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Natf 2008 Barry Katz
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Natf 2008 Barry Katz



Published in Technology , Education
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  • Congratulations to Fujitsu on the 40th anniversary of the Labs. At the end of this talk I will loop back to offer some comments on why it is so important for companies to maintain forward-thinking, research-driven operations such as this one, and why in times of economic distress it is a mark of exceptional courage and wisdom for them to do so. 2. But for now: I never liked Karl Popper very much, but even his critics agreed that he was one of the major figures in the modern philosophy of science. So when I heard he was giving a lecture in the philosophy department I rushed right over : “I am 92 years old…” ** I am a bit younger and in somewhat better shape, but I too will start with my conclusion: D e sign has become too important to be left to designers. ** I would like to report to you on some developments taking shape at the intersection of technology and business that you will be hearing about in coming years: D e sign Thinking. At least, this is how it looks from the three chairs I sit on.


  • 1. Why all thinkers need to become Design Thinkers North America Technology Forum 2008 Barry Katz
  • 2. by way of introduction: Part One my house San Andreas Fault
  • 3. by way of introduction: Part Two
  • 4. by way of introduction: Part Three Health Smart Space CXD Zero-Twenty Transformation SX
  • 5.  
  • 6.  
  • 7. IDEO,1987-2004: What we’ve done (partial list)
  • 8. analogy in space there here
  • 9. Analogy in time now then
  • 10. 1930s: Industrial Design (1927) (1937)
  • 11. 1950s: Ergonomics
  • 12. 1980s: Human Factors
  • 13. new tools CAD CNC SLA ABC... … XYZ
  • 14. new disciplines
  • 15. new partners cultural anthropology social psychology cognitive science
  • 16. From the lone inventor… … to the multidisciplinary team
  • 17. Not what is true… … but what works.
  • 18. “ The best way to have a good idea… … is to have lots of ideas.”
  • 19. From problem-solving… … to problem-finding.
  • 20. From designing… 75 years ago 25 years ago 50 years ago
  • 21. … to design thinking.
  • 22. One more thing…
  • 23. Thank you very much! Arigato gozai masu!