Corporate Travel Strategies For Purchasing


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Introduction to Strategies for improving and or putting in place a Corporate travel Program. Travel is a major spend item for most large organization and improvements in cost and service can be made.

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Corporate Travel Strategies For Purchasing

  1. 1. Customer Satisfaction is key for savings Bill Kohnen
  2. 2. What you can do Reduce overall spend for same level of service by 10% or more Improve level of service for the traveler Reduce Administrative burden Improve level of safety for travelers
  3. 3. Simply Put this is how… Consolidation of Spending Creating arrangements with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies that work for the travelers Creating simple booking tools Continual review of spend and metrics Team to review policy and practice Include Security Put the traveler first
  4. 4. Setting up program There is no global solution Establish high level global goals and apply regionally  North America  Europe  ASEAN  China  Japan  Korea
  5. 5. What NOT to Do? Assign someone to be in charge that is not an experienced traveler Assign Finance the primary responsibility Maximize savings at inconvenience of traveler Sacrifice safety for savings Create multi-levels of policies Make changes in policy based on business conditions Create over complex approval process Pick a “Global Provider” that does not have direct offices in all areas that are major operating sites Rely too much on technology and self service Try to apply a single solution to all sites
  6. 6. What to do Set up advisory group of experience travelers Audit and maintain relationships with key providers as you would any key supplier Establish clear metrics with travel agency and reporting schedules For major sites an onsite person still is important for an optimum program
  7. 7. What to do Treat the selection and review of travel providers as any other key Purchase  Have appropriate level Purchasing person lead that portion  Be formal and rigorous in the process  Set clear metrics and report regularily
  8. 8. Details Set up direct lines with key providers for immediate problem resolution putting the traveler first Get the travel agency to consolidate the billing with as many of the providers as possible. Take as much of the billing admin out of the hands of the traveler Flexibility is a key to sustaining program
  9. 9. Final Notes Common practices in travel sometimes different that in other corporate Purchasing  Free trips  Visits to potential sites  Seminars in headquarters city of airlines Use judgment and always get opinion of another person and document what is being done