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Wilson James Aviation & Logistics Brochure

  1. 1. aviation divisi o naviations ecurityl ogistics
  2. 2. Securing the health and future of Britain’s airpor tsWilson James Aviation is a key player in theaviation sector. As a supplier to a number of airportoperators including BAA, Wilson James is taskedwith delivering integrated Logistics, Securityand Specialist Services to both airside andlandside sites.Supporting the safe, efficient and responsibleoperation and development of the UnitedKingdom’s airports requires specialist knowledgeof their dynamics, infrastructure and constraints.Wilson James has worked in this environmentfor over 10 years, at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted,Norwich and Edinburgh, earning a reputation foroutstanding team-working, and innovation basedon knowledge.Comprising a world class team of logistics andsecurity specialists, Wilson James leads the marketin integrated, bespoke solutions that deliver addedvalue and sustainable benefits at every step of thesupply chain.ConsultancyProjects within the aviation environment are characterised by complexity, particularlyregarding space and access. Logistically, they are significantly more challenging than manyother projects. Wilson James provides consultants at the design stage of projects to ensureall logistic requirements are included in your plan.IntegrationAirports lend themselves to integrated logistic solutions. Operational efficienciesand economies of scale can be gained in supporting a wide range of construction andmaintenance activities using a single organisation that fully understands the requiredsecurity protocols and procedures. Wilson James develops integrated solutions forairport operators and constructors that smooth the “bumpy road” that typifies somuch airport construction. B e t t e r, f a s t e r, f i t t e r.
  3. 3. LogisticsConstruction Site LogisticsThe specific demands of the aviation environment aretesting for even the most experienced constructors.Whether Airside or Landside, Wilson James is able toprovide the full range of site logistic services: siteplanning, materials and waste movement, deliverycoordination, fire marshals, first aiders, plant, craneand hoist provision and operation traffic management.Consolidation CentresWilson James introduced the consolidation conceptto the construction industry some 10 years ago.Using consolidation will reduce your site spacerequirements and enable better control of materialswhilst reducing the carbon footprint of yoursupply chain. We have several centres supportingconstruction activities at major airports.Temporary WorksShort term temporary works fitted around the airportoperation are a key element of airport constructionand maintenance. From road closures to minorconstruction activities, Wilson James will ensure yourtime on task is maximised.Fit OutFitting out retail units and passenger areas in liveterminal areas is a complex and potentially dangerousbusiness. Wilson James has significant experience ofsupporting fit out projects ranging from single retailunits to entire terminal buildings. “ ” 1840 tunnel ringsets each weighing over 11 tons were unloaded, stored, reloaded, moved airside and positioned at the tunnel site ... Not one was broken” Ferrovial Agromán driving industry innovation
  4. 4. S e c u ri t y a n d S c re e n i n gSecurity OfficersWilson James provides aviation security solutionsthat range from specific individual posts to wholeairport services incorporating PRM and cargorequirements. All our aviation security officers,supervisors and management are trained to theappropriate Department for Transport aviation securitystandard. Where necessary, they also hold relevant SIAlicences. Our officers provide the full range of aviationspecialised roles to secure both the normal airfieldoperation and any shorter term projects requiringspecific and evolving solutions . Screening As Department for Transport approved aviation security providers, Wilson James can create compliant screening solutions to meet any requirement. Whether for passengers or construction workers, hold baggage or airside compliance, Wilson James designs, builds and operates full facilities with any level of throughput. “ ...1000 workers arescreened and bussed airside ” in the 2 hour morning peak … 30 to 40 vehicle passes are issued each day Carillion B e t t e r, f a s t e r, f i t t e r.
  5. 5. S e c u ri t y a n d S c re e n i n gEscortsSecure environments are always difficult to accessfor short term workers without a frequent needto be on such sites. In these cases, Wilson Jamesprovides escorts to allow work to be carried outusing temporary (escorted) clearances, negatingthe requirement for lengthy clearance processes.Escorts can be vehicle mounted to escort temporarypassed vehicles carrying loads to airside sites. ID Centre and Passes Gaining the appropriate pass for airport work is daunting for anyone not used to the requirements. Wilson James operates ID centres for several aviation clients. In other locations, we advise and assist with a wide variety of client needs, ranging from normal access for individuals and vehicles, to complex requirements for major crane lifts and abnormal loads. This capability is often integrated with wider logistic tasks. Training Wilson James provides aviation training for clients in a number of locations. Training is provided for aviation qualifications in both security and other fields, for example airside driving. Bespoke courses are regularly developed to meet specialist requirements . putting knowledge into practice
  6. 6. Specialist ServicesAirside MovementEfficiently moving individuals, luggage and goodsin the airside environment requires great skill andexperience. Whether complying with the additionalregulations or coping with the ever changing routes,airside movement is complex and unforgiving.Wilson James provides airside movement servicesin a wide diversity of situations. We facilitate theairside movement of VIPs, senior airport executivesand passengers under deportation orders, as well asbaggage, outsized loads and dangerous goods. Queue Measurement Airlines, passengers and other airport users expect airport operators to provide appropriately rapid access through the necessary security measures. Often such requirements form elements of contractual relationships and regulatory settlements. Wilson James provides data facilitators and appropriate technology to enable the independent measurement of queues thereby removing the common disagreements based on anecdotal evidence. Heathrow Accommodation TeamAccommodationThe numbers of contractors, both short and longterm who require temporary accommodationat airports is often considerable. Wilson Jamesprovides an accommodation booking service thatattracts significant discounts on the full range ofservices from bed and breakfast rooms to 4 starhotels and includes a discounted taxi service.
  7. 7. Specialist ServicesFire MarshalsControl of fire safety in the aviation environment is critical.Wilson James provides fire marshal teams and individuals,fully conversant with the nature of aviation security andhighly experienced in aviation operations and associatedconstruction activities.In addition, the majority of Wilson James’ staff arecross-trained as fire marshals. This reserve capabilityallows us to react very quickly to emergencies andtemporary interruptions of fire prevention systems,particularly when they occur airside. Contingency Operational Support Wilson James has reacted to a plethora of emergency and contingency situations at airports. Each time it was our resourcefulness and deep understanding of conflicting requirements that allowed us to create innovative, pragmatic and above all compliant solutions, in very short time frames until more permanent resolutions could be developed or repairs completed. From airside fires and major security incidents, to ice clearance and swine flu measures, the sheer breadth of Wilson James activities in the aviation sector permits us to react very quickly when called upon by our clients. We pride ourselves on always being able to come up with a solution. “ ” Wilson James consistently respond when called upon... they are my first call when an unusual problem comes up BAA delivering excellence for every client
  8. 8. The Wilson James GroupWilson James Aviation is part of the Wilson James Group, whichprovides a comprehensive range of bespoke security, consultancyand logistics solutions to diverse business sectors, from aviationand banking, to construction, leisure and entertainment. Its wideclient portfolio includes a number of FTSE 500 companies.The Group has robust communications systems in place toensure the sharing of information, knowledge and expertiseacross all divisions. Access to this advanced skills networkprovides an added value resource to aviation clients facingcomplex logistic and security challenges.ContactChalkwell Lawns648-656 London RoadWestcliff-on-SeaEssex SS0 9HRTel: 01702 346222Fax: 01702 435761Email: aviation@wilsonjames.co.ukwww.wilsonjames.co.uk new ways of t h i n k i n g , n e w way s o f w o r k i n g