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Some Call This Mobility3   © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
Work Used to Be…4   © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
Now, Work Can Happen Anywhere5   © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
What’s Changed                                                          Currently 110                                     ...
What Hasn’t Changed    113 cell                                                     Nearly 12,000    phones are           ...
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Novell Has the Tools to Help – Since 1983    Anywhere File                          Anytime      Device       Access      ...
Instead of Traditional Mapped Drives…
Use Novell Filr for Anywhere Access               ®Smart Device
Use Novell Filr for Anywhere Access          ®Browser
Instead of Printing Hassles…
… Printing Solutions                Share                       AirPrint
What About Device Management?
The Device Types are Changing… the requirements stay the same        Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market Share by     ...
Users Want ThisEmailApplicationsPrintingFile
Management Needs ThisComplianceRemediationReportingForecasting
Strike the Right Balance with Novell                                                File                                  ...
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Novell Mobility Solutions


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Overview about the Novell Mobility Solutions ZENworks Mobile Management, Novell Filr and Novell Mobile iPrint

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  • We’ve all heard a lot about “mobility solutions” of late. In fact, you’re all here specifically to discuss solutions to the mobile challenges you face. But Novell believes that there’s a different way to look at the issue—one that hinges on the idea that productivity is the goal, and mobile devices are simply a means to that end.
  • In fact, we think that focusing solely on mobility, as if it’s a special and separate business realm, is wrong. Today it’s about productivity. Tomorrow it will be about productivity. That’s the life of a business.What the tech world calls "mobility," Novell simply calls "life."
  • To understand what life means for the modern business today, let’s look at what work used to be and how it’s changed.Work used to involve:Commutes to the officeEveryone in the same placeDesktopsFor IT, work meant:Corporate networksStorage IT assignedData centers that IT ranFirewalls protecting everythingWork happened at the office, where IT had control.
  • That is not the way we work today. Today, when your employees need their files, location shouldn’t matter.Work happens on vacations, airplanes, while stuck in traffic, in the field and in the conference room. Just how much has the work world changed?
  • This unleashing of the mobile workforce has introduced enormous changes and challenges. For instance:[presenter: click through each concept to briefly mention]More iPhones sold than babies born each day (402,000 iPhones / 300,000 babies)Over 110 devices on Android platformMost workers use personal devices on the jobAnd most organizations don’t use the security features built into those devices.These facts are representative of the industry today . . . but this is an industry that’s growing fast. 110 devices today - how many will there be tomorrow? 2012 was a huge year for tablet sales = more tablets in the workplacePeople use tablets and cell phones - IT will have to manage and provision two or more mobile devices per user. It’s clear that mobility is fundamental to the way we work, play and live today. We’re living in a very different world than we’re used to. ==Sources:1)
  • It’s important to also remember some things that haven’t changed. Even though mobile devices are proliferating, employees still use workstations or laptops. They just might be a bit smaller and lighter than they used to be.And the same problems that occurred with laptops will continue to occur. What hasn’t changed is the need to secure data, no matter the device.113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the U.S. – by the time I’m done talking, thousands of phones will be gone Nearly 12,000 laptops are lost or go missing at U.S. airports every week46 percent of employees don’t know all their organization's IT policies. – Mobile or not, they don’t know how to keep things safe, so you have to.53 percent of business travelers carry sensitive corporate information in their laptops==Sources:http://www.micro-trax.comPonemon Institute Institute
  • Another crucial aspect of our work life that hasn’t changed is the necessary nature of file and print. These may not be the sexiest topics in the IT landscape, but they’re as fundamental to productivity and success as it gets. Files are the fundamental building blocks of an organization’s intellectual property and memory. You can’t really think about work without thinking about files.In addition, people are still printing. Three billion pages are printed every day in EMEA alone.You still need to create, store and print the files your organization lives on, and you need to manage the devices on which users perform those crucial business functions.
