PLC Training Training in Chennai | Embedded training in chennai
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PLC Training Training in Chennai | Embedded training in chennai



Wiztech Automation: PLC, SCADA, DCS, VFD, EMBEDDED systems, VLSI training in chennai. Recognized the best training institute in Chennai. We have best lab facilities and well experienced faculties. For ...

Wiztech Automation: PLC, SCADA, DCS, VFD, EMBEDDED systems, VLSI training in chennai. Recognized the best training institute in Chennai. We have best lab facilities and well experienced faculties. For more details call @ 9940426826 / 044 - 26209369.



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  • Out of your top PLC brands covered in slide 2, 'Messung' is one brand I have never heard of. What country/industry are they widely used in? (What makes them a major brand?)
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PLC Training Training in Chennai | Embedded training in chennai PLC Training Training in Chennai | Embedded training in chennai Document Transcript

  • ABOUT US Wiztech Automation, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization, based at Chennai, started in the year 2006 is one of the top MNC’s providing services in industrial automation consulting, enhanced technical and unlimited practical ‘hands-on training’ in PLC, SCADA, VFD, Control panels, field instruments, DCS, Embedded Systems, VLSI and outsource fresh talents to our clients. We are accredited as a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE by the INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION ORGANIZATION (IAO). Our well experienced technical team provides excellent practical guidance to our trainees to get job in industrial Automation and Embedded field. Wiztech Automation Solutions – as the name suggests, is the END OF SEARCH for innovative and Outstanding Solutions for any company/industry that plans to incorporate AUTOMATION. We provide keys and methodologies to implement world-class industrial setup. Not only to the industrial sectors, have we also focused on training the candidates who come forward to master the nooks and corners of industrial automation principles based upon the industrial needs.
  • THE BEST PLC TRAINING INSTITUTE IN CHENNAI When roads are filled with many PLC training institutes in Chennai, why WIZTECH AUTOMATION is always the best option for the candidates who are willing to get PLC training in Chennai? Effectively built syllabus fulfilling the PLC industries norms and requirements To meet the industrial counterparts, it is essential to get practical exposure for the candidates. This will need a ‘TO THE CORE SYLLABUS’ for surviving in the industrial automation field. Ten Major Brands Of PLC control panels and Drives under one Shelter Keyence, AB, ABB, GE-Fanuc, Omron, Delta, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Messung, Schneider Electric. Wonder what these brand names are? These are the PLC and VFD brands that are mostly used in industries all over the world. Our PLC TRAINING LAB FACILITIES are well equipped with all of these major brands of PLC’s and drives with individual control panels maintained with industrial standards to bring out the feel in the industries. We also impart Process Automation training in this scheme. The Only institute to deliver training in Honeywell PAC in Chennai To serve expanding machine and industrial control system development needs, WIZTECH AUTOMATION launches training in new generation Programmable Automation Controller(PAC) for the candidates. Honeywell
  • HoneywellDCSraining Distributed Control System (DCS) is a very broad term used in a variety of industries, to monitor and control distributed equipment. A higher level skill set is required to get into DCS training for which the candidate must have undergone PLC training. We present with the training in the leading brands of DCS – Honeywell Hands-On Training in PLC Control panel wiring No practical training with your hands in the pocket. We render a world class handson PLC training in how to do wiring in the above mentioned PLC control panels. PIONEER IN SCADA SYSTEM AND HMI TRAINING With highly experienced faculty team, WIZTECH AUTOMATION is proud to announce that we provide intensive training in SCADA system and Human Machine Interface (HMI). The scope of SCADA and HMI in industrial automation is wide and so it becomes a mandatory when comes to PLC training. We feed our candidates the best knowledge in SCADA and prepare them to create innovative industrial based SCADA screen designs and PLC/DCS interfacing with essential knowledge in Instrumentation Field. The SCADA/HMI automation training scheme focuses in using world wide SCADA software tools like Intellution Fix 32 EV-Designer RS View
