Week Three Web 2.0 Tools and Concepts


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Slides from Week Three of Wayne MacPhail's course on Online Journalism at the University of Western Ontario in the fall of 2008

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Week Three Web 2.0 Tools and Concepts

  1. Welcome Online Journalism JOU-732
  2. Week Three Web 2.0 Tools and Concepts
  3. What is Web 2.0?
  4. What is Web 2.0? marketing term
  5. What is Web 2.0? encourages community and collaboration encourages shared content creation focusses on a single task clean, clear interface moves data and apps from desktop to Web
  6. Key Concepts
  7. Key Concepts The Tag Social Bookmarking RSS Feeds Embed Code Wikis Common Good Crystalization
  8. The Tag
  9. cellphone secondlife Tags telephony sl
  10. Bottom up Taxonomy tags top-down keywords Folksonomy
  11. heirarchical organic! tag keyword
  12. animal domestic farm pet wild hen dog cow
  13. animal domestic farm pet wild dog hen dog cow dog wild dog animal farm domestic dog
  14. Social Bookmarking
  15. Social Bookmarking moves personal bookmarks to public space makes use of tagging creates a collective intelligence and collective editing makes use of RSS feeds
  16. RSS Feeds
  17. RSS Feeds Really Simple Syndication It’s like an In Box for the Web
  18. Like magazine subscriptions without the annoying cards and perfume inserts
  19. RSS Feeds Polls websites. Collects headlines. Delivers them to you.
  20. netnewswire
  21. Google Reader
  22. Google Reader on iPhone
  23. RSS Feeds on cellphones
  24. RSS Feeds on the Chumby
  25. Embed Code
  26. <embed /> <script src=quot;http://www.mogulus.com/scripts/player.js? channel=therealnews&amp;bgcolor=0xE98010&amp;colo r=0x999999&amp;showviewers=true&amp;width=440& amp;height=375&amp;on=truequot; type=quot;text/javascriptquot;> </script>
  27. wikis
  28. Case Study
  29. ensemble Alzheimer Society of Ontario
  30. AwayF ro mH er ... Using RSS feeds How Bra ASOONT in Prot ein ... d ... es Ad Gam Video s... raw gD arin He
  31. Putting it Together RSS Feed based on ASOONT tag Hearing Draws... Video Games Add... How Brain Protein ... Away From Her ...
  32. The Common Good?
  33. Common Good: Atoms
  34. Common Good: Atoms
  35. Common Good: Atoms
  36. Common Good: Atoms
  37. Common Good: Atoms
  38. Common Good: Bits
  39. Common Good: Bits
  40. Common Good: Bits
  41. Common Good: Bits
  42. Common Good: Bits
  43. So shouldn’t selfishness rule?
  44. It should. But it doesn’t.
  45. The Common Good you want to create will only be as rich as the common good you see in your community.
  46. Crystalization
  47. Outcomes Collaborative Content Community Conversation Author/Audience Union
  48. What’s social media?
  49. Media that encourages conversation community collaborative content creation
  50. Media that depends on The Common Good and Crystalization
  51. Key Concepts The Tag Social Bookmarking review RSS Feeds Embed Code Wikis Common Good Crystalization
  52. Lessons Focus on concepts not applications Have faith in the common good Build community and conversation Practise crystalization
  53. Wayne MacPhail wmacphail@gmail.com wmacphail