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Automation Pending Items List


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Automation Framework Sr. no. Pending Item/Issues/Suggestions Status Owner To Do 1. Partner specific values to be picked from the property defined in interface instead of public variables & accessible in all test pages code Not Started 2. Input and output folder structure a. Loading and reading all configuration files (MainConfig , PartnerConfigs, TestEnvironmentValidation configs xmls) from input directories b. Writing all test run logs (Partner specific and BVT Test Results) into appropriate output directories. Completed Test the change 3. Command line processing runs for a. Single and multiple partners b. Browser type c. Combination of run types (only test environment, test environment + automation, only automation) d. Implementation of some Flag for test environment validation to decide if full environment check to be run or only partner additions and passing it at test environment invocation. Completed Change for “release type” option on command line & Test the change 4. Implementation of test execution flow based on the command line options passed in MainTestcaller In progress For multiple browsers To check for multiple browsers, multiple partners 5. Environment verification a. Tests results processing in MainTestCaller b. Prioritizing the test environments for running automation in different conditions Not Started Meenal 6. Purging of excessive partner specific automation log files as well BVT test results logs Not Started 7. Separate log files for each partner test run on a single day Completed Test the change 8. Private partner flow test execution path/flow Not Started 9. Documentation First draft written Meenal To complete it with
  • 2. earlier, needs to be updated by Anup all new changes, after Anup updates it 10. Clear cache cookies failure Completed To test the change 11. Hard coding at different places 12. Possible change in Logger code implementation as discussed Completed To test the change 13. Remove references for dlls and pdbs created 14. Change name for factorypatterns to some feasible name 15. Remove commented code from all files if not required Environment Verification Sr. no. Pending Item/Issues/Suggestions Status Owner To Do 1. Code change for running full environment check or just adding of web activity for multiple partners based on the flag passed (or some other feasible logic) In Progress Meenal 2. Reading multiple email ids for “TO” field from config xml Complete Meenal Test the change 3. Documentation if needed by the team 4. Remove activity scenario failure Complete Meenal Test the change Test Automation Pages Sr. no. Pending Item/Issues/Suggestions Status Owner To Do 1. Profile page scenarios In progress 2. Few scenarios remaining planned for M1 In progress 3. Few Manage or other page scenarios logic , common functions of activity check In progress Meenal Test the change & verify