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Web 101
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Web 101


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SW Fox Intro to web development I think.

SW Fox Intro to web development I think.

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  • 1. Web 101 for VFP Developers Mike Feltman
  • 2. About me President F1 Technologies Toledo, OH USA
  • 3. Agenda Getting Started HTML CSS Interacting with VFP Bonus?
  • 4. Supply List Web Server  IIS (Internet Information Server)  Apache HTML Editor  Standards: Microsoft Expression Web, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio.NET  Popular Low Cost Alternatives: HotDog, CoffeeCup  No-frills: Notepad, VFP  Barf Bag: Word VFP Compatible Server Side Scripting Language  Web Connection, Active FoxPro Pages (AFP) , FoxWeb or ActiveVFP  ASP, ASP.NET & COM
  • 5. Getting Started Create Folder Plan Directory Structure Map to Virtual Directory Set Permissions & Properties Create Default Page
  • 6. Elements of a Web Site HTML Pages Graphics Cascading Style Sheets Script/Code Data
  • 7. HTML Basics Hyper Text Markup Language Tag Based Language derived from SGML Tags enclosed in angle brackets <TagName> and </TagName> Tags may have properties <TagName Property=“value”>
  • 8. Foundation Tags <html> <head> <title> <body>
  • 9. Tags for Search Engines <meta name="keywords" content=“ comma delimited list of words and phrases ”> <meta name="description" content=“comma delimited list of words and phrases”>
  • 10. Formatting Text Bold, Italics, Underline, etc.<b><i><u> Paragraphs: <p><h1><h2><h3>… Fonts & Colors Alignment, returns, text size, etc.
  • 11. Hyperlinks and Images Hyperlink<a href=“url”>Text</a> Image<img src=“file"> Linked Image<a href=“url"><img src=“file" ></a>
  • 12. Lists Numbered <ol>  Type A,a,1,i Directory <dir> Bulleted <ul> Menu <menu> Defined Terms <dl> Nested Lists
  • 13. Tables <table> <tr> <td> <th>
  • 14. Forms & Form Elements Text Text Area Option Buttons Lists Check Boxes Drop Downs Buttons Password
  • 15. Form Processing All Data is Character Method: Post vs. Get Action = “url”  Page w/ script, CGI, DLL, etc.  Encoding Type (enctype)  multipart/form-data (use w/ fileupload)  application/x-www-form-urlencoded  text/plain (default)
  • 16. CSS Cascading Style Sheets Commands used to format text, objects & layout Saves time, improves maintainability, promotes standardization Cascading  Same page within tag  Same page within <HEAD>  External We are only going to scratch the surface of what can be done with CSS here
  • 17. CSS Format:  Style { attribute: value; attribute: value}  Style { attribute: value; attribute: value; } External Link: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="sample.css">
  • 18. Interacting with VFP The Basics Standard Objects Generating HTML Rendering Forms & Data Binding Processing Form Input mmm Cookies!
  • 19. The Basics Web Connection & AFP are ISAPI Extensions WC & AFP files use <% and %> as script delimiters VFP Code can fall anywhere within a web page between delimiters Classic ASP is very similar except code is VBScript/Jscript that gets to VFP via COM. ASP.NET, PHP and other server platforms with COM support can also talk to VFP
  • 20. VFP Hosts
  • 21. Basic Sample Pages Hello World… Server Info
  • 22. Standard Objects Request – input  QueryString  Form  ServerVariables Response – output  Write  Redirect  Cookies  Status Server – duh  UrlEncode  UrlDecode  HtmlEncode
  • 23. More Advance Pages Lists  Plain  HTML Tables  Paginated Forms  Get & Post Examples  Passwords  Data Bound
  • 24. Summary Web Development is much easier than it seems Intelligent use of CSS w/ HTML makes for more maintainable sites See F1Tech.Com,, FoxWeb.Com for more resources on VFP products See for web resources
  • 25. Thank you!Remember to fill out your sessionevaluation.