Transboundary water management workshop


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Transboundary Water Management Workshop held in Johannesburg, South Africa from April 29-30, 2014.

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Transboundary water management workshop

  1. 1. Introduction Pleasure to be in Africa – thank you all for meeting with us Who? we are a mixed group of senior Chinese water resources & energy experts from academia, government / enterprise, on academic transboundary water study visit Why? we are aware of: the many & complex transboundary waters in Africa; & China’s growing engagement with African governments in water development What? we hope to build partnership between African & Chinese water resources experts, benefiting Africa & China This workshop & study visit? take first step in building partnership by learning together…. “journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu b. 604 BC 千里之行,始於足下
  2. 2. Africa Transboundary Rivers 60+ transboundary rivers This visit: Orange, 4 countries Zambezi, 8 countries Nile, 11 countries
  3. 3. Expected Outcomes of Workshop Identify areas of interest for collaborative interventions in research and development planning between African and Chinese academic and research institutions Develop a joint agenda based on increased understanding on commonly agreed, prioritized challenges in the basins and in the sub-region Exchange knowledge and experiences for mutual benefit within South-South cooperation Build network of resource persons and experts in key subjects
  4. 4. Outputs at end of Workshops Actionable plans to take forward in the African sub- region and in China Identified experts and potential partner institutions to further develop research and development plans into specific actions Teams for joint publications Increased understanding of transboundary context both biophysical and institutional
  5. 5. Three Parallel Group Discussions on the subjects listed below Focus: key challenges/topics for future research experiences/lessons current research and development priorities contributors for joint paper partner institutions for future collaborations Group Discussion: Institutional issues, cooperation, shared benefit for transboundary waters Water supply, food and energy, and funding infrastructure Conservation and ecosystem services
  6. 6. Knowledge Exchanges on International Rivers (KEIW) Funded by DFID-China Jointly carried out: THU and YU Period: 2012-2014
  7. 7. General introduction to KEIW This project focuses on international cooperation of transboundary waters Component 1: China: national capacity & international partnership development Component 2: China – Asia: learning together from experience in other regions Component 3: China – Africa: south-south partnership & capacity building
  8. 8. Beijing Training Course
  9. 9. Training at Kunming (Sep 29th – Sep 30th) Prof. Patricia Wouters from Dundee University How international water law works? Prof. Ziqiang Xia from Hohai University Transboundary water usage and management in central Asia Kunming training course & US study trip
  10. 10. Colorado River field trip (Oct 1st – Oct 10th) Prof. Damian Shea from NCSU Kunming training course & US study trip
  11. 11. Africa Study Trip China-Africa Transboundary Waters Study Tour 16 participants from China 20 invited participants from the region
  12. 12. Workshop at Johannesburg Field Visits the Vaal Dam for water supply of Johannesburg Africa Study Trip
  13. 13. From Johannesburg to Livingstone Hydrology and morphology of the Zambezi River Basin Kafue Flats Itezhi Tezhi Dam /index.php Africa Study Trip
  14. 14. From Lusaka to Entebbe Nile Basin Initiative Field visits Owen Falls Dam Bujagali Dam Africa Study Trip
  15. 15. Jul, 2012 Jan, 2015 Mar-Apr, 2013 Conference announcement Oct, 2013 Tour to America (China-Asia) Apr-May, 2014 Tour to Africa (China-Africa) Dec, 2014: International KEIW conference 1. Identify partners 2. Select partners 2.1 Invitation 2.2 Proposals 2.3 Selection May, 2013 The general training on international law and negotiation skills (general) Sep, 2013 The detailed training on management of Colorado River and Columbia River Apr, 2014 The detailed training on international waters in Africa Contact trainers The trainings and the tours contribute to the conference 3-day training 3-day meeting 3-day tour Timeline (2014) Contact trainers
  16. 16. Post KEIW Conference • Exploring design of & funding for next stage of sustaining Asia and Africa engagement • This study visit will help frame future • Hope to take next steps on long journey with African experts!