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  • JasonWelcomeLooking forward toJust got back from checking out the trip
  • JasonThis is where we are going
  • JasonThis is the big picture planStarting and ending with an overnight train tripExplain activities
  • JasonGet the kids into why we are going
  • WillRun through the sample dayHighlight this is just a sample for rock climbing
  • WillActivities are spread around Chiang MaiTransport is made via SongtaewsMost journeys are around an hour
  • JasonNot much to say here
  • WillOverview of how the trek will goPacking backpackWeightFoodCookingSleeping
  • JasonJUMP trainingBased on outdoor activities
  • WillCrazy HorseAmazing climbing programWe saw it and are excited about it
  • WillMore detailed list will be part of the student handbookPack lightGraham will show what he has packed
  • JasonGo through the rules
  • JasonTalk about how the food will work on the trainNo snacks need (or should be taken) for the trip (other than the train)Trek eating/cookingProvided food
  • WillSafetyWhile we are on the Wild Side we have considered a range of possibilities and are as prepared as we can be for any potential issues that may arise


  • 1. Yr10
    Week on the “Wild Side”
    Chiang Mai
    December 10-15
  • 2. Bangkok to/from Chiang Mai
    Overnight Train
  • 3. The Plan
    Start: Leave from NIST Saturday 4PM Overnight Train
    Day 1-4:
    • 2 Day Trek
    • 4. Leadership
    • 5. Rock Climbing
    Camp Out
    End: Overnight Train. Arrive at NIST Thursday AM
  • 6. Socialize in a new context
    Develop “leadership” skills
    The Goals
    Challenge by Choice
    Have a great time
  • 7. Sample Day
    6.30-8.00 Wake Up & Breakfast
    8.00-9.00 Travel to Rock Climbing
    9.00-11.40 Rock Climbing
    11.40-12.10 Lunch
    12.10-14.15 Rappel & Caving
    14.15-15.45 Tyrolean Traverse
    15.45-17.30 Wrap up & Return
    18.30-19.30 Dinner
    19.30-21.00 Campfire
    21.30 “Lights Out”
  • 8. Trek Start
    Base Camp
    Train Station
    Rock Climbing
    Transfers - Songtaews
    Approx. 1hr Trips
  • 9. Who is coming?
    Mr. Jason
    Mr. Philip
    Mr. Bruce
    Mr. Graham
    Mr. Andy
    Mr. Will C
    Mr. Ian B
    Mr. Will K
    Mr. Alan
    Ms. Ann C
    Ms. Allison
    Ms. Val
    Ms. Zoe
    Ms. Leah
    Ms. Tiffany
  • 10. Trek
    Split into groups
    2 Day & 1 Night
    IYA Bronze Prep
  • 11. Lead on the Wild Side
    Successful Leadership
    Personal Leadership Challenge
    Group Challenges
  • 12. Climbing
    Split into 3 groups
    Tyrolean Traverse
    & Rappel
  • 13. Equipment
    Sleeping Bag
    40-50 Litre Backpack
    Cooking Equipment
    Outdoor Clothing
    Warm Clothes
    Hiking Shoes
    Camping Bowl
    Water Bottle
  • 14. Electronics
    iPods are allowed for train trips only
    Mobile phones are not required
    Someone loses a valuable item every year
  • 15. Cooking
    Train Up – Packed by student
    2 Day Trek
    • Lunch on both days provided
    • 16. Dinner and Breakfast cooked by students
    Train Back – Purchased by student
    Rock Climbing & Leadership
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided
  • 17. NIST Staff with each group
    Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Staff (CMRCA) with each group
    Support vehicle
    Satellite phones
  • 18. Training Day
    Equipment Sale
    2 Groups
    Nov 8th
    1 per day
    Nov 28th & 29th
    Khao Mai Kaeo
  • 19. http://www.flickr.com/photos/max78/2208034262