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Published in Education , Technology , Art & Photos
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  • 1. Intermediate SMART Board Tutorial Smart Presentation
  • 2. Objectives: · Introduce advanced tools ·Model effective lesson creation strategies ·Encourage the sharing of best practices Smart Presentation
  • 3. Transforming Education Smart Presentation Notebook Tutorial
  • 4. Engage, not Entertain Engage, Encourage, Involve, Empower. The Technology Trap
  • 5. Guesses At The Zoo O ur class went to the zoo. Some of our parents went with us. The spotted snake scared some of us. The monkeys were swinging in the trees. Many pretty birds were in a big cage. We saw many large animals like elephants and giraffes. We loved our trip to the zoo. The Magic Eraser Guesses
  • 6. Using Object Animation Select the properties tab and select object animation. Select the type of animation for that object.
  • 7. Linking to the Internet Click on the image above to bring up the drop down menu . From the menu, select 'link' and then type in the internet address that you wish to link to. Don't forget to choose 'object' or 'corner icon' . Click 'ok' to complete the link.
  • 8. Linking to a Page Click on the image above to bring up the drop down menu . From the menu, select 'link' and then select the 'page in this file' option . Select the page that you wish to link to.
  • 9. Control your Grouping W hen writing on the SMART Board, Notebook will automatically group objects that are placed within a certain distance of each other. Try it. Write the first 5 letters of the alphabet and then try to move them around. Can you think of a way to stop this from happening? Scroll to the next page for the answer.
  • 10. Control your Grouping There are a number of ways to keep Notebook from creating unwanted groupings, touch the inkpot after you write each letter . Why do you think this keeps the objects from being grouped together? Can you think of another way? Scroll to the next page for another idea.
  • 11. Control your Grouping If you put the pen back into pen tray after each letter that you write, Notebook will keep the letters separate. This is very tedious. So, to trick Notebook into thinking that you've put the pen down, just cover up the optical sensor at the bottom of the pen tray. Controlling the grouping of objects is particularly useful when you are working with mathematical terms that you wish to minipulate separately.
  • 12. Lesson Activity Toolkit Smart Presentation
  • 13. The Lesson Activity Toolkit In the Gallery Tab, click on the lesson activity toolkit 1.0 . You have access to over 550 pictures, interactive flash files and pages to make lesson creation easier.
  • 14. Pull Tabs Fossil fuels are fuels that originated from decaying plants and animals such as oil, coal and natural gas. Pull tabs can be found in the gallery . Practice grouping the rectangle, the words and the tab together to make a pull tab. Move the pull tab to the edge of the page to hide the information. Pull Pull
  • 15. Pull Tabs When fossil fuels are burned, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides are released. When these gases react with water, they produce sulfuric and nitric acids, respectively. H O O H O O + sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides + sulfuric acid nitric acid acid rain sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides Fossil fuels are fuels that originated from decaying plants and animals such as oil, coal and natural gas. Fossil fuels are fuels that originated from decaying plants and animals such as oil, coal and natural gas. Pull Pull
  • 16. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase The Lesson Activity Tooolkit
  • 17. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet ? Wordsworth Tolkien Shakespeare The Lesson Activity Tooolkit
  • 18. cochlea ear drum ear canal The Lesson Activity Tooolkit
  • 19. Click the dice and describe what emotion is shown. The Lesson Activity Tooolkit
  • 20. Paris Washington DC London Berlin Wellington Ottawa Brazilia Santiago Rome Madrid Lisbon Athens Amsterdam Rekjavik Canberra What are the capital cities of these countries? Click on each tile to reveal the capital city The Lesson Activity Tooolkit
  • 21. The Lesson Activity Tooolkit
  • 22. Saving Pages in My Content In the Gallery Tab, click on the little yellow wrench in the upper right hand corner of the window. From the drop down menu, select 'add current page to my content' . This will add the current page to whatever content folder is highlighted. Create your own page or practice saving the following pages in the My content area.
  • 23. Transition Pages 1. Get out your homework 2. Colored pencil for grading 3. Math Journal - pg ____ 4. Pencil
  • 24. Absent Jasmine Matt Class: Algebra 1 Date: Ashley Susan Kimberly Amanda Travis Juan Eric Brittany Lauren Alexandre Miriame Richard Sara Christophe Naperville Central HS Present Daily Attendance
  • 25. Silent Reading Saving Pages in the Gallery
  • 26. My Math & Science Resources NLVM BGFL Grid Pic DigitiseImage MVT PhET Shodor CTK My Math Toolkit
  • 27. Exporting and Sharing My Content In the Gallery Tab, click on the grey dropdown arrow beside the folder containing the content that you want to export. From the drop down menu, select 'Export as collection file' . Specifly the name/location and then click save. Notebook will create a file that looks like this: that contains all your saved gallery content. If you double clicke on this: folder, the contents will automatically be extracted and placed into the my content area of the host computer.
  • 28. Capture Toolbar Area capture : press on the screen and, using constant pressure , drag a square around the object or area that you want to capture. When you release the pressure on the SMART Board , Notebook will take a picture and insert it into your file. Try capturing a portion of your desktop or a portion of an internet window. Click on the camera icon to bring up the screen capture toolbar T his toolbar will float over top of ALL windows so that you can access the screen capture feature while working in ANY application. Window capture : press inside the window you want to capture. Release the pressure once the desired window appears as a hatched area. Notebook will capture the hatched area. Note that checking the 'capture to new page' box allows you to control where the captured image is displayed. Screen capture : navigate to the screen that you want to capture. A single press will capture the entire screen. Freehand Caputre : Press and drag to create a freehand shape around the area that you want to capture. Release pressure once the desired area is selected.