Crowe Performance Improvement Brochure


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Crowe Performance Improvement Brochure

  1. 1. Direct, MeasurableBottom-Line ResultsPerformance and Profitability ImprovementAudit | Tax | Advisory | Risk | Performance The Unique Alternative to the Big Four ®
  2. 2. Crowe Horwath LLPThe Bottom-Line Approach to A key component of Crowe Performance Improvement team assignments isPerformance Improvement the installation of the Crowe Horwath Accountability and Management Performance System (CHAMPS™),Today’s business executives are searching for more a proprietary balanced scorecardthan just process improvement – they seek profitability methodology that helps support and maintain the financial improvement yearimprovement. Crowe Horwath LLP delivers solutions after year. Going beyond the traditionalwith significant and measurable financial benefit. limitations of the balanced scorecard, CHAMPS also provides critical account-The Crowe® Performance Improvement Turning Performance ability and change-management tools,team helps businesses in a variety ofindustries identify the root causes of Challenges Into enabling clients to not only recognize the key performance information, but alsopoor performance, and then designs and Profitability Improvement identify how to change behaviorshelps implement solutions to streamline Crowe approaches each client situation based on this information.processes, reduce waste, improve objectively and assertively. Instead ofmanagement effectiveness, enhance redefining your business’s challenges to match the available tools, we begin by Why New Technologyrevenue, and address additional,specific concerns. accurately identifying the challenge and Often Fails to Deliver the financial opportunity it presents before Business technologies have madeCrowe’s team draws on the attempting to define the appropriate tools dramatic advances in recent years,broadest possible array of solutions and techniques. Crowe brings dedicated so it is no surprise that attempts atand approaches, and identifies those specialists with proven expertise in appro- performance improvement often beginspecific tools and methods that will priate tools and methodologies such as: with a focus on technology. Eventually,produce an immediate positive financial however, most businesses discover theimpact. This approach differentiates ■■ Planning and scheduling optimization fundamental flaw in this approach: TheyCrowe from niche specialists and ■■ Productivity improvement are automating a defective providers that apply the same ■■ Accountability and performancestandard tools to meet every challenge. management This explains why so many technology- ■■ Inventory and materials management driven improvement efforts deliver onlyBeyond making recommendations, mixed results. Typically the best-running optimizationCrowe employs a hands-on approach divisions, departments, or facilities can ■■ Supply chain optimizationthat delivers immediate bottom-line adapt to the new technology relatively ■■ Gross margin and pricing optimizationimprovement during the course of smoothly, but those areas that werethe assignment, while also establish- ■■ Capacity management experiencing the greatest challengesing a foundation for long-term, ■■ Cycle and lead-time reduction soon find themselves struggling evensustainable growth in the organization’s ■■ Sales and operations planning more. Moreover, as the new technologyoverall value. ■■ SG&A optimization automates existing work processes, any ■■ Efficiency improvement deficiencies become even more difficult ■■ Overall equipment effectiveness to correct. Unfortunately, these short- (OEE) and downtime reduction comings are often not apparent until the ■■ Lean and Six Sigma organization has expended considerable ■■ Total productive maintenance (TPM) effort and incurred significant costs. ■■ Total quality management (TQM)2
  3. 3. Crowe Performance and Profitability Improvement: Direct, Measurable Bottom-Line ResultsA much more effective approach is to you apply proven and continuing Demonstrated Successfocus first on the process rather than process improvement initiatives in Crowe’s Performance Improvementthe technology. By identifying process a variety of venues. team has achieved results in a broadshortcomings, measuring their financial In addition, clients frequently comment array of businesses in both productimpact, prioritizing the most critical, on the Crowe team’s insight and and service sectors:and then addressing the root causes ofprocess problems, Crowe’s Performance ability to quickly discern opportuni- ■■ AerospaceImprovement team helps you fix the ties. This, coupled with the ability to ■■ Automotive and transportationprocess before you invest in technology. quickly prioritize needed actions and ■■ Building materials and construction rally client teams to achieve rapidNot only is this approach more effective results, produces a unique “bias for ■■ Chemicalsin the long term, it also generates signifi- action” that is the hallmark of a Crowe ■■ Commercial servicescant savings rapidly. In many instances, Performance Improvement initiative. ■■ Consumer durables and nondurablesthe improved financial performance ■■ Energythat results from optimizing business What Makes