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Capture Discovery

  1. 1. trusted discovery experts.powered by technology.
  2. 2. Executive SummaryCapture Discovery is a leading, full-service E-Discovery and Litigation Support provider forlaw firms and corporate counsel. Capture helps legal counsel control the costs, mitigate therisks, and find relevant, responsive data in vast volumes of electronically stored information.Our experience, expertise, and the latest technology have allowed us to design and deploythe most cost effective and efficient solutions, while maintaining accuracy, timeliness anddefensibility along the way. Clients often report that working with us is a refreshing changefrom previous experiences with other vendors -- we invite you to join our roster of satisfiedclients.Unique QualificationsThe exponential growth of electronically stored information (ESI) and the amendments tothe Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have significantly increased the complexity of thediscovery process. You need an experienced partner you trust to help you handle theincreasing demands of the litigation process.Over the last 15 years, we have handled some of the largest document productions in thecountry. We have represented many diverse litigation matters including IP, Securities,Labor and Employment, Healthcare, Construction, Oil and Gas, Insurance, DefenseContracts, and Telecommunications. We have managed high-profile Antitrust SecondRequests and Litigations, Multi-District Litigations, White Collar Crime Litigations,Environmental and Toxic Tort Litigations, FCPA Investigations and Grand Jury Investigations,while earning the trust of many of the nation’s largest and most respected firms.Our services include:° E-Discovery Consulting° Data Collection and Computer Forensics around the world° Early Data Assessment and Culling of Irrelevant Data° Processing Data° Paper document collections around the world° Document Review° Production to the Opposing Law Firm or Government Agency
  3. 3. E-Discovery ConsultingCapture Discovery’s services go beyond processing large data sets and hitting productiondeadlines. We provide consulting services to law firms and corporate counsel in the earlystages of an investigation or e-discovery, thereby ensuring that clients are dischargingtheir legal duties, finding and preserving responsive data and managing the process ef-ficiently and cost-effectively. Our team of experts includes IT professionals, attorneys,network engineers, computer forensic professionals, search methodology experts, docu-ment review specialists and 30(b)(6) testifying experts to assist you through all phasesof your matter.The biggest mistake clients often make is failing to bring in experts early - the result isoften the loss of data and higher costs. The sooner you retain an expert, the better offyou’ll be. Too often, experts are called in when the client is knee deep in quicksand. Thejob of the expert is to avoid crises through careful management. Always, the goal is toreduce the volume of data in order to reduce costs, particularly reviewing costs whichare always the most expensive part of e-discovery.We offer a wide range of e-discovery consulting services, including the following:° Information management° Preservation and Litigation holds° Meet & Confer strategy° ESI collection and forensic analysis° Paper document collection strategy° Search methodology development° Early Case Assessment° Review tool selection and training° Managing document reviews° Production formats
  4. 4. Data Collection and Computer ForensicsWhen you receive an electronic discovery request, you need the ability toidentify, preserve, and collect all potentially relevant electronically storedinformation (ESI) from all sources in a legally defensible and forensicallysound way. Searching for and recovering existing or deleted data oncomputers, servers, CDs, DVDs, cell phones and other data storage devices,is as much an art as it is a science. Let our highly certified and experiencedcomputer forensic technologists help.Our services include:° Collections across the United States° Full-disk Imaging or Logical Imaging of Electronic Storage Media° Computers, Servers, External Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, CDs/DVDs, Smart Phones and Cell Phones, Hard Drives° On-site Imaging of Original Media or Imaging in our Highly Secure State of the Art Forensics Lab° Recovery of Deleted SMS/MMS Messages from Cell Phones/Smart Phones° Data Recovery From Failed Hard Drives° Backup Tape Restoration° Network E-mail Collection and Preservation° Advanced Analysis Techniques, Tools and Methods° Expert Testimony
  5. 5. Early Data Assessment and Culling of Irrelevant DataCapture Discovery provides a full range of leading edge solutions and techniquesto eliminate irrelevant documents in a dataset and dramatically save your clientsmoney on processing and review fees.This process dramatically decreases the number of documents that need to bereviewed and reduces the volume of data that must be fully processed, therebyallowing for cost containment and predictable budgeting. This is especiallyhelpful on larger legal matters, given that the review stage accounts for nearly60% of the total e-discovery project cost.Large datasets can be ready in seconds, instead of days, giving attorneys andlitigation support staff access to sophisticated document analytics quickly.Our secure web-based platform, powered by Venio Systems offers:° Early visibility of the important documents° Near immediate availability of any amount of data° Allowing legal teams to run their own iterative searches° Filter by date, custodian, file type, etc.° Keyword Search° De-duplication and Near De-duplication° E-mail Domain Analysis° E-mail Thread Identification and Visual Analytics° Language Identification° Unlimited Users at no Additional Cost