  • Novell has a long and respected history in file and print services, networking, and endpoint management. We’re bringing that experience into the mobile world with Novell Filr, Novell iPrint, and Novell ZENworks Mobile Management. Whether users need their information on paper or electronically, they can get it from their favorite mobile device—anywhere they happen to be. After all, mobility is really a trendy word for the new way we network and share files, which makes our experience in file and print services and networking so important.Others do not have the same kind of experience:They may make pretty products, but they don’t understand what’s going on under the hood. They ignore the un-sexy, but really important, work features that people need, like printing.They don’t fully understand enterprise necessities like security.At Novell, because of our history, we’re uniquely suited to addressing the challenges of mobility.Let’s look at how Novell is applying its knowledge to our newly mobile life.
  • Instead of those mapped drives, you can use Novell Filr to get to your files anywhere, any time. This is a screenshot of Novell Filr, our mobile file sharing and syncing solution. Novell Filr works by forming the connection between your file servers and the devices on which users access those files. This design makes it a secure, enterprise-ready alternative to popular cloud file hosting services such as Dropbox.
  • It’s a simple view of everything that’s going on. And click on “My Files” and you get a fairly familiar view. Not every user needs to, or is ready to, adapt. And because this looks much like the files and folders users are used to, they’ll be able to get to work fast. The important difference is that these files are accessible on any device.So users can get their files anywhere, on any device, and share those files both internally and externally. But the strongest feature of Filr is not this modern file access ease. It’s that Filrcombines this easy, intuitive way of getting files with old-school IT control.The files stay on your file servers – This makes it regulation compliant when cloud services aren’tYour user access rights remain in forceIT can determine who can share what with whomNo new servers or backup systems necessary ($ savings $)
  • Anywhere access also applies at the level of good, old-fashioned printing. Printing is the classic way to share files, after all, and it still occurs every day, in every office, all the time.In fact, business printing isn’t just still around, it’s growing by 6.8 percent a year. But printing can be a pain. Finding printerFinding cableDriversCartridges or toner (or at least calling the helpdesk)
  • Novell iPrint brings printing into the 21st Century. Decades ago, through our networking and print services, Novell solutions were among the reasons workers could stop walking down the hall with floppy disks. And if you’re familiar with that history, you’ll know that Novell iPrint has actually been a part of Novell Open Enterprise Server for years. But now we’ve made two big changes. We’ve added mobile printing capabilities and will now be offering iPrint as a standalone product.As with the previous iPrint, desktop or laptop users can open a browser window, click on a digital map of their office and select a printer. The printer will install on their machine and they can print right away, without any calls to the helpdesk.So yes, even years ago, we were letting laptop users print to distant printers through a network connection.Now iPrint can do even more:Print by emailing a print job to a printerMake old printers AirPrint enabledUsers can download apps and print from their mobile devicesAirPrint is the Apple wireless printing protocol, and you can buy AirPrint-enabled printers if you want to spend a lot of money. Or, Novell iPrint can now act as a kind of AirPrint translator, so Apple device users can wirelessly print from their devices to the printers you already own.You can also print from your smartphone or tablet using the iPrint app.We’ll be talking in more detail about how iPrint does all this in a later presentation.
  • But what about device management? What about security? Novell would not have succeeded as an enterprise provider for this long if we didn’t think about security in all our products. Just by keeping files out of the cloud and by integrating with directory services like eDirectory and Active Directory for identity and access control, Novell Filr and Novell iPrint have inherent security that competitive offerings don’t. But complete security means having good mobile device management, and Novell can offer that too.