It Work ■■ Financial servicesprocesses can help fund necessary ■■ Food and beverage As important as technical andtechnology upgrades, which in turn ■■ Healthcare services industry expertise are, Crowe’scan greatly multiply the benefits. ■■ Industrial supplies and machinery Performance Improvement team adds a third essential component: ■■ Metals and miningWhat Sets Us Apart a proven, systematic approach. ■■ PackagingThe Crowe Performance Improvement ■■ Pharmaceuticals and biosciencesteam has built a strong track record of ■■ We Find the Right Levers – Crowe’s ■■ Plasticsdelivering measurable financial results. analytical approach identifies those ■■ Professional servicesAmong the key factors that set Crowe areas where performance improvement ■■ Pulp and paperapart are: will have direct financial impact, so we can focus our efforts in those areas. ■■ Restaurants■■ Quality of Our Team – Crowe’s ■■ We Implement What We Recom- ■■ Telecommunications consulting team members bring years mend – Rather than merely presenting ■■ Textiles of experience to bear. Inexperienced reports and recommendations, the staffers are not brought in to train at Crowe team works side-by-side with the client’s expense. you at every level of your business to■■ Broad and Deep Expertise Across help get the promised improvement. a Range of Industries – Our team is ■■ We Stick With You Until the Results composed of proven performers in a Are Delivered – You and we agree host of industries, as well as special- upon a specific, guaranteed financial ized experts in specific management return at the outset of the assignment – tools and methods. and we stay with you until it’s achieved.■■ Positive ROI – Above all, our ■■ We Empower You to Make It Last – approach achieves immediate and We go beyond merely training your measurable financial improvement, people in tools and techniques, producing an agreed-upon return and instill an attitude of continuous on the client’s investment. improvement so that the results are■■ Long-Term Commitment – Our goal sustained – and form the basis for is to establish ongoing relationships further improvement. with successful companies, 3
  4. 4. Contact Information The Results: The Next StepRon Melcher, Partner What’s In It for You Is there real, significant opportunity forCrowe Horwath LLP The Crowe Performance Improvement profitability improvement in your orga-404.442.1639 team’s hands-on approach has helped nization? One phone call can get businesses in dozens of industries started toward answering that question. address a broad array of specificBart Kelly, Partner A call to one of the Crowe partners listed challenges – from underperformingCrowe Horwath LLP on this page will enable you to speak operations, low productivity, and404.442.1627 directly to a senior-level Performance shortcomings in quality and Improvement professional. We will to scheduling, inventory, capacity be happy to discuss your company’sDoug Schrock, Partner management, and revenue challenges. current situation and give you a frankCrowe Horwath LLP initial impression of the potential By clearly identifying the root causes212.572.5545 opportunities that might exist, so you of poor performance, and by can determine if a no-cost, no-obligation and implementing specific solutions in a proven and highly interactive review of your business is worthwhile. approach, the Crowe team can help your organization achieve both immediate bottom-line improvement and long-term, sustainable growth in enterprise value. Crowe Horwath LLP, The Unique Alternative® Crowe Horwath LLP is one of the largest public accounting and consulting firms in the United States. Under its core purpose of “Building Value with Values, ” Crowe assists ® public and private company clients in reaching their goals through audit, tax, advisory, risk, and performance services. With offices coast to coast and 2,500 personnel, Crowe is recognized by many organizations as one of the country’s best places to work. Crowe serves clients worldwide as an independent member of Crowe Horwath International, one of the largest networks in the world. The network consists of 150 independent accounting and management consulting firms with offices in more than 580 cities around the When printed by Crowe Horwath LLP, this piece is printed on Mohawk Color Copy Premium, which is manufactured entirely with Green-e®-certified wind-generated electricity.The Mohawk Windpower logo is a registered trademark of Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.Green-e is a registered trademark of Center for Resource Solutions.Crowe Horwath LLP is an independent member of Crowe Horwath International, a Swiss verein. Each member firm of Crowe Horwath International is a separate and independent legal entity.Crowe Horwath LLP and its affiliates are not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions of Crowe Horwath International or any other member of Crowe Horwath International and specificallydisclaim any and all responsibility or liability for acts or omissions of Crowe Horwath International or any other Crowe Horwath International member. Accountancy services in Kansas and NorthCarolina are rendered by Crowe Chizek LLP, which is not a member of Crowe Horwath International. © 2012 Crowe Horwath LLP PERF12331B