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Explains to Business Owners the Power and capability of

Explains to Business Owners the Power and capability of

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  • 1. Welcome To
    Where Interactive Marketing Meets Social Media
  • 2. The Challenge
    &The Change
  • 3. “Newspapers Grow Web Traffic, Still Going Bankrupt”
    Nielsen reports that newspaper web traffic grew by 16% in December. Great news, but it doesn’t matter what their traffic is, the underlying advertising model is broken and it won’t heal itself.
    - Venture Chronicles – January 2009
    Reaching and communicating with customers today is difficult
    Conventional advertising is losing out to the convenience and capability of the Internet
    Radio is becoming less effective with the presence of satellite
    Television is becoming less effective with the use of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and TiVo
  • 4. Past, Present, Future
    In the past businesses could findconsumers through traditional marketing such as TV, Radio and Print Ad’s.
    Today, with 65% of consumers going online before making a buying decision, it is more important to be found by consumers than to find them.
    The number of smart phone’s will doubleover the next 12 months. There is a revolution taking place involving the way that people findandaccessinformation. will position your business ahead of the curve to take advantage of this growing trend.
  • 5. The Marketing Revolution
    "Revenues from social networking, dating and personal content delivery services will increase from $572M in 2007 to more than $5.7BN in 2012, with social networking accounting for 50% of the total by the end of the forecast period.“
    Juniper Research
    According to a March, 2009 report from Nielsen Online, social networks and blogs are currently the fourth most popular form of online communication. In fact, social media participation is actually three percent more popular than personal email.
    "Over 800 million people worldwide will be participating in a social network via their mobile phonesby 2012, up from 82 million in 2007.“ eMarketer has created a social media platform that allows businesses to take advantage of the most significant marketing revolution since the advent of television commercials
  • 6. The Problem
    &The Solution
  • 7. 5 Issues With Most Marketing
    The results of most advertising are difficult to measure. How do you know that someone at your business found you from your advertising?
    Coupons are for one time use. How does this build customer loyalty or provide an incentive to return to your business?
    Customers have to FIND you. Why should they have to search for you – wouldn’t it be better if you were connected to your customers?
    Print ad’s and online banners are not easily changed. What if you had complete control of your marketing?
    Coupons are used the same as cash. They provide no feedback from your customers. Wouldn’t it be better if your marketing provided you with this valuable information? provides businesses with an efficient solution to these marketing issues
  • 8. The Solution:
    Our Membership Program Provides Flexibility and Convenience For Consumers and Businesses
  • 9. Navigating the internet can take time. Search engines bring up 1000’s of results - and you still need to navigate a business’ website to find what you really want. gives you the information you need – where can I go and what is there for me when I get there. Many of our businesses offer special savings opportunities exclusively for our members!
    Save Time
    Select businesses you wish to stay connected with on our network. Each time they update their offer, you can choose to receive it by text message, e-mail, or online at our website. Find out about new food and drink specials, entertainment, and upcoming events. Learn about sales on products or services at your favorite business!
    Access our site and search for offers using your mobile phone with Click Check Mobile. Find businesses in your area and what they are offering without navigating web pages. Search for what you want , when you want it. The best part – our businesses accept their information on your phone as your membership card too!
    Our “My Community” feature allows for you to comment to business owners and managers about the experience that you’ve had at their venue. Tell local businesses what you think about their service or product and have an opportunity to communicate with them in an interactive way. Manage each experience you have with local businesses.
    Your membership card is good for 365 days. You can use it at any of our participating businesses every single day. No more waiting for offers and information – find business when you want to, and go there time and time again to receive your benefits. New businesses are added each day. has created a network of business owners that are interested in earning and retaining your business. Never before have offers from so many of your favorite places come together in one opportunity. The best part is, you receive new offers and opportunities every single day.
  • 10. ``
  • 11. Card Distribution
    How Do People Get A Member Card?
    Online: Through accessing our site, consumers can order our card online
    Kiosks: Cards are sold at high volume retail centers
    Client Databases: We mass e-mail databases of customers that business owners have collected, connecting you to a large network of local consumers
    Employee Benefit Program: The largest area employers offer our card as a benefit to employees
    Fundraisers: School systems and churches distribute our card through fundraising opportunities
    Each card is $20, is annual renewable and is
    good in any city that ClickCheckSave is accepted.
  • 12. A Complete Marketing Solution
    Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Members are easily identified when they spend at your business – showing either their card or their Click Check Mobile application.
    • 13. Our fixed cost makes it easy to calculate the return on your investment
    We Build Relationships, Value and Your Business
    • Membership programs encourage customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals. When people get a great deal they tell other people.
    Infinite Flexibility
    • Access your interactive business profile to update news, photos, video and your offer to our members every single day. Your in complete control.
    • 14. Promotions, events and offers are limited only by your creativity.
    My Community
    • When members “Follow” you in the community, when you update your profile and specials, they are automatically notified by text, e-mail or online.
    • 15. Customers can communicate with you online or via text. You can post their thoughts as testimonials or respond to constructive comments.
    Click Check Mobile
    • Consumers access your information from their mobile device. They can find offers, communicating with you, call or get directions all while on the go.
  • The Business Profile
    Your Profile Features:
    A link to your own website
    Photos of your business
    The ability to upload video of you or your business
    A calendar for you to schedule future offers or events
    Automatic notification to members that “Follow” your business when you update you profile or offers
    A Google map link for directions to your business
    “My Community” allows you to receive comments from customers, and the option to reply to them or post the comments as testimonials
    Your business profile is how you connect to our community of members. You receive a login that allows you to easily update your profiles information, even from your mobile device.
    When consumers select to “Follow” your business profile, each time that you update your profile, those consumers will receive an e-mail, text message or online notification informing them of your updated information.
    The following slide is an example of a business
    profile created for
  • 16. Your logo and information about you to help brand your business
    Photos of your business,
    location, staff or products
    Your information and a Google map link to help people find and contact you
    Customers comment on experiences at your business. You choose to post them to your profile, respond or both.
    Video or commercial
    about your business
    A calendar to schedule future offers and events
  • 17. Stay connected - to your current customers with our interactive communication
    Enhance your exposure – allow consumers to easily find, access and receive your information
    Mobile communication - using the fastest growing ad medium to reach new and existing customers, and receive valuable feedback from them
    Increase your revenue - by connecting with consumers in a multi-city network
    We offer a fixed cost solution to maintain, protect and grow the value of your business