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Docking from a z in visual fox pro 9
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Docking from a z in visual fox pro 9


Session on VFP docking features I gave in Frankfurt, 2004 I think.

Session on VFP docking features I gave in Frankfurt, 2004 I think.

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  • 1. Docking from A-Z in Visual FoxPro 9.0 Mike Feltman
  • 2. Who Am I• Presient F1 Technologies• Visual FoxExpress Developer• mikefeltman@f1tech.com• Visual FoxPro Dinosaur
  • 3. Agenda• Docking for the developer – Docking in the VFP IDE – Docking with Code• Docking in Applications – Dockable Toolbars – Dockable Forms – Forms vs. Toolbars – Practical Applications?
  • 4. The Mechanics of Docking• Docking Windows• Docking Toolbars• Tab Docking• Link Docking
  • 5. Dockable IDE Windows• Command Window, Data Session, Toolbox, etc.• Project Manager
  • 6. “Non-Dockable” IDE Windows• Object Browser,• Task Pane,• Class Browser,• Component Gallery,• Code References• Task List
  • 7. Programmatic Docking in the IDE• Non-VFP Forms – DOCK WINDOW• VFP Forms – Form.Dockable• WDOCKABLE()• ADOCKSTATE()• SetIDE.prg
  • 8. Docking in Applications• Forms vs. Toolbars• Tab & Link Docking• Events to the Rescue?• BindEvents anyone?
  • 9. Forms vs. Toolbars• Autosizing• Auto Arrangement• (ex1 & ex2)• Manual Resizing• Manual Moving
  • 10. Tab & Link Docking• Support is automatic• Cannot be turned off• Ex3.prg
  • 11. Events to the Rescue?• BeforeDock• AfterDock• Undock
  • 12. The Dockposition Property• –1 Not docked• 0 Top• 1 Left• 2 Right• 3 Bottom• 4 Tabbed (forms only)• 5 Link-docked (forms only)
  • 13. The Dockable Property• 0 – not dockable• 1 – supports docking and is dockable (ex7 & 8 show quirk)• 2 – supports docking but is not currently dockable
  • 14. More on Autosizing & Arrangement• Form autosizing details – Fills in “docking in direction” – No other adjustment – Cannot change via code• Toolbars – Only stretches as necessary – Height/Width adjusted – Can fill with container
  • 15. Practical Examples• Application “Navigator”• Task Panes• Tip of the Day• “Dock Target” desktop
  • 16. Conclusion• Docking support in the VFP IDE allows the developer to customize the IDE to be more productive• There are some uses for docking in applications• More control over docking is needed to make it really usable in applications
  • 17. Thank you!Please remember to fill out your evaluation.