  6. 6. Processing DataWhether your case involves five (5) gigabytes or five (5) terabytes, CaptureDiscovery’s integrated technology and expertise enables the creation andexecution of a processing methodology for virtually any requirement, mediaformat, or software type. We leverage the latest technology availablecombining it with our experience and expertise. Our Director of E-Discoveryand our team of technicians are experienced in processing data. Their depthof experience allows us to handle the wide range of challenges so oftenpresented by electronic data processing. We have the ability to customizeeach project based on the specific needs of the case.Our processing services include:° Integrated, High-capacity Platform° Defensible Chain of Custody° Data Staging° Native File Processing, including Full Text, Metadata Extraction and OCR of non-extracted text° Full Tiff Conversion° Ability to process email programs such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Group Wise, and Outlook Express° Handle 350 + File Types° Extensive and Customizable Reporting° Load File Preparation° Strict Quality Control Procedures° Dedicated 24 x 7 Project Management
  7. 7. ReviewReducing costs in the review stage is critical because the cost of review is typically60%-80% of the cost of e-discovery. The balance must be struck carefully -- reducecosts but make sure that the tools and processes used are in fact retrieving theresponsive and relevant data. You need a partner and a review tool that you candepend on.We understand that each case is unique and not every review tool is the right fit.Instead of a one size fits all approach we offer two review tool options, eView andCatalyst.Both review tools are robust, powerful platforms that feature conceptual search,tiff on the fly, keyword highlighting and full reporting on review metrics. Otherfeatures include the following:Configurable workflow: permits a flexible approach to reviewer managementworkflows and document assignments; A review team can use the traditional linerreview or more complex parallel review styles including simultaneous sequential,non-sequential or even bi-directional workflows;Administrative control: provides client administrative control without relying onCapture with the flexibility to call on Capture for assistance when necessary.Real-Time reporting: Productivity metrics assist clients with review progress, howmany documents have been reviewed and how many remain, etc. This reportingfunctionality is robust and allows for visibility into progress of individuals or teamsor projects.Speed: Built in native viewer and powerful servers allow for speedier reviewNative/Image Review & Redaction: View and redact native/image docs without theoriginal native application:Foreign language Support: Foreign language support available with built in Unicodesupport the only international standard that supports the vast majority of languages.Review Management: Prioritize and manage daily workflow tasks and documentdistribution to reviewers.Our Project Managers have managed hundreds of reviews and will support youevery step of the way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  8. 8. ProductionWhen you’re facing a document production deadline, you need a partner that canaccurately and completely deliver responsive documents in the agreed format ontime, every time. Capture provides production including TIFFs, Native files, OnlineElectronic Database review files in either TIFF or Native format and hard copyoutput. We can provide load files for all third party review platforms. Captureuses strict quality control procedures to ensure that the correct evidence is beingproduced to the correct party, thereby carefully protecting privileged information.Production Formats include:° TIFF files° PDF files° Native files° Printed copies of documents° Merged PST files° Load files for ingestion into Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, etc.° Electronic Review Production Database
  9. 9. Paper-Based Document SolutionsThere are still relevant, discoverable paper documents in most legal matterstoday. We may be in the electronic era, but paper documents are often asimportant as electronically-based evidence. Every page must be right - thework is exacting, requiring attention to every detail.In order to meet the needs of our clients, we complement our e-discovery serviceswith a comprehensive list of paper discovery services. Our team is available 24hours, seven days a week including holidays, to ensure that your projects arecompleted on time and accurately.Our paper-based services include:° Imaging° Copying° Blowback Printing° Bates Labeling° Coding (Domestic, Offshore, and Autocoding)° OCR° Color Copying and Imaging° Oversize Copying and Imaging° Database and Load File Creation° Database Manipulation° Virtual Closing Binders° Nationwide Document Collection and Production
  10. 10. Global NetworkWe have a network of affiliates in more than 250 U.S. and international locationsin the fields of:° Computer forensics and data collection° E-discovery consulting, analysis and processing° Contract attorney review° Trial graphics° Scanning, copying and codingSo no matter where you are going or what you need done, we can handle yourrequirement.For each city you are traveling to, we’ll give you the contact information for thebest provider, help you set pricing and consolidate billing, and coordinate theentire project. One of our project managers, with hundreds of documentproductions and reviews under their belt, can manage the entire project frombeginning to end.Our network is especially useful for large, multi-city projects such as SecondRequests and large litigation matters. We will standardize pricing, consolidatebilling, give you contact information for every city ahead of time, schedulepickups, and manage the entire project from beginning to end. This savesyour team valuable time and cuts the cost to your client dramatically.
  11. 11. ContactTodd TomanioManaging Partner202.870.4821 cell202.587.9000
  12. 12. Capture Discovery, LLC1667 K Street, NWWashington, DC