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VFP & Ajax
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VFP & Ajax


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AJAX session from back in the day when it was AJAX

AJAX session from back in the day when it was AJAX

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  • 1. VFP & AJAX Mike FeltmanF1 Technologies
  • 2. Agenda• What is AJAX • AJAX in 5 Minutes• AJAX Technologies • Talking AJAX to VFP• Putting it Altogether • AJAX Resources• AJAX vs. Classic Web Apps
  • 3. What is AJAX• AJAX is not a technology, it’s an acronym for a collection of technologies.• AJAX is a development technique that allows web apps to provide a desktop app like user experience• AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript + XML• Also Referred to as Web 2.0 and RIA (Rich Internet Applications)
  • 4. AJAX Technologies• HTML & XHTML• CSS• DOM• XML & XSLT• XMLHTTP• JavaScript
  • 5. HTML• lingua franca of the web• HyperText Markup Language• The “Content Layer” of a well designed website
  • 6. XHTML• eXtensible HyperText Markup Language• HTML coded as well-formed XML• Emerging, modernized HTML standard supported by most browsers
  • 7. CSS• Cascading Style Sheets• Mechanism for adding style (fonts, colors, formatting, etc.) to web documents.
  • 8. DOM• Document Object Model• Object model for documents, not specific to HTML, but rarely used outside of that context• Supported by modern browsers
  • 9. XML• eXtensible Markup Language• “Standard” data transport format for the web
  • 10. XSLT• Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations• Stylesheet Language for XML• Formatting Language for XML data/documents
  • 11. XMLHTTP• Object that allows (asynchronous) communication with the server• Native Object in Mozzila Browsers• COM Object in Internet Exploder
  • 12. JavaScript• Client Side Scripting Language• Supported by modern browsers• Dynamically Typed• Case Sensitive
  • 13. Putting it altogether• HTML/XHTML – Content• CSS – Formatting• DOM & JavaScript – Client Side Code• XML – Data
  • 14. The Missing Links• Server Programming • XML Enabled DBMS Language (SPL) – VFP – AFP, WebConnection, etc. – SQL Server – PHP – MySQL – XUL – Oracle – RUBY – DB2 – Java – Classic ASP – ASP.NET
  • 15. AJAX Technologies Redux• HTML & XHTML • Server Programming• CSS Language• DOM • DBMS• XML & XSTL• XMLHTTP• JavaScript
  • 16. Classic Web Application Model
  • 17. Synchronous Web Application Model
  • 18. AJAX Web Application Model
  • 19. Asynchronous Web Application Model
  • 20. Talking AJAX to VFP• AFP (Active FoxPro Pages), Web Connection or any other VFP server-side scripting technology will suffice• Can use classic ASP or ASP.NET but both go through COM with no benefit
  • 21. VFP is the Ideal AJAX Server Language• Fast• Great Text Handling• Native DBMS• Great Connectivity• Royalty Free Deployment
  • 22. AJAX in 5 Minutes1. Attach a JavaScript function call to an event on an HTML object2. Get XMLHttp Request Object3. Start an AJAX request4. Respond to the request on completion5. Update the web page
  • 23. Talking AJAX to VFP1. Retrieving Data & Updating the page a. From a command button b. From a textbox c. Using XML2. Putting it all together with VFP business objects
  • 24. Real World Ajax••••••
  • 25. Conclusion• AJAX can be used to provide desktop like user experiences• AJAX is actually old technology, but its uses and usability are evolving rapidly• VFP is well-suited for use in AJAX development
  • 26. Resources• Blogs/Websites • Frameworks & Toolkits – – – – – – – –• Books – – The JavaScript Anthology – – Pragmatic AJAX
  • 27. Thank You• Please remember to fill out your evals