LIFESTYLE                      hether we realize it or not, we’re all multilingual. We can      Stand out instead of blend...
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How to speak the language of influence affluent magazine


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How to speak the language of influence affluent magazine

  1. 1. LIFESTYLE hether we realize it or not, we’re all multilingual. We can Stand out instead of blending in. Have you ever questioned W choose to speak the language of “Me” by focusing on our qualifications, company history and partner backgrounds. We can choose to speak the language of information by focusing on technical details, feature sets and options. Or we can choose a policy or procedure only to be told, “Everybody does it that way”? Rather than an explanation, such a phrase usually only reinforces the inflexibility of the system. If everybody does it that way because it’s an industry standard, explain the benefits of the standard. If everybody does it that to speak the language of influence by focusing on the needs of the way simply because they can get away with it, find a new product to sell. prospect. At initial meetings, prospects will only have a few moments to size you up. After looking at the way you’re dressed, the next thing they’ll Recognize the difference between what you say and judge you by is what you say. Prospects will use your interactions as a what people hear. There’s often a tremendous disconnect between barometer of what they can expect from you. Consequently, your language what you say and what people hear. This is a direct result of being choices take on a significance that transcends the moment. Even message-centered instead of prospect centered. Here are some examples. interactions that occur much later will be filtered through that initial Said: Someone in our office should have informed you about that. Heard: perception. The best way to ensure your interactions are positive is to Someone in our office isn’t doing his job. Said: I hoped to have speak the language of influence. Here are five ways to help you begin. more brochures for our meeting, but Don’t let educating get confused with patronizing. didn’t have time When you need to correct a misperception or misinformation, avoid using to collect them. phrases such as “what you don’t know is,” or “you don’t understand.” It’s Heard: I’m not the same as saying “I’m smarter than you.” Show some humility when you prepared. Said: I need to educate prospects. Give them the benefit of the doubt by using had a difficult phrases such as “We’ve found that people usually ask about this aspect of time finding your the policy, but please stop me if you’re already learned about it.” Remember house. Heard: too, you can explain a complex process or idea in different ways. You You gave very HOW TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF INFLUENCE By Joseph Sommerville, Ph.D. could explain it by defining it, showing how it functions, what causes it poor directions. Said: I couldn’t return your call right away because I’ve or some combination. Solicit feedback to see if your prospect expresses a been so busy. Heard: You’re not important to me. preference for one method or another. The key to speaking the language of influence is to shift your orientation Focus on what you achieve rather than what you do. towards your prospect. Think about their needs, their level of familiarity Instead of describing the activity you’re engaged in, describe the results with your product, their financial literacy and their unique situation. A you get for clients. People care very little about what you do, but they care willingness to put yourself in their shoes will often put their account in passionately what you can do for them. Which of these two statements your book of business. would appeal more to you? “I sell health insurance.” “I show small business owners how to maximize the return on their healthcare dollars.” You should be able to describe in a single sentence, the results you get for your target market. ©2010 Peak Communication Performance. Excerpted from Rainmaking Presentations: How To Grow Your Business by Leveraging Your Expertise, Keep jargon to a minimum. Jargon can serve as an economical available at Barnes & Noble and Download the first chapter way of communicating when speaking to those inside your profession. It’s at Affluent’s Presentation Expert, often your default language for describing your products and services. Joseph Sommerville, Ph.D., shows professionals how to design, develop Remember that your prospect is likely to be from outside your own and deliver effective presentations. When you book him to show your profession and thus unfamiliar with terms you use on a daily basis. Keep organization how to create more persuasive presentations, you’ll discover explanations simple and make certain prospects understand any industry why better communication means more business. Please contact him at standard acronyms or abbreviations. AFFLUENT MAGAZINE