  • Part of thinking about mobility as just another aspect of life is thinking about mobile devices as just another endpoint. Clearly, as the slide shows, the proportions are changing between the different kinds of devices, but to the IT administrators tasked with managing those devices, the type shouldn’t matter. Novell was managing endpoint devices back in the 80s and we still excel at it now with the ZENworks line. We have a very robust endpoint management family with ZENworks, so when we expanded into managing mobile devices, we didn’t reinvent the wheel. Novell ZENworks Mobile Management leverages the successful ZENworks console.ZMM helps you understand:How many devices you haveHow they’re being usedBy whomBecause of the proliferation of mobile devices (and device types), a good mobile device management solution has to work with lots of different platforms. Novell ZENworks Mobile Management supports most of the mobile device platforms available today.ZENworks Mobile Management can also:Manage both devices that your organization owns and devices that your users bring into the workplace through BYOD programsProvision access based on usersManage and push applications and filesProvide reports and alerts
  • So you’ve seen the three pieces that make up the Novell mobility solution. Now I want to explain what makes the Novell mobility solution so strong as a whole.Just like life, mobility doesn’t happen in discrete little pieces. A true mobility solution has to consider everything a user wants, and be prepared for that. Here’s just a glimpse of what users are demanding: Thousands of applications from thousands of different vendorsEmailPrintingFile accessSocial connections and collaborationThe internetAnd much, much moreBecause Novell solutions work cross platform, pay attention to important business building blocks like file and print, and integrate with collaboration and other tools, Novell can give users what they want. Unfortunately, giving users what they want isn’t enough.
  • Whether users understand or not, IT and Management have another set of needs. There are lots of business demands that aren’t associated directly with employee productivity. This doesn’t make them less important. These are vital tasks for maintaining the health of an organization.SecurityCompliance to regulationsRemediationInformation needed to pass auditsReporting for audits, higher management, shareholders and more.Forecasting for financial reasonsManagement and IT also have to do the best job possible of maximizing existing IT investments and policies. Because Novell has been an enterprise provider for decades, Novell solutions provide the security, compliance and reporting that management and IT staff need.
  • So employee productivity is paramount for the success of your organization. But your job isn’t just to give employees more freedom. You also have to protect the organization by securing data, ensuring compliance to policies and laws, and guarding against external threats like malware and network attacks.What you need is balance.If the users get everything they want, your corporation is dangerously exposed. If IT and management get everything they want, you end up imprisoning your own users in layers of rules. The increase in mobile devices has encouraged consumerization of IT and made finding this balance more difficult, but helping you balance users and IT is something every good IT solution has always offered.You need to make sure your mobile solution helps you achieve that balance as well.
  • With Novell, you have a complete solution to meet the challenges of today’s mobile workforce.With Novell mobility solutions, you can meet the management and security needs of your IT department and the mobile file access and printing needs of your users.With this combination, you get the most important benefit for any organization in any industry: Productivity. Because whether you call it mobility… or life… it’s always about productivity.
  • Novell Mobility Solutions

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    6. 6. What’s Changed Currently 110 More iPhones different sold than devices on babies born Android each day platform A majority of Most workers organizations use personal don’t leverage electronic the security devices features built on the job into the device6 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. What Hasn’t Changed 113 cell Nearly 12,000 phones are laptops are lost lost or stolen or go missing every minute at U.S. airports in the U.S. every week 46% of 53% of business employees travelers carry don’t know all sensitive their corporate organizations information in IT policies. their laptops7 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
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    10. 10. Instead of Traditional Mapped Drives…
    11. 11. Use Novell Filr for Anywhere Access ®Smart Device
    12. 12. Use Novell Filr for Anywhere Access ®Browser
    13. 13. Instead of Printing Hassles…
    14. 14. … Printing Solutions Share AirPrint
    15. 15. What About Device Management?
    16. 16. The Device Types are Changing… the requirements stay the same Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market Share by Product Category 2010-2012 Desktop PC Portable PC Tablet Smartphones 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 2010 2011 2012ZENworks Mobile Management brings robust management capabilities to the mobile world
    17. 17. Users Want ThisEmailApplicationsPrintingFile
    18. 18. Management Needs ThisComplianceRemediationReportingForecasting
    19. 19. Strike the Right Balance with Novell File Print Management CollaborationToday and tomorrow, Novell will leverage what it does best tohelp you drive better productivity in an ever-changing world.19 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
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