City of ashland an analysis of mobile gis through amazon elastic cloud computing and arc gis server - matt eitrem


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City of ashland an analysis of mobile gis through amazon elastic cloud computing and arc gis server - matt eitrem

  1. 1. Matt Eitrem GIS Coordinator City of Ashland, Wisconsin
  2. 2. Matt Eitrem, GIS Coordinator since 2008 City GIS Program since 2003 Focus on Public Works and Utility Data Development Utilizing ArcGIS Server since 2010 Spring of 2012 signed a SUELA with ESRI
  3. 3. Utility crew were issued Verizon Android tablets Needed access to GIS mapping in the field ASAP Users were accustomed to rich intranet web mapping IT issues and barriers to running our own server After a phone call to the ever friendly folks at ESRI, I decided to look into hosting an Amazon cloud server for pushing our utility info out to the field crews. Within a week we had an Amazon EC2 server setup and serving map services to three Android tablets using the ArcGIS for Android app.
  4. 4. Documentation Research and Testing
  5. 5. Documentation Research and Testing
  6. 6. EC2 Pricing
  7. 7. EC2 Cost Estimating
  8. 8. EC2 Dashboard
  9. 9. Click Launch Instance Request AMI sharing from ESRI Customer Services
  10. 10. Select your region and availability zones Create and download a key pair file Configure security groups and add security rules Click Launch and wait about five minutes Verify the instance is ready and wait another five mins
  11. 11. Instance Management Generates RDP File Key Pair Validation
  12. 12. Amazon API Tools – Java command line tools Configure Local System to run API tools Set a few environment variables- %Java_Home%, %EC2_HOME%, %AWS_ACCESS_KEY%, % EC2_URL % - to Scripting Amazon EC2 Daily Startup and Shutdown Window Scheduler Run as service-no logon req. Separate account
  13. 13. Android Mobile applications
  14. 14. Authorize ArcMap and Server (Workgroup)
  15. 15. Getting data to the EC2 Instance for free Dropbox(2-5GB) MS SkyDrive(25GB) Slick User Interface Can run as service Handles Large Files >2GB Bit for Bit File Compare Great for small changes to larger files Buggy Interface File size limit of <2GB Full file copy when changed Great for large file sets like image cache’s or large numbers of ref docs
  16. 16. Weekly File Geodatabase updates workflow One-way Sync Model
  17. 17. Weekly File Geodatabase updates workflow Copy to Dropbox Model
  18. 18. Weekly File Geodatabase updates workflow EC2 StopStart Services Script
  19. 19. Weekly File Geodatabase updates workflow Set Dropbox.exe to run as a service
  20. 20. Map service publishing on EC2 is pretty much the same as it would be locally. Work within the constraints of the Instance
  21. 21. Set up Geodatabase replication to EC2 1. Extract and move data to EC2 2. Publish geodata service 3. Synchronize data changes Publish Feature Service
  22. 22. 1. Extract and move data to EC2 Extract dataset to an xml workspace document Transfer xml file to EC2 with Dropbox Create SQL GDB on EC2 Import xml workspace
  23. 23. 2. Publish a geodata service Save GDB connection *.sde file to folder with ArcSOC user permissions. From ArcCatalog publish geodata service from saved GDB connection file Enable replication on published geodata service Default Location C:Users<name>AppDataRoaming ESRIDesktop10.0ArcCatalog ArcSOC Location D:GISDataConnections
  24. 24. 3. Synchronize data changes through the service Create local GIS server connection to EC2 EC2 Server connection Create replica on source GDB using option to register existing data
  25. 25. Author and Publish Feature Services Scripting Synchronization Synchronize Changes Tool Synchronization Conflicts Export / Import Change Messages Software bugs Failed geodata service startup Host name and IP configuration
  26. 26. Authored web maps using EC2 services Used HTML map viewer Shared web maps through private groups Setup accounts for Android tablets and shared the groups.
  27. 27. Recent changes to private group sharing and Arcgis Online for Organizations
  28. 28. Missed spring hydrant flushing Tree Inventory Updates Contractor declined using Android app. Fall hydrant flushing success Instant operational awareness for FD Utility Locates Diggers Hotline requests sped up Repairs and Installs Documentation Locations recorded Recent retirees
  29. 29. Small Amazon Instances can be useful for light weight focused applications at a low cost.($45) Balancing the capabilities of the EC2 machine with appropriate services and loads. Leveraging your enterprise licensing to extend your reach. The fun of pushing technology to its limits and working through issues.