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How You Can Mentor A Better Toastmaster Experience and Club

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  • Today, at this moment, everyone in this room should either have a mentor or be a mentor or both.Unfortunately that’s not so with our club.Is that bad?
  • It’s good to ask questions from different perspectives when examining an issue. Maybe it would be better to ask “Could that be better?”We need to answer the basic why, how, what, who, where, and when questions to clarify, understand, then act on this issue.
  • A mentor is a role model, guide, tutor, and advisor.a wise, loyal advisor. As a mentor, you have the opportunity towho shares wisdom, knowledge and experience with a new Toastmaster who wants to learn, grow and achieve.
  • As mentees progress thru the program they in turn become mentors to new membersMentors get important credit toward CL completion.Mentoring may continue thru the entire 10 project CC manual.Stronger club with CLs.More, better trained CCs. Level 1: 1 Program AdministratorLevel 2: 3 MentorLevel 3: 2 Mentee for each Mentor
  • A mentor provides a positive, nurturing environment that benefits the other person. You can provide this environment by: Offering opportunities for skill development Helping the person recognize areas needing work Providing helpful advice Being a role model Encouraging people to think for themselvesQuestions about the meeting roles and dutiesQuestions about the operation of the club.Questions about the roles and duties of the club officers.Questions about Toastmasters InternationalQuestions about other speeches in the communications manualExplain responsibilities, how to schedule speeches or perform other roles during the meeting.Help them become comfortable and a part of the Club inany way you can. 
  • Mentoring would be no problem for those members working in an office within close proximity of one another.
  • Mentor

    1. 1. How You CanMentor<br />A Better Toastmaster Experience And A Better Club<br />
    2. 2. We need to answer the basic questions;<br /><ul><li> What ?
    3. 3. Why ?
    4. 4. Who ?
    5. 5. How ?
    6. 6. Where ?
    7. 7. When ?</li></ul>Answer these questions to clarify, understand, <br />and then ACT on this issue.<br />
    8. 8. What is a mentor ?<br />A mentor is <br /><ul><li> Role Model
    9. 9. Guide
    10. 10. Tutor
    11. 11. Advisor</li></li></ul><li>Why a Member Coach/Mentor Program ?<br />It’s required….<br /> “Assign a mentor to each new club member <br />at the 1st club meeting after the member joins.”<br />--According to TMI’s When You Are The Vice President Education,<br />A Guide To Effective Club Leadership<br />As part of the section Orienting New Members pgs 15 &16 <br />
    12. 12. Mentoring has several benefits:<br /><ul><li> It helps reduce turnover….
    13. 13. It helps develop talent….
    14. 14. It helps develop leaders….</li></ul>--Competent Leadership Manual, Project 9, Mentoring<br />
    15. 15. Ideal conditions to start a formal <br />Member Coach/Mentor program: <br />15 members on the roaster<br />or <br />History of attrition <br /> Due to members not meeting their goals<br />
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Who can be a Mentee ?<br /><ul><li> New member</li></ul>Or<br /><ul><li> Existing member</li></li></ul><li>Who can Mentor ? <br /> <br />To qualify as a Coach/Mentor<br /><ul><li> Have the will and commitment to help another member
    18. 18. Completed 3 – 6 manual speeches
    19. 19. Held all basic TM meeting functions
    20. 20. Held all key TM meeting functions (TM, TTM, GE, EV, LE)
    21. 21. Preferably have held a club office
    22. 22. Member in good standing </li></ul>It’s easy!<br />
    23. 23. How to Be A Good Mentor ?<br />It’s easy:<br /><ul><li> Tell how you have benefited
    24. 24. Be available to answer questions, and provide help
    25. 25. Help set appropriate goals and objectives
    26. 26. Help with the Ice Breaker, other projects</li></li></ul><li> <br />Where and When ?<br />Most members here already have more than enough to do.<br />Everyone here fortunately <br />is on the good side of the Digital Divide<br /><ul><li> You Tube
    27. 27. Telephone
    28. 28. Skype with web cam</li></li></ul><li>How to take action ?<br />Volunteer to be a mentor !<br />Complete Project 9 in CL manual !<br />Develop and practice mentoring skills by serving as<br />Mentor for a new member….<br />Mentor for an existing member….<br />Guidance committee member…..<br />
    29. 29. More information ?<br />How to get a Mentor or be a Mentee ?<br />William Drescher<br />VP Education<br /><br />or<br />Return email weekly club agenda<br />