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  • 1. What’s so great aboutCredo Reference?
  • 2. Today’s Workshop will Include.. Overview Demonstration Time for Exploration and Questions
  • 3. What is it? An Aggregator of full-text online reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, thesauri, factbooks.etc) 600 Titles from 80+ publishers Over 3 million entries More than 300,000 entries More than 200,000 audio files Collection grows monthlyAPA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard Citations on each entry
  • 4. Sample Publishers
  • 5. Sampling of Content
  • 6. More Content… Medical dictionaries (help  Holiday Festivals and with pronunciation) Celebrations of the world Hutchinson Encyclopedia Anatomy Atlas Latino Literature Dictionary of Literature CIA Worldfact book
  • 7. Special Features Include… Unique URL’s Topic Pages Resource Links (open door to your other subscribed resources and online card catalog) Easy Access to e-Books in your subject area Concept Map LibGuides
  • 8. Easily Explore Book Contents
  • 9. Each Book’s Index is UniqueAbout this bookContentsHeadingsImages
  • 10. Another Book’s Index might “People”tab:
  • 11. Another Book includes “DynamicTables”
  • 12. Topic Pages Specially arranged pages on a particular topic One stop shopping – allows you to get topic information from varied reference sources and formats Example:  Declaration of Independence  DNA  Mid-autumn Festival
  • 13. Scroll down Topic Page to seeJournal Articles, Books, Images, Newsand more…
  • 14. Unique URL’s Use links directly from page on your assignments, syllabi, reviews, etc. (Mrs. Lynch’s Group Topics)
  • 15. Concept Maps…  Explore a topic visually  Get quick information  Find related terms  Reshape your focus
  • 16. Make Broader
  • 17. Or Narrower
  • 18. Advanced Search…Sidebar Facets
  • 19. Other Useful Features… MLA CITATION
  • 20. SAVE More than one point of access:
  • 21. Gadgets…
  • 22. Multi-lingual Interface
  • 23. Related Terms Tag Cloud
  • 24. Ideas for applying Credo to YourClasses/Curriculum… Paste unique URL’s into  Provide Reference Books homework, syllabus, curriculum pages.  Use Concept Map to initiate and explore research topics Use topic Pages to introduce a topic  Use Credo LibGuides to expand research Request a topic page be made  Play Six Degrees of Separation with Concept Link to primary source Map documents  Example: Mrs. Lynch’s Group Work Topics
  • 25. Define Key Words and Vocabulary Add unique URL’s of common vocabulary to your assignment pages
  • 26. Find a Topic Pages Relevant to YourClasses
  • 27. Request a Topic PageCredo’s Sales Rep has offeredto take Topic Page Suggestionsfrom us. They have a goal ofadding 1,000 topic pages totheir current collection of10,000.See the example of Mid-Autumn Festival that Irequested for Mrs. Lee’sChinese clas
  • 28. Use Credo Books in YourSyllabus/Curriculum/LessonplanningMedicine Examples Business Examples
  • 29. Use Images/Videos to Jazz up YourWebsite
  • 31. Fair Use
  • 32. FOR MORE HELP 2-minute How- to’s http://corp.credorefer  Concept Map /training-videos.html  Find a Book  Advanced Searching  Topic Pages
  • 33. Explore Research Topics A Comparison of Harry Potter and Macbeth as Tragic Heroes To what extent does the response to Hurricane Katrina expose social behaviors revealing that America has not fully achieved African- American equality An investigation into the cognitive, biological and social-cultural aspects of infatuation in human beings. To What Extent has Society’s View of HIV AIDS been Influenced by the Media Sources of Film, Television, and Theater?
  • 34.  Environmental Systems and Societies: To what extent do the environmental benefits of nuclear power outweigh the harms of its waste?
  • 35. The Research Process lthau.html
  • 36. The Research Process process/?res_nr=3&sis=2324910777
  • 37. School Topics  Wood sculpture  Music Theory  Personal Finance + Web Applications  Symphonic Movement  Richard Wright – “Blackboy”  Wind ensemble  Homer’s Odyssey  Keyboard techniques  Steinbeck of Mice and Men  Trigonometry  E.e. cummings  Discrete math  Homeostasis  Pre-calculus  Genetics  CAD  Tayssachs disease  3-D modeling  Anatomy  Culinary Arts  Space technology  Colinization  Environmental science  Constitutional law  Forensic Science  Foreign policy
  • 38. Sample Prezi prezihelpcom/