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Jakarta road blocks-challenges
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Jakarta road blocks-challenges


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Roadblock number 1
    Maps are a great way to explore the world and find out relevant information. Google has a range of tools to make this process simple and powerful.
    The “roadblock”
    • You will need to navigate and analyze information from a map
    • 2. Go to
    • 3. Find out how to bring up the information about the “flu” in Japan
    • 4. What months is the “flu” most widely spread? Write down your answer.
  • Roadblock number 2
    Photopeach is a great tool to share pictures online. It is easy to use and fast. At this “roadblock” you will be finding out how to use it.
    The “roadblock”
    • Use the camera to make a series of pictures from 5 different plants or trees
    • 5. Use the pictures that you have taken to create a “PhotoPeach”
    • 6. Website:
    • 7. The account that you can use is as follows
    Username = nistaa
    Password = qwerty
  • 8. Roadblock number 3
    Presentations are something we all do. But often our presentations don’t make the impact they could. Adding a powerful picture can replace much of your text.
    The “roadblock”
    • Go to
    • 9. Find three interesting pictures: one of a bird, one of a face with a smile on it & one of a shoe.
    • 10. Copy it (hint to do this you will need to click on “actions” and then “view all sizes”).
    • 11. Paste your photos into a PowerPoint presentation.
    • 12. Save your presentation.
  • Roadblock number 4
    Collaborative writing is a great way to allow a number of students to express their ideas in a story. Titanpad is the tool that we will use for this roadblock.
    The “roadblock”
    • Go to this website - (be careful with the address).
    • 13. Add your group name to the Titanpad.
    • 14. Write the next sentence of the story.
    • 15. Note: the story doesn’t need to make sense.
  • Roadblock number 5
    Cococabana Public School is another website with a huge collection of useful resources. They are organised by school level and subject.
    The “roadblock”
    • You will need to navigate around the site and find some specific activities
    • 16. Go to
    • 17. Find the following activities and note down what you find
    • 18. Spin and Spell (Stage 2 English) – what do you have do in this game?
    • 19. Number Pyramid – Addition & Subtraction (Number Stage 1) – what is the name of the character?
    • 20. Put Annie Together (Stage 3 Science) – what do you have to do in this game?
    • 21. When you have completed each activity email you answers to me (
  • Roadblock number 6
    Google Maps is a powerful tool which allows your to explore the world. It is as if all the maps in the world have been combined into this tool.
    The “roadblock”
    • Your task is to create your own online map
    • 22. Go to and sign in with this account
    Username =
    Password = 1234abcd1234
    • Go to “My Maps” and then “create new map”
    • 23. Find the 3 places and add a “place mark” (blue pin). Give each place mark a name
    The school
    The Phillipines
  • 24. Roadblock number 7
    Skype can get students in touch with other students from anyplace around the world and help them collaborate and make global connections.
    The “roadblock”
    • Figure out how to get a Skype account and check in with “willkirkwood”
    • 25. Send a message or call to willkirkwood and you will get your next task
    • 26. Note (if you do not get a reply in two minutes it means I am helping out somewhere else – so please move on to the next station)
    You need to create an account at
    Make sure you choose a strong password
    For example: s4w4tdii (rather than sawatdii)
    Think about: numbers, letters and characters
  • 27. Roadblock number 8
    Everyone knows about Google, but not many of us use it to its full potential. Google has a massive collection of videos. While not all of them are great there is some really useful stuff out there.
    The “roadblock”
    • You will learn a number of search tips for Google and find specific information
    • 28. Go to and at the same time also open up
    • 29. Read through the first page and think about the things you could use this for
    • 30. Using the tips you have just read, go to and find the following:
    • 31. The population of Indonesia and China
    • 32. The weather in Jakarta and Stockholm
    • 33. How much is 50,000 Indonesian rupiahs in Thai Baht (THB)
    • 34. Write your answers down.
    • 35. Extra Challenge – try this game (it is quite hard but give it a go if you have time.
  • Roadblock number 9
    Voicethreadis a great way to allow people to express their ideas and views.
    The “roadblock”
    • What can you see in these optical illusions?
    • 36. Go to and sign in using these details
    Password: student
    • Go to “Browse” and search for “Jakarta – What do you see?”
    • 37. Take a look at the pictures, choose 2 and leave a comment about what you see
  • Roadblock number 10
    Woodlands Junior School has an amazing collection of interactive websites for teachers and students to use.
    The “roadblock”
    • You will need to navigate around the site and find some specific activities
    • 38. Go to
    • 39. Find the following activities and have a play around
    • 40. Addition to 10
    • 41. Drag and Spell
    • 42. The Water Cycle
    • 43. When you have found each activity send me the web address in an email (
  • Roadblock number 11
    Wordleis a fantastic tool which can help identify the main points from pieces of text.
    The “roadblock”
    • Open
    • 44. Insert the thumb drive into your computer and open the word document “Martin Luther King Speech”
    • 45. Copy and paste the text of the speech into Wordle and create a “Wordle”
    • 46. Go to the blog and leave a comment on the “Wordle Post” detailing the 5 biggest words
  • Roadblock number 12
    Befuddlris a great way to make puzzles from high quality images.
    The “roadblock”
    • You are going to have to complete a puzzle and see how quickly you can do it
    • 47. Go to
    • 48. Choose any of the pictures on that page
    • 49. Once the picture opens click on “befuddle it” and see how quickly you can put it back together
    • 50. Write down your time
  • Roadblock number 13
    ZimmerTwinsis a fantastic online tool which allows you to create and tell your own animated stories.
    The “roadblock”
    • You are going to create your own movie
    • 51. Go to Log in on the left side using these details:
    Username/Nickname: eleict
    Password: 4194
    • Click on “Make a Movie” work out how to make a movie
    • 52. Make sure you save it when you are complete
  • Roadblocknumber 14
    You Tube has a massive collection of videos. While not all of them are great there is some really useful stuff out there.
    The “roadblock”
    • You will need find a series of useful videos about how to solve maths problems
    • 53. Go to
    • 54. You are going to need to use the search feature – this works by entering keywords.
    • 55. Find videos which help explain the following:
    • 56. How to do long division (author: patrickJMT)
    • 57. How to add fractions (author: yourteachermathhelp)
    • 58. What are the answers to the problems in each of these videos? Write them down.