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OER-based design
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OER-based design


Presentation given at Unisa, June 2012

Presentation given at Unisa, June 2012

Published in Education , Technology
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  • http://www.jorum.ac.uk/
  • http://humbox.ac.uk/ HumBox is a repository for storing, managing and publishing Humanities teaching resources, including a mixture of handouts, exercises, podcasts and videos.
  • http://hlsweb.dmu.ac.uk/ahs/elearning/RITA/Resources.html VAL (Virtual Analytical Laboratory) offers a range of OERs on lab skills, including animations and videos. The repository is developed by DMU. The idea for VAL came about when academics realised that many new students were entering on DMU’s Biomedical Science BSc Honours programme or Medical Science BMedSci Honours programme with no laboratory experience, and also, students returning to years 2 and 3 after the holidays were often a bit rusty.
  • http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xpert/ Xpert is an OER aggregator developed by the University of Nottingham, which allows you to search CC licensed resources, especially multimedia resources, including pictures, sounds and videos.
  • http://www.accessibilitypassport.org/
  • https://openeducationalresources.pbworks.com/w/page/24836480/Home
  • http://jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com/w/page/12458422/Welcome%20to%20the%20Design%20Studio
  • http://xerte.warwick.ac.uk/
  • www.le.ac.uk/oer
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  • http://tiger.library.dmu.ac.uk/ TIGER develops and releases Open Educational Resources (OERs) for Interprofessional Education (IPE) in Health and Social Care. It is a collaborative effort between the three institutions: Leicester, DMU and Northampton. TIGER released an equivalent of nearly 2000 learning hours of teaching resources into TIGER repository.
  • www.le.ac.uk/spider
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamescridland/613445810/ James Cridland
  • www.wikieducator.org/oeru
  • http://www.poerup.info/index.html http://poerup.referata.com/wiki/Countries_with_OER_initiatives#United_Kingdom POERUP : is about policies for OER uptake. It is made up of a consortium consisting of a group of organisations across Europe and Canada interested in understanding how better to foster the uptake of OER by governments and groups of educational institutions. Partners are from Canada, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. POERUP will produce: - POERUP wiki: A global inventory of at least 100 national and large-scale OER initiatives. - 11 country reports plus 13 more country mini-reports. These are created based on literature review and document analysis of relevant policy papers and country reports from previous projects. - Based on the inventory and the country studies to produce 3 EU-wide policy papers for schools, universities, and colleges and other organised education providers. This results in a set of policies and guidelines.
  • http://www.oer-quality.org/ LRA: https://lra.le.ac.uk/ UnisaIR: http://uir.unisa.ac.za/


  • 1. OER-based design for learning and its impact on research in teaching and learning at UNISA Ming Nie, Research Associate Gabi Witthaus, Research Fellow Beyond Distance Research Alliance University of Leicester Unisa Seminar, June 2012www.le.ac.uk
  • 2. Outline Poll: OERs at Unisa Part 1: OER development in the UK Part 2: OER work at Leicester Discussionwww.le.ac.uk
  • 3. Poll & braindump1. Have you created any OERs?2. Why/ why not?3. Do you use any OERs?4. Why/ why not?5. Are you doing any research into OERs?www.le.ac.uk
  • 4. Part 1: OER development in the UKwww.le.ac.uk
  • 5. Funding and programmes JISC/HEA OER Programme:  UKOER 1 (2009-2010): Release, Create  UKOER 2 (2010-2011): Release, Use, Discovery  UKOER 3 (2011-2012): Embedding, Strategy, Policy SCORE (2009-2012): 30 Fellowship projectswww.le.ac.uk
  • 6. From 2009 to present: UKOERwww.le.ac.uk
  • 7. OU projects and initiativeswww.le.ac.uk
  • 8. Repositorieswww.le.ac.uk http://www.jorum.ac.uk/
  • 9. www.le.ac.uk http://humbox.ac.uk/
  • 10. Virtual Analytical Laboratorywww.le.ac.uk http://hlsweb.dmu.ac.uk/ahs/elearning/RITA/Resources.html
  • 11. www.le.ac.uk http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xpert/
  • 12. Tools to support OER creatorswww.le.ac.uk http://www.accessibilitypassport.org/
  • 13. www.le.ac.uk https://openeducationalresources.pbworks.com/
  • 14. www.le.ac.uk http://jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com
  • 15. www.le.ac.uk http://xerte.warwick.ac.uk/
  • 16. Part 2: OER work at Leicesterwww.le.ac.uk
  • 18. Leicester’s OER repositorywww.le.ac.uk www.le.ac.uk/oer
  • 19. CORRE OER workflow modelwww.le.ac.uk
  • 20. OSTRICH: CORRE 2.0www.le.ac.uk
  • 21. TIGER OERs by Subjects Leicester Model (and applications) Theory and early concepts on team working Team working and collaborative practice Patient safety Service improvement Leading public health Interprofessional care planning/discharge TOSCE: Team Objective Structured Clinical Examination Postgraduate certificate in practice education Parenting and Disability Mental health Dementia Prescribing Stroke Diabetes Diabetes in the young Neuro rehabilitation Listening Police, paramedic and midwifery IPE Total: 1985 learning hourswww.le.ac.uk http://tiger.library.dmu.ac.uk/
  • 22. SPIDERwww.le.ac.uk www.le.ac.uk/spider
  • 23. Leicester Microbiology Bytes iTunes podcasts 164 episodes; each file downloaded average of 73x every month at peak (Courtesy of Dr Alan Cann, University of Leicester Department of Biologywww.le.ac.uk http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/microbiologybytes-enhanced/id177803088)
  • 24. TOUCANS – OERu researchwww.le.ac.uk www.toucansproject.wordpress.com
  • 25. 100 million people…www.le.ac.uk Image by James Cridland
  • 26. The OERu conceptwww.le.ac.uk www.wikieducator.org/oeru
  • 27. EVOL-OER OER-enhanced curriculumwww.le.ac.uk
  • 28. A global inventory of national and large-scale OER initiativesCountry reportsEU-wide policy paperswww.le.ac.uk http://www.poerup.info/index.html
  • 29. Open practices OPAL: Open Educational Practices (OEP) Open courses and delivery  MOOCs (Massively Open Online Course) Open accreditation:  OER test  OERu Open design Open scholarship Open research www.le.ac.uk
  • 30. Discussion Anything from our work applicable to UNISA? www.le.ac.uk