Html and visual fox pro


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HTML & VFP session from SW Fox 2009

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Html and visual fox pro

  1. 1. HTML and Visual FoxPro
  2. 2. About Me President/Founder F1 Technologies since 1990 Co-author Visual FoxExpress Speaker Consultant Xbase Developer since dBase III/FoxBase 1987 Web Developer since 1994
  3. 3. Contact Me
  4. 4. Agenda HTML Features in VFP Generating HTML with VFP Parsing HTML with VFP
  5. 5. HTML Features in VFP Save as HTML Web Publishing Wizard GenHTML Foundation Classes HTML Report Listener
  6. 6. Save as HTML What  Allows forms, menu, reports and tables to be saved as HTML. How  Open/Create a Form, Menu, Report or Table  From File Menu Choose Save as HTML Why  Limited use for forms & tables  Useless for menus.  Moderately Useful for reports.
  7. 7. Using the Web Publishing Wizard What  Generates HTML, Script and more for use in publishing data How  Tools -> Wizards –> Web Publishing Why  Generate HTML to publish on the web or distribute  Generate Code to use in applications to generate HTML on the fly.  Most useful output formats are IE only.
  8. 8. GenHTML.PRG What  Default HTML generation program for VFP  Referenced by _GENHTML  GENHTML.PRG in VFP HOME() directory.  Called by all we’ve covered so far How  Do (_GENHTML) WITH … Why  Automate publishing reports/data to HTML
  9. 9. HTML Foundation Classes What  HOME() + [FFC_INTERNET.VCX]  _DBF2HTML  _FRX2HTML  _SCX2HTML HOW  FFCSample.PRG, FFCSAMPLE2.PRG & FFCSAMPLE3.PRG Why  Generate an HTML Table, Output an SCX layout to HTML, Output a report to HTML
  10. 10. HTML Report Listener Most Useful of Built-In Features See Cathy Pountney’s Session: Making the Most of VFP 9 SP2 Reports 
  11. 11. HTML Report Listener New Advanced Page in Expression Dialog in SP2 HTML Related Properties  HTML.Link  HTML.Anchor (Name)  HTML.Alt-Title  CSSClass.OverrideFRX  CSSClass.ExtendFRX  HTML.PrintablePageLink Example: FanList2.FRX
  12. 12. Generating HTML with VFP SQL Select directly to HTML XML & XSLT CursorToHTML Class GenForm Class HTML Text Merge
  13. 13. SQL Select to HTML What  Use VFP SQL Select to generate HTML  How How  SQL Select to Text File w/ HTML  SelectToHTML.PRG Why  Easy  Performance
  14. 14. XML & XSLT What  Uses XML and XSLT (via COM or .NET interop) to convert XML to HTML  XSLT = EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations How  XSLTExample.prg, XSLTExample2.prg, GenericXSLT.PRG Why  Output data to HTML using XSLT  Use .NET framework  Performance
  15. 15. CursorToHTML Class What  Class to render HTML from VFP data How  Instantiate, set properties, render  TestCursorToHTML1 - 6.PRG Why  Fast, Flexible, Easy, All VFP
  16. 16. Parsing HTML with VFP What  Read HTML into VFP How  ALINES()  STREXTRACT()  IE Automation  ParseDemo.PRG  ParseDemo3.PRG Why  Data Mining  HTML manipulation
  17. 17. Conclusion VFP has a number of built-in ways to generate HTML  Most uses are limited It’s easy to roll your own HTML generators VFP’s String Handing Capabilities make it easy to parse HTML IE Automation is also an easy way to parse HTML
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