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Essay part reading and writing 1

  1. 1. ESSAY PART<br />ACTIVITY 1:<br />Write about a friend of yours. Who is he or she? What is he or she like?<br />Why are your friends? Use complete sentences and descriptive adjectives.<br />My friend Luis. He is very funny and friendly. He is a teacher in a high school. We go every where together and he likes to play soccer with me, we always go out.<br />Sometimes he like to play pool with my other friends, on Sundays he cames to eat pizza and beer with me and my family, this day is very fun to spend time with him. His mother is very sweet and friendly too. I know him because he's my neighbor since long time ago, and he went to school with me. His favorite food is rice with chicken and a glass of coke.<br />ACTIVITY 2:<br />Complete the following sentences:<br />1.- Free books for students is a (good/bad) idea because……<br />Is a good idea because is very important that students read a lot.<br />2.- A police officer in a uniform is a (good/bad) idea because …..<br />Is a good idea because in this way they look different to the other people.<br />3.- More homework is a (good/bad) idea because…..<br />Is a good idea because we learn and practice more every day.<br />4.- More vacations days is (good/bad) idea because…..<br />Is a good idea because is more days to spend the time with the family.<br />ACTIVITY 3:<br />Do the activities 3 and 4, page 79. Unit 4. Attach a sheet of paper.<br />3. - Read the paragraph. Underline the topic sentence.<br />One of my special possessions is my collection of family photographs. I have hundreds of photos. I <br />have very old photos of my great-grandparents. I also have pictures of my grandparents wedding.<br />I specially love the photos of my parents when they were children.<br />Sometimes I spend hours looking at the pictures. I like the photos because my family is very <br />important to me.<br />4.- Read the paragraph. It is missing a topic sentence. Read the topic sentences.<br />Choose the best sentence and write it on the line.<br />My high school soccer shirt is very important to me . It is yellow and black and has the <br />number “11! On it. It also has my name on the back. I got it in high school when I played<br />on the school's team. Our team won every game. The shirt has a lot of sentimental value<br />I keep it because I like to remember those games and my teammates. We had a lot of fun<br />Together.<br />Topic Sentences<br />My team won every game in high school.<br />My high school soccer shirt is very important to me.<br />Soccer is my favorite sport.<br />ACTIVITY 4:<br />Do the activity 2, page 21. Unit 1. Attach a sheet of paper<br />2.- If the group of words is a sentence, check (✔) sentence if not, check not a sentence, and change it to make it a sentence.<br /> Sentence not a sentence<br />1.- My friend's name is Jane. -------- --✔--<br />My friend name is Jane.<br />2.- Urville and Vera are from Chicago. ---✔-- --------<br />3.- Tony 23 years old. -------- ---✔--<br /> Tony is 23 years old.<br />4.- Is a good student. -------- ---✔---<br /> Is a good student? <br />5.- My sister likes playing basketball. -------- ----✔-- <br />My sister like to play basketball.<br />6.- I play basketball? -------- ----✔--<br />I play basketball. <br />7.- She has a lot friends. ---✔-- -------- <br />8.- My brother my best friend. -------- --✔---<br />My brother is my best friend.<br />9.- we have fun on the Friendship Page -------- ----✔--<br /> We have fun on the Friendship Page.<br />10.- We like reading the jokes and the quote. -------- ---✔--<br />We like to read the jokes and the quote.<br />