Into the future; Thoughts on where we are headed and the opportunities that will arise

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Discussion for Outlook and Opportunity in the Future: Production,Health, …

Discussion for Outlook and Opportunity in the Future: Production,Health,
Social Structure,Education,Travel,Energy,Government,and Commerce.

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  • 1. Into The Future Thoughts on where we are headed and the opportunities that will arise Bill Kohnen Discussion @ Conference for Outlook and Opportunity in the Future
  • 2. Production Health Social Structure Education Travel Energy Government Commerce Areas to Consider
  • 3. Smart Paper – Print direct to paper 3D Printing Direct production from computing Auto assembly Standard products “zero” lead time will electronic delivery Food production optimized and sustainable to support worldwide popultion Production Change on the Order of Gutenberg Press
  • 4. Almost daily automatic free health scans with immediate diagnosis and prescription for treatment Standard treatment done robotically Constant preventative care reduces higher cost acute care Health Almost zero individual cost health care Only half of todays government actual spend on health care covers everyone worldwide
  • 5. Primary Social Structure becomes “Latin based Culture” Extended family With Networks to other families This will encompass Education Basic law and order concerns Productivity and business Primary commerce unit Local politics Social Structure
  • 6. Facts, and “how to process” become down load thereby condensing first 10 years of current Education Socialization and Emotional education via alternate means Equivalent of college at much earlier age Optional technology and science corps with for further advancement based on merit Education Arguably the process of education has not changed much in 1000 years
  • 7. Fast and safe travel based still on mechanical means makes travel times of 2 hours or less to any point possible for people and goods. Travel
  • 8. Virtually no cost sustainable energy Ability to transfer power much more efficiently Localized wireless charging Energy
  • 9. Government worldwide will be much smaller Leadership positions more transient and ability based Virtually no taxation as revenue comes from few state run industries which are revenue generating Relative power of countries more based on merit, skills, and productivity (think of Singapore as a superpower) Government
  • 10. Commerce is interconnected and transactions primarily take place between extended family networks Commerce is “smart” and predictive of peoples needs Commerce
  • 11. Not utopia There is still potential drain on society from people or regions that do not want to or can not be productive however costs to support will be very low Elimination of need for mechanical things and analog interfaces End to religion or spirituality – in fact this will have an opportunity to grow A guarantee that things will always be free from the threat of tyranny, despotism and new problems What the future is not
  • 12. Amazing opportunities in the near term for people and companies that are at the forefront of developments The potential for future generations across the globe of a brighter future Whole scale remedies for what are today perceived as endemic and unsolvable issues Fulfillment of universal human goals captured in the US Declaration of Independence and elsewhere … all men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What the Future holds