domain and cluster specifications).
      • Item Bank:
        • Item Content
        • Item Statistics
      • Assumptions:
        • Item content and statistics databases are populated with sufficient number of items.
        • All items are reviewed for content and psychometric qualities and accepted by review committees.
        • All staff is trained for test construction procedure
    • Outputs
      • Content Specialist will create
        • Pull Lists
        • Test Maps.
      • Psychometrician will create:
        • Curves: TCCs, TIFs, SEMs,
        • Statistical Summary Sheets,
        • Test Construction Report
    • Procedure (1)
      • Content Specialist selects operational items using the Item Bank and following Test Construction Specifications .
        • Match the blueprint and follow other content guidelines
        • Match statistical targets (average p-value and point-biserial correlations)
      • Content Specialist provides the pull list to Psychometrician (Item Bank: an export file is generated).
    • Procedure (2)
      • Psychometrician will use a statistical program to merge the pull list with the statistical data for the items (if using Item bank: provided in the export file).
      • Psychometrician will use a statistical program to create Statistical Summary Sheets and test curves (TCC, TIF, and SEM).
      • Psychometrician will verify that items and forms characteristics meet requirements specified in Test Construction Specifications .
    • Procedure (3)
      • Item Statistics checks
        • Number of Items (overall test and by domain)
        • Item difficulty
        • Item discrimination
        • Options analysis
        • DIF statistics
      • Forms characteristics checks
        • Maximum Points (overall test, by reporting category, by item type)
        • Does obtained TCC approximates target TCC sufficiently
        • Is TIF sufficiently high at al relevant scale points
        • Is SEM low at relevant points
      • Linking items checks
        • Content representation
        • Statistical representation
        • Position maintenance
    • Procedure (4)
      • If all the criteria are met Psychometrician will sign off the form.
      • If modifications are needed, Psychometrician specifies the guidelines for changes .
      • Optionally, Psychometrician will meet with Content Specialist to review and make the necessary changes.
      • When the changes are complete, steps 1 - 3 are repeated.
    • Procedure (5)
      • Once all changes are complete and the criteria are met, Psychometrician, Content Specialist, and TDD will sign off the form.
      • If the customer wants to review the test map, it is at this point that the test map will be sent to the customer by the TDD.
      • The TDD will provide a cover letter along with an explanation of the test map.
      • After customer approval the test map is forwarded to composition staff to prepare the form for printing.
    • Test Construction System
      • Item Bank
        • Search and review items
        • Selecting items to be included in test forms
        • Printing forms preview
        • Exporting item IDs (and statistics)
      • SPSS program
        • Generating TCCs, TIFs, SEMs,
        • Generating statistical summary sheets
    • Test Characteristic Curve
    • Test Information Curve
    • Standard Error of Measurement