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Sample Purchasing metrics format with benchmark data. For 2013 planning as well as regular reporting. Includes general reporting for key supplier performance. Includes general reporting for key supplier performance and comments about CSR reporting for supply chain. Finally sample CPO level 3 year strategic plan for people, technology and globalization.

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Purchasing Metrics Dashboard - Bill Kohnen

  1. 1. Purchasing Metrics Dashboard Prepared Formats for 2013 Planning and Quarterly Updates Bill Kohnen
  2. 2. Introduction• Sample Purchasing metrics format with benchmark data. For 2013 planning as well as regular reporting. Presentation is not locked so can modify for your organizations reporting needs.• Includes general reporting for key supplier performance. These metrics probably most effective at Divisional level or organization up to 5 Billion in Revenue• Reference to types of Supply Chain Corporate Social Responsibility Metrics being used. For more detailed example refer to multinational corporations such as Apple, Chevron etc. which report this publically in a separate annual report type format.• Chief Purchasing Officer or VP Purchasing 3 year Strategic Road Map Example
  3. 3. Purchasing Metric Dashboard 2013 Operational Benchmarks Financial Benchmarks8 2.50%6 2.00% 1.50%4 Your Organization Standard All Industries 1.00% Your Orgainization2 0.50% Benchmark0 0.00% Cost Savings (%)Purchasing Cycle Time (Days) Purchasing Employees as Purchasing Expense as a % of Spend a % of Company Employees Annual Training Expense per Purchasing Employee Overall Look at spend $1,200 50% 45% $1,000 40% 35% $800 30% Your Organiztion 25% $600 Your Organization 20% Benchmark Benchmark 15% $400 10% 5% $200 0% Purchasing Spend as a % % Of Suppliers $0 of Sales accounting for 80% of 2012 2013 (Projected) SpendBenchmark data from Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies published data July 2012
  4. 4. Sample Supplier Performance Metrics Overall Supplier Supplier Issues Performance100 Delivery Quality50 Cost Support 0 2011 2012 2013 Major Issues Key Supplier Audits Scheduled and Completed 30 Supplier Item Issue Action 20 Audits Scheduled Alpha Contract Production Delivery because capacity Qualify second site constraint 10 Audits Completed Bravo Production Process control Joint 0 Material for UCL Engineering 2011 2012 2013 Planned Review Charlie Packaging Cost Increase New Source David Equipment Service Hire our own Reponse time technicians
  5. 5. Most Organizations are also reporting Corporate Social responsibility Metrics• % of Total spend with small and disadvangted business (US)• Breakout of spending by location• Breakout of Spending with Large and Small business• Supplier audits planned and completed – Breakout of Labor, Environmental and other CSR compliance related level of compliance and findings
  6. 6. CPO Level 3 Year Roadmap People Technology and Metrics Global2013 High level training and Evaluate and Select Big Data Tools recruiting program Syndicated Commerce Further Globalization evaluated and developed and in Tool for Indirect Efforts developed place Spend2014 Training impact seen Syndicated Commerce Internal capability to Global teams on performance tools driving savings develop, review and operational and metrics, retention and and efficiency act on data execution is seamless recruitment Sun Never Sets for2015 Common training Syndicated Commerce Data review alone Strategic and experience fully tools generating contributes to a 25% Operational realized and refresh revenue in addition to improvement in major Capabilities. Skills needs savings metrics parity between sites.