  • Wonderware In-touch • Project handling certificate – Ten Industrial Based Projects The key point of the PLC/SCADA/DCS training lies in how well the trainee understands the course contents. To give still more practical exposure to the candidates, the candidates are made to handle ten different types of industrial projects based on PLC SCADA DCS VFD HMI that will add value of the candidate’s resume and technical profile. EMBEDDED SYSTEM TRAINING IN CHENNAI To take up embedded system development as career, one must have a working knowledge in C/C++/Java, with some exposure to application software development. The WIZTECH AUTOMATION Embedded System Training in Chennai is the right place to get trained in all prospects of Embedded System beginning with the basic programming language – ‘C’. It is high time to increase your level of qualification to fit perfect in any Embedded based company by utilizing this value adding Embedded system certified course. • Application Oriented Embedded System Training The WIZTECH AUTOMATION is well known for its standards in live and real time application based Embedded system training in Chennai. We create an arena for the candidates to bring out their creativity by improvising the thinking mentality in Embedded field.
  • • Starting from ‘C’ and Assembly Language To get Embedded System training is a misery if one skips the first phase – Programming using C. Understanding the basic principles thoroughly is what the fresher has to focus on. The WIZTECH AUTOMATION focuses in training the candidates to have strong basements in the embedded field. So, exercises in C – programming language are given in abundant until the candidate feels comfortable with programming. • Embedded System – Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Candidates are given training in completely understanding the Development Life Cycle in Embedded System. • Embedded Developer tools that are used in Embedded based industries WIZTECH AUTOMATION focuses on providing training in different types of developer tools for the benefit of the trainee. • 8051, PIC16F, PIC18F, AVR, ARM7, ARM 9, RTOS Candidates focusing in getting detailed knowledge about many microcontroller based Embedded system prefer WIZTECH AUTOMATION. Real-time operating system is a fast growing field where our candidates are trained to survive with the knowledge gained through RTOS training in WIZTECH AUTOMATION. • Developer board design training To know how developer boards are designed, usually it costs another course. But in WIZTECH AUTOMATION, We give training in designing developer boards. • Industrial Projects on completion of each microcontroller On completion of each microcontroller training phase, the candidates are given tasks to handle industrial based embedded project using that microcontroller. So, on completion of Embedded training in WIZTECH AUTOMATION, our candidate would have face more than six different embedded projects. VLSI TRAINING IN CHENNAI
  • • VLSI Training Centre in Chennai??? Yes. Now WIZTECH AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS delivers practical hands-on training in VLSI. To mention few advantages about VLSI Training in WIZTECH AUTOMATION, • Starting from Basics of Digital Electronics Training begins with a detailed introduction about Combinational Circuits, Sequential circuits, FSM, Memory which are essential for better understanding of the VLSI Training. • VLSI Specification and Behavioral Description based training Unlike normal theoretical based training in VLSI, WIZTECH AUTOMATION approach is based on specification and Behavioral Description. • Register Transfer Level (RTL) explanation In the VLSI training in WIZTECH AUTOMATION VLSI training, to the core training is given which includes Register Transfer Level (RTL) explanation • Discussion about Job opportunities in VLSI with experts WIZTECH AUTOMATION facilitates our candidates meeting VLSI experts to discuss about the job opportunities in worldwide for VLSI front end designers. • Synthesize, Floor Planning, Placement and Route Learning how to dump a code – if focused in a separate course, then it will not be beneficial to the candidates willing to be trained VLSI industrial based. Keeping it mind, WIZTECH AUTOMATION built the syllabus effectively to focus on Synthesize, Floor Planning, Placement and Routing. • Techniques and Key points in Physical/Layout Designing Most of the VLSI training institutions focuses only front end designing in VLSI. But WIZTECH AUTOMATION aims at facilitating back end processes in VLSI designing. So, our candidates can explore more about back end of VLSI design too.
  • • Design & Implementation using FPGA Practical knowledge is not focused in many of the VLSI training. WIZTECH AUTOMATION focuses on live and practical training in VLSI. So, our candidates are given training in how to design FPGA step by step and tactics in implementing it. • Importing other techniques to VLSI Designing processes like Image processing, DSP designing, Power Electronics are usually done using MATLAB. But in WIZTECH AUTOMATION VLSI Training Scheme, we include these techniques implemented using Xilinx System Generator. Wiztech Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd is very clear in its vision to train and develop such industrial automation and embedded engineers and make them to suit high profile Industries in India. Call @9940426826